Best 7 Bed Wedge Pillow Reviews – Features and Buyer’s Guide

Do you want to sleep in a comfortable position? Do you feel strain or tension in your neck or back? The bed wedge pillows can be the best solution to your problem.

By adjusting the position of the pillow, you can control the acid reflux as well as decrease your back pain. There are many bed wedge pillows available in the market. It’s a challenging process to choose which pillow is best for you.

For your convenience, I have mentioned a list of best bed wedge pillows in this article. After reading the features, pros, cons and buying guide of these pillows, it will be easy for you to buy the best wedge pillow for your comfort.

Here are the best wedge pillows, you can choose one of them according to your choice and requirements:

Top Picks For you



Best custom pillow

Xtra-Comfort Bed Wedge Pillow - Folding Memory Foam Incline Cushion System for Back and Legs

Custom Pet Pillow

InteVision Foam Bed Wedge Pillow (25 x 24 x 12 inches) and Headrest Pillow in One Package

Custom body Pillow case

ushy Form Bed Wedge Pillow - 1.5 Inch Memory Foam Top (25 x 24 x 12 Inches) Best for Sleeping, Reading

Body Custom Pillow

Drive Medical Folding Bed Wedge, 12"

Xtra-comfort foldable bed wedge pillow is one of the best pillow to avoid strain in your neck and back.

You can rest on your bed Wedge with comfort and easiness. It can be used in various ways. It can be gently sloped under the head, back or legs to facilitate additional comfort. As this Bed Wedge Pillow is easily adjustable to your desired inclining position, you can avail the benefit of it by sloping according to your body type. You can adjust your pillow on any type of bed.

Because of its multi-position able properties, it can be used to elevate your ankle, feet and neck without causing strain and stiffness.

Features of the product.

  • Comfortable foam.
  • Enhance sleeping quality.
  • Easily adjustable.
  • Washable cover.
Easy to Carry Little bit heavy
Easy to incline
Available in different colors

To meet the high standards of quality, durability and safety, the acid reflux wedge pillow is manufactured in the USA and designed with reliable materials. This pillow is specifically designed to provide comfort in the patients of Acid Reflux Disease (GERD).

As these patients are continuously advised to sleep with the head elevated 6-8 inches and to keep the upper torso supported at a certain angle. This acid reflux Wedge pillow has remarkably solved the problems encountered with GERD patients with its unique design and comfort.

While using this pillow, keep in mind not to keep your body up to the top. Always bring your waist at the bottom of the inclination. You can also place an additional pillow at the top under your head to enjoy your desired position.

Features of the product.

  • Made in the USA.
  • Relieves acid reflux in GERD patients.
  • Provides good quality sleep.
High Quality Material Laying up to the top can cause tension in the abdomen.
Easy to use
Easy to Wash the Cover

Xtreme comfort pillow is best for you if you want a convenient way to lie elevated on your bed while watching, reading or sleeping. The pillow is made up of two-layer deluxe memory foam.

It provides comfort and support to your back. The pillow is covered with a soft and hypoallergenic cover. The cover provides air circulation to prevent sweating. It helps to keep your body cool.

The cover of this bed wedge pillow is easily removable and washable in the machine.  This pillow is an extraordinary choice for those who suffer from snoring, acid reflux, back pain and coughing. Simple pillows under the head cause stress on the cervical nerves, as a result, restrict the flow of blood.

It causes difficulty in breathing. To cope up with this condition, Xtreme comfort pillow is designed. It helps in relieving the stress by elevating your entire torso.

Features of the product.

  • 30-degree angle incline
  • Elevated support cushion
  • Stress and pain reliever
  • Hypoallergenic cover
Portable and Supportive pillow itself is not easily washable
Perfect for couches, beds and daybed
Pillow is therapeutic
Cover of the pillow is washable in the machine.

Intevision foam bed wedge pillow specially designed to improve your circulation. There is no need to pile up many pillows around your back after purchasing this bed wedge pillow.

This amazing pillow will support you either you have more weight or less. The product is available in two sizes, 26 inches and 28 inches. The base layer of the pillow is a firm foam while the top layer is only 1-inch memory foam.

Due to the combination of both layers, there is air circulation. It helps to raise your upper body and provide a firm cushion. If you are a side sleeper, you can also use this foam bed wedge pillow.

Features of the product.

  • Two Layer Design
  • Eco-friendly bamboo cover
  • The best choice for patients after surgery
  • Money-back guarantee within 30 days
Pillow is best for versatile weight groups Not best for Stomach Sleepers
Perfect for improving the circulation of blood
Best for restless leg syndrome
Washable in machine

The adjustable bed wedge pillow provides you physical as well as mental relaxation. It offers you extreme comfort system with four adjustable pieces. If you love reading and you are suffering from back pain, then you don’t need to be worried anymore. This pillow provides you comfort during reading, watching and sleeping.

It has an innovative design that allows you to sit and lie down without any complication. It helps in preventing vertigo and is the best choice for the people who have back and neck issues. The wedge pillow is made up of memory foam that gives flexibility to the pillow.

It provides you relief from muscle spasms, knee pain, varicose vein and lower back pain. There are four wedge pillows in the whole set for back support, leg support, neck support and incline base.

Features of the product.

  • Made up of memory foam
  • adjustable pillow
  • zero gravity
  • washable cover
Provides comfort during reading or watching The only disadvantage of this pillow is; its not economical.
Helps in elevating your legs while sleeping
Allows different adjustments

The cushy form is one of the best bed wedge pillows. It is ideal for elevating your body, reading a book or sleeping for a long time without any discomfort.

You’ll forget your back pains after having this amazing product. You will not feel any burning sensation from the reflux of acid. If you want to achieve better breathing and circulation, it’s the best pillow for you whether you are male or female. It provides you with quick relief.

It has therapeutic qualities that ensure a relaxed state while doing any activity. The pillow has a soft as well as breathable cover that helps in maintaining the temperature during sleep.

It reduces allergies, snoring, acid reflux and breathing issues. Besides, it provides a comfortable posture to avoid orthopaedic health issues in any person.

Features of the product

  • 100% Money-back guarantee, if you don’t like the product
  • 8-inch elevator to provide rest to legs
  • The cover is washable in the machine
It has therapeutic qualities. Little bit hard
Helps in the prevention of orthopaedic health issues
Breathable cover
The high-density memory foam used.

If you want a versatile pillow for you, Drive medical folding bed wedge can be the best choice. It comes with two foldable pieces. It is one of the best companions on long trips. It is portable, and you can take it anywhere with you.

It is available in modern and classy design, and it will not flatten even you use it for a long time. It is specially designed to maintain the shape of your spinal cord as well as the coccyx. If you love travelling, and you want to take rest outside, try this best wedge pillow.

You won’t regret the choice you made. It is available in different sizes. If you want to get rid of acid reflux, then buying 23 x 23 x 12 inches will be the best choice.

The pillow is crafted with a strong polyurethane form. It will retain its shape. It comes with a removable as well as washable Nylex cover which makes it attractive 

Features of the product

  • Compact folding design
  • It weighs 3.4 pounds.
  • Portable
  • Convenient storage
Improves circulation Only available in 1 color
Good for neck and back pain
Affordable and Foldable
Perfect Size Pillow

Bed Wedge Pillows – Complete Buyer’s Guide 2020

Since we are so concerned about our sleep, it is necessary to invest in the right materials. A comfortable bed and pillow are all you need to sleep well. In most cases, it is the only requirement but not always. On the other hand, we cannot ignore the importance of a comfortable and reliable sleeping pillow with ultimate positioning for sure. You need to pick up the best pillow that comes with a well-defined shape and support for the body.

A normal person can have any pillow that helps to support the neck and sleep well. However, the people with orthopaedic issues, acid refluxes, sleep apnea and poor circulation require specific help. They need to get the Wedge Pillows that can help in sleeping with a person position or posture that helps in this entire situation. Moreover, the pillow helps to alleviate the pressure points in the spine and neck. Eventually, it eases the pain and gives a better sleep experience for sure.

Ignoring the benefits of Wedge cushion is impossible for the person who needs it the most. For the ultimate ease and support, it is necessary to buy the quality and best bed wedge pillow. By getting any random pillow, you will end up with something more damaging. So, get to know some of the important features and details before making a purchase.


The very basic and first thing you need to consider when buying the wedge cushion is its shape. Commonly, the pillows are in triangular with an incline that gives support to neck, shoulders and spine at the same time. Moreover, when you lay down, the pillow helps your head and upper body to be a little above, then the rest of the body. It reduces the acid reflux and improves blood circulation towards your feet. The case is not the same in all models and types. In certain models, pillows do have some detachable headrest and other components that make it exceptional and different. It may have a straight surface of contoured as well.


You can get the wedge pillow in several different sizes. These are a minimum of 20 inches in length and 20 inches in width. Depending on your usage, you will be able to find the other dimensions as well. These are not only useful for the head and neck support but for the feet and leg support at the same time. You can pick up the thickness, widths and length according to your requirement and prescription.


The average incline of wedge pillow is 7 inches and the maximum incline if 12 inches. You can pick up the incline according to the usage of the pillow. For sleep purpose, you need to pick up the incline of 7 to 8 inches. The higher incline is ideal for reading. Watching TV and having a backrest while working.


Normally the wedge pillow can weight about two to four pounds. The reason behind its weight is stability and positioning. For the user, the pillow mustn’t move from its place. In certain models, you can even get the 10 to 12 pound of weight that will help you with more stability and precision.


You need to check the pillow material that is needed to be high and medium intensity foam. The density of foam helps you to have better posture and fulfil the purpose as well. It does not let the body lymph and remain in position. Make sure the cover of the pillow is of synthetic fibre and do not give you allergies or reactions.


You need to pay attention to the durability of the pillow. It is a rare chance that you will be able to get a wedge pillow of your choice. Although the models and manufacturers are there, you may not get comfortable with all kinds of pillow easily. You must pick one long-lasting and comfortable options. The foam should have a warranty and remain with you for a long time.


If you like travelling a lot, then your wedge cushion needs to be with you on your vacation and exploration. You need to pick up the pillow that you can take out on vacations easily. There are options available out there that are detachable, and you can convert them into smaller shapes for travelling purpose. It is possible to pick up a suitable travelling wedge pillow. You can even have a pillow for regular use and another option for travelling.

Clean up

Just like the other pillows, wedge cushion requires a little cleanup and maintenance. You need to buy the pillow with an external cover. It will be easier for you to remove the cover and wash it. Remember. Most of the pillows are made of memory foam. It is not right to wash it in the machine or with hands in any case. Any moisture contact with foam can affect foam efficiency.


Usually, it is the matter of your choice or affordability, but you need to have the idea about pricing in the market. Generally, you can get the wedge pillow from $50 to $100 based on company, model and other things. The best practice is to select the model and check out for its prices at different locations. So, you will be able to make the best deal out of it.


 If you have any health issue like acid reflux, pack pain or knee pain, then buying bed wedge pillows is the best choice to resolve your issues. Now, you have read the complete guideline, and you can make a wise decision to buy a bed wedge pillow for you. It helps you to sleep properly and to avoid other health complications as well. The best wedge pillow also helps you to get rid of neck pain and stress as well.

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