Bed Bug Mattress cover – FAQs and Buyer’s Guide

In this article, we will discuss some guidelines that should never be neglected if you want to eradicate bed bugs and buy the best bed bug mattress cover. In our previous article, we have posted a detail of Best Bed Bug Mattress Covers which you should Buy. Check the Article here: 

Why do we need bed bug mattress covers?

 Mattresses can be expensive, and they need to protect from bed bugs and keep your mattress free from moisture and dirt. where to buy bed bug mattress coverBed bug mattress cover is a great way to protect your mattress; that’s why you need Bed bug mattress protectors. But the most important question in our mind is where to buy the bed bug mattress cover. Because there are many scammers and we don’t know which one is good for us and where to buy the mattress covers. 

Where to Buy Bed Bug Mattress Cover? 

Well, the answer to this question is very simple but it depends on what type of mattress do you have and what size or color do you need. There are many brands available on amazon which are selling waterproof mattress protectors and bed bug mattress protectors.

We have done deep research on the best waterproof and bed bugproof mattress protectors and you can buy one of those 7 mattress protectors available on amazon. “Check now on Amazon” You can buy without hesitation because we have read reviews, done research and then we are recommending those to you. Check the best Bed Bug mattress protector article here: 

but keep the following things in mind while buying the Perfect mattress protector for you. 

Tips for buying bed mattress protector:

Critical features you must need:

  • Zippered cover

When you will buy a mattress protector, keep the zippered style in mind. It fully encases the mattress from all six sides completely.

Without any zipper closure, just stretching a pad over the mattress top and sides without any protective material on the bottom will not work to prevent bugs. The zippered style of mattress encasement makes installation easy; cleaning of cover becomes easy.

  • Urethane layer lining within the texture

Urethane membrane lining is necessary on the inside of the fabric. It keeps bed bugs’ water out and allows moisture vapor to pass through for comfort and breathability. Be careful here to find a cover made from 100% cotton and bed bug proof with a urethane membrane lining the inside of the cotton fabric.

Some other features you need:

  • Comfortable:

When you buy a bed bug mattress encasement because you need to protect your mattress from bed bugs, your night sleep is also an important aspect that you have to keep in mind to choose the mattress cover which provides comfortable night sleep. The most comfortable bed bug mattress encasement is made from stretch knitted polyester that is smooth, breathable, and soft. 

  • Stylish:

Try to choose a stylish cover that becomes an addition to the beauty of your bed mattress. Also, provide great comfortable extra special bedtime by preventing dust and bed bugs from getting into your mattress.

  • Waterproof:

It is also an important feature you need when you are going to buy mattress encasement. Waterproof encasement resists water leakage, sweat, moisture, and all types of liquids.

  • Machine washable:

Choose those Bed bug mattress protectors which are easy to clean and machine washable, and dry-cleanable. 

How can we clean our bed bug mattress protectors?

Here is washing guidance for mattress protectors.

  1. Unzip the cover.
  2. Gently ease the cover off.
  3. Carefully zip the cover closed.
  4. Must follow the washing instructions that came with your particular mattress cover. 
  5. Most will be Machine wash warm tumble dry low.
  6.  Completely dry the cover before placing it on the bed. 
  7. Never use an iron or bleach.

What are the features of the best bed bug encasement? 

Best bed bug encasement has some essential features listed below:

  • Eradicate Bed bugs properly.
  • Made up of soft 100% high-Quality Cotton.
  • Effectively and efficiently detect pollution
  • Made from double Hypoallergenic polyester fabric.
  • Keeps you and your family protected from destructive microbes.

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