Best Body Pillow for Bad Back in 2021

When you feel asleep, back pain can be a nightmare for you. According to the Therapists, body pillow for bad back can help you prevent the back pain while sleeping or after sleeping. Searching for the best body pillow for back pain can be a headache.  After doing research, reading customer reviews and using some pillows, we can assure you that you will see the list of 3 best pillows in this article. 

You can’t change your sleeping positions but you can replace your current pillow with best pillow for bad back. This is the best you can do and hopefully it will help you a lot. 

Item Dimensions LxWxH16.4 x 8 x 8 inches
Product Care InstructionsMachine-washable

Price: Check on Amazon


If you are feeling back pain or if you are a stomach sleeper, then this full body pillow for back pain is the best one for you. Comfortable sleep is very important for a healthy life and you should use best body pillow for bad back to avoid back pain or neck pain. 

It is Ultra Breathable pillow and air can easily pass from it. If you feel difficulty in breathing while sleeping, You can buy this body pillow without any hesitation. 

Combination of foam and Rayon making it more fluffy for comfortable sleep. it is also good for pregnant women to support their belly and baby. You can call it pregnancy body pillow. 

It is Machine Washable and you can put it in dryer too. You can also change the cover of this best body pillow for bad back. 

Many people are buying this boy pillow if they have alignment issue with their knees during sleeping. So, This is multipurpose pillow with different features. 


It will take some time to dry this pillow after washing it. 

BrandMoonlight Slumber
Item Weight10.36 Pounds


This U-Shaped best body pillow for bad back is the best pillow to buy for neck pain, back pain. From your head to feet, this pillow will help you feel comfortable while sleeping on your bed. It is U-Shaped Total Body Support pillow which can help you get rid of back pain. 

It is Machine Washable and Odorless which make this pillow perfect. 

This one is the Best Pregnancy body pillow as it will support your full body, neck, back and front. 

This best body pillow for bad back is made up of Quality Material made in U.S.A and you can buy it now from amazon. 

According to therapists, it is best pillow for athletes, seniors or those looking to support hips, back, neck or more.

Some of the product reviews about this pillow were saying “This is the best body pillow for lower back pain”. See Reviews on Amazon


After few months, the pillow case may get shredded

Item Weight7.7 Pounds
Item Dimensions LxWxH55 x 31 x 7 inches


You can call it U-Shaped or C-Shaped because it is very flexible and you can use it for legs comfort, for back pain. 

Stomach sleepers and Side sleepers can use this pillow as it is giving very amazing results for them according to the reviews on amazon. 

Best Quality material for longer use and better performance is making this body pillow for bad back best pillow. 

U-Shape and C-Shape pillow is also good for pregnant women during sleep or while sitting on the bed. 

It will give you support no matter in which position you are sleeping. You will feel the change in your sleep after buying this best body pillow for bad back. 

One review on amazon was saying “THIS is MY NEW HUSBAND“. For sure, you can hug it all the night while sleeping. 

This maternity body pillow give support position for sleeping, reading, nursing, watching TV. So, it will provide you the best sleep. 


You must check the size of pillow before buying it because it may not be good for the women taller than 5.6 feet.

Final thoughts:

According to the research, the body pillows for back pain can help you reduce your back pain or neck pain. The stomch sleepers and side sleepers should use the U-Shaped or Full Body pillows.

If you are pregnant, than MoonLight U-Shaped body pillow will be the best one for you. 

According to the body pillow for back pain reviews on amazon and on different platforms, the body pillows listed above are the best one and people from all over the U.S.A are buying these pillows. If your back pain is not gone after using the pillow, you must check your mattress or buy the best mattress pad for back pain. 

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