Pillow arrangement guide for comfort and style

How to arrange pillows on a bed

A bedroom is an essential part of the house that can make you feel comfortable and at home. The most vital part of the bedroom is the bed itself. To make your bed look and feel cozy, you need to know how to arrange pillows on a bed.

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Pillows not only complement the décor of your bedroom but also give you comfort. This article will talk about how to arrange pillows on a bed to complete the look of your bedroom.

Basics of pillow decoration on the bed

Although there is no wrong way to decorate pillows on the bed, there are certain factors however that you need to consider. These points will help you arrange the pillows to perfection according to the style of your bed and the room.

Size of the headboard

  • If your bed does not have a headboard, you should go for a minimalist arrangement. You can do this by making a horizontal stack of pillows on the bed in a basic manner. You can also put more oversized pillows like floor cushions on the back and then arrange the bed pillows against them
  • For a short headboard, the pillows should be stacked horizontally so that they do not cover the headboard completely.
  • If, however, you have a tall headboard, you can place the pillows vertically. You have more room to stack up different sizes of pillows to make a versatile arrangement.

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The color scheme of the bed, bedroom, and throw pillows

  • You will have to consider the whole bedroom’s color and decor and not just the bed while selecting and arranging pillows.
  • If you are just beginning to arrange your bedroom, you can get the furniture, decor, and other stuff, including pillows to complement the style and color scheme you want to create.
  • If the room decor and the color palette are already established, you can get the size and color of pillows to suit the overall theme. You can also experiment with the look by adding accent pillows of contrast colors.

Types of pillows for arranging on the bed

There are a variety of sizes and types of pillows that you can use to arrange your bed. The decoration can be minimalist and straightforward, or you can make it fancy by adding more pillows and playing with colors.

Here are some general types of pillows available for bedroom decoration before getting into the details of how to arrange pillows on a bed.

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1.     Standard pillows

Standard pillows serve the essential purpose on the bed that is to sleep on. They are the best sleeping pillows and the most vital part of the bed. They can, however, be covered in a fancy pillow cover known as a sham to spice up the look of the bedroom. These are available in standard, king, and queen sizes.

2.     Euro pillows

Euro pillows are square-shaped, and you can use them for comfort or decoration. More oversized euro pillows can be placed behind the standard pillows, and smaller ones can be placed in the front. They can be simple or embellished, with contrasting colours or prints of the room.

3.     Lumbar pillows

Lumbar pillows are named so because they support the lower back. They have a rectangular shape with short height and much longer length from side to side. They are usually placed in front of other pillows.

4.     Bolster pillows

Bolster pillows are long and cylindrical and are available in a variety of lengths. There are used only for decoration, and they help add accent to your bedroom.

5.     Other types of pillows

There are other types of pillows that you can use for your comfort or for giving a twist to your room decor. Bed wedge pillows are a great source of comfort with their support to the head, neck, and part of the torso. Then there are accent pillows that are small decorative pillows to give a pop of color and artistic touch to your bedroom.

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Ways to arrange pillows on a King bed

King-size beds are perfect for you if you like to load up your pillow arrangement with a variety of different pillows. Here are some options for pillow arrangement for an idea of how to arrange pillows on a king-size bed.

Option 1:

Arrange three euro pillows at the back to cover up the ample space of the king-size headboard. Put two king pillows against them vertically. Complete the look by adding a pair of bolster pillows at the front.

Option 2:

Place three euro pillows followed by a pair of king pillows. Complete the arrangement by placing four accent pillows at the front.

Option 3:

Place two large king pillows at the back, followed by three small euro pillows. Place two bolster pillows at the front of the arrangement.

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Ways to arrange pillows on a Queen bed

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Queen size bed is much smaller but the most preferred choice. It has a comfortable size for one person or two people to sleep in. Queen beds are easy to fit in smaller rooms and look nice and cosy. Here are some ways on how to arrange pillows on a bed for comfort and to look beautiful on a queen bed.

Option 1:

Use two standard pillows propped against the headboard and place two euro pillows in front of them. Use 4- accent pillows of different sizes and shapes to achieve a fancy pillow arrangement.

Option 2:

Another classic style of pillow arrangement can comprise four standard pillows placed vertically and two small euro pillows at the front. Complete the look by adding two bolster pillows at the forefront.

Option 3:

You can opt for a simple yet elegant arrangement with two large euro pillows, two standard or queen pillows, and two tiny accent pillows at the front. This uniform arrangement is easy to achieve and looks good on the bed.

Concluding remarks

A bed is the focal point of a bedroom, which makes its appearance so important. You arrange pillows of different colors, sizes, and shapes to decorate your bed. The arrangement and be basic or fancy depending on your choice. You can stack, prop or pile them however you like. Whether you stick with primary colors or create fun looks with contrasting colors, pillow arrangements will help give more definition to your bedroom.

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