Best Pillows for Back Sleepers – Pillows for Stomach Sleepers

Sleeping on the stomach side is not the healthiest for your health nor your spine, but changing the positions of sleep is hard to do; for that specific reason, Pillow for stomach Sleeper has been made.

Lying on your face downward and sleeping can cause problems like neck pain, back pain, jaw pain, and other spine problems with it. You can also be introduced to stiffness when waking up.

Besides the Stomach Sleepers, if you are a combinational sleeper, then some pillows are made specifically for your multiple sleeping positions like Back sleeper Pillows, Side sleeper Pillows, and stomach sleeper Pillows.

The first one on the list of side sleeper pillows and back sleeper pillows is the Sumitu Bed Pillow.It comes in a pack of 2 and is included in the category of best Hypoallergenic Pillow 2020.

The Hypoallergenic in these back-sleeping pillows means that they are made up of materials or fabrics that are pollen, dust, pet dander, and allergen-free.

That is why they are also termed as the pillows for neck pain, taking away the strain as you put your head on the pillow.

This is due to the Fabric and the material that is stiff enough to take away the pain as you rest on this pillow.

If you are looking for pillows for stomach sleepers with neck pain, these are undoubtedly the perfect choice.

Contour pillows like these are termed as the Best pillow for stomach sleeper only because of the cotton usage in their gel foam, which is also Hypoallergenic.


  • Hypoallergenic pillow good for Asthma, Allergies, or respiratory problems
  • They are Gel pillows and will never go flat whenever you put your head or neck on the pillow.
  • Cooling effect to the neck and head that enables you to relax while sleeping in hot seasons.
  • You can also wash this pillow whenever you want to because it is washable by hand and Machine both.
  • They come with 100 percent cotton, making it breathable and dry.
• Machine Washable • Not the most ideal for Side sleepers
• Hypoallergenic pillow
• 100 Percent Cotton

This here is the Pillow for back sleeper, which is designed in a way that will help you decrease your neck pain.

On the side, this Pillow is the Memory foam, which makes them the best pillows for stomach sleepers with neck pain and the best pillows for back sleepers.

The fantastic thing here is this pillow: you get to have an Ergonomic design that holds your neck in its place, and then supports it.

That is why these pillows for neck pain have a central cavity that doesn’t let you move around while sleeping while also supporting the spine.

There are extensions on the side of this contour pillow, which allows you to effortlessly rest your arms while you use it as the stomach sleeper pillows or back sleeper pillows.

These extensions are somewhat different from other types of Contour Pillows because they hold the hand or arms in their respective perfect form that doesn’t let them slip away.

The design doesn’t have the curves which are share and has somewhat smoother ones, which are very comfortable with your body parts, and no such comfortability issues are there.

Speaking of the Quality, there is a Memory foam used, which somewhat makes this to the list of Hypoallergenic Pillow 2020.

Ergonomic design that holds your neck in its place, and then supports it
There is a separate removable part over the Pillow, which makes this washable and also reusable.
The Memory Foam is breathable and very friendly to your skin.
These pillows are also breathable and non-chemical. Extensions on sides to make your sleep more comfortable.
• Contour Pillow for Head, Neck and Arm support • Your Freedom of moving in sleep is gone.
• Memory Foam, Breathable, and Skin Friendly.
• Washable outer cover.

Here is another Pillow for stomach sleeper that lets you have a specially designed pillow for neck pain, which also providing you freedom of movement in your sleep.

You will get Therapeutic Relief in these pillows for neck pain that is made specifically for all types of sleepers. So, these can also be the side sleeper pillows, stomach sleeper pillows, or the back sleeper pillows.

Ergonomic design in the contour pillow allows your shoulder, neck, and even the head to rest on a very comfortable structure, resulting in you sleeping faster and more profound.

You can have discomfort while sleeping for a few days, but as you get addicted to this Hypoallergenic pillow 2020, you will surely take full benefits from them.

Being Hypoallergenic means that you will have no issues of allergies and also the respiratory ones with this pillow. You can sleep effortlessly at night.

The Memory foam used in this pillow for stomach sleeper is very breathable while also being cool to you and much dry, which results in comfortability.

• This pillow comes with the Memory Foam that is luxurious
• The Memory foam used in this pillow for stomach sleeper is very breathable
• There is no chemical involved in this pillow for back sleeper, which is a good thing for the natural sleepers.
• Contour Pillow with freedom of movement • Not Washable on Machine
• Memory foam, breathable, cool, and dry.
• Hypoallergenic and No chemical involvement

This here is the Back Sleeper Pillows and the Side Sleeper Pillows that are made up of Memory Foam, which is a rebound.

The Rebound Memory Foam used in these Pillows for neck pain is Certified and most premium ones, which reshape themselves to the shape of Head and Neck while also being stiff at the same time.

The size is something most people become discomfort with, you that specific reason you get a size which is perfect for a single person and is according to your head shape, side shape, and your posture.

In order to know that the size will fit perfectly to your own, you need to measure the length from the neck base to the tip of the humerus bone. In this way, you can easily measure the size of any Contour Pillow according to your own size.

If you have the snoring problem like many people, which is basically due to the breathing issues while sleeping, then this pillow for back sleeper will give you support according to your own natural curve of the neck.

This results in you having the ability to breathe more effortlessly and, in return, will reduce the snoring issue.

• Washable due to their breathable and premium pillowcase
• The outside can be separated and washed separately while the inside remains clean.
• Pressure Points are also taken into consideration while making these best pillows for back sleepers with neck pain
• Washable Pillow Cover • Not a Hypoallergenic Pillow 2020
• Contour pillow with Memory Foam
• The height and firmness are perfect for sleeping.


Whether you have the Neck pain or the pain in your shoulders or spine, these pillows will aid in decreasing it effortlessly. There is Memory foam with a washable cover that provides versatile and effortless use.

Being Hypoallergenic Pillows, you get to have no issues in breathing. You will also have no allergenic issues and respiratory issues like asthma etc.

Mainly it depends on your choice whether you want the Contour pillow with a structure that doesn’t let you toss around while you sleep or the ones that provide you freedom of movement.

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