The Best Pregnancy Pillow – Full Body Maternity Pillow complete Buying Guide


Are you pregnant? Do you feel difficulty in sleeping? Pregnancy pillows can provide comfort, and you can sleep easily.

Pregnancy is a magical nine months period with different milestones. There is a huge change in the size of the body as well as other routines as well. It is difficult to sleep after almost 3-5 months of pregnancy.

If you want to take rest without any hustle, then the pregnancy pillow can be the best choice for you. These pillows have specific curves, shapes, and padding to support your back, hip as well as belly.

There are many pregnancy pillows available in the market; you should select the one according to your need and choice.  In this article, I  have selected one of the best pregnancy body pillows to help you in buying the best pregnancy pillow.

After reading all the features, pros, cons, and buying guides, it will be convenient for you to make the right decision. 

It’s a challenging process to find a comfortable sleeping arrangement for a pregnant woman. A maternity pillow that covers the full body with U shaped helps you in decreasing the discomfort.

It provides support to the unique shape of your belly and hips during the pregnancy. It allows moms to find a comfortable sleeping position according to their choice.

They don’t need to stick a specific position for sleeping after having this amazing product. Its unique design helps you to change your position easily. It is one of the best-rated pregnancy pillows that are available at a reasonable price and is affordable for everyone. 

If you love to sleep with your head pillow, then you can flip this pillow down. It also provides extra support to taller people.

C-shaped snoogle pregnancy pillows don’t allow such flexibility, and that’s what makes the bluestone apart from its competitors.

If you are pregnant and you want to sleep the whole night without any discomfort, then full body maternity pillow by bluestone can be the best choice for you.


There are many  amazing features of the best pregnancy body pillows; some of them are mentioned below:


The full body pregnancy pillow provides extraordinary comfort to the pregnant ladies. It helps you to provide painless as well as sound sleep. You don’t need repositioning from time to time.

If you have a full-body pregnancy pillow, then you don’t need to take multiple pillows at night. It cradles the body to help to keep your back, hip, shoulders, and neck aligned the whole night to avoid discomfort.

Full body support

The full-sized best pregnancy body pillow covers your whole body and supports you from head to toe. It is long enough to cover the body of a pregnant woman. The length of the pillow accommodates the people with different height, width, and size of the belly.

This U shaped pillow provides you equal support to each side of the body. It helps in alleviating the pain that is associated with pregnancy, lower back pain, sciatica, gastric reflux, and ankle pain.


The full body pregnancy pillow by bluestone is made up of natural as well as synthetic materials. Its cover is made up of 100 % cotton, and it will not cause any allergy to your skin. You can remove this cover. It is also very easy to wash this cover in the machine.

Its fill is polyester that makes it light and bouncy. There is no memory foam in the pregnancy pillow. You will not fee too hot by using this pillow. The soft cotton will help you to stay cool all night. The synthetic fill of the pillow promotes the circulation of the air over your body. 

U- shaped

This pillow is U shaped, and it solves your two problems at the same time. One of them is the alignment of bones and joints for restful sleep. U shaped pregnancy pillow covers your body from both sides, and you don’t need to flip the pillow whenever you want to switch your side. This U shaped pregnancy pillow can reduce your sleep interruption during pregnancy. 


Do you love reading and writing? If you are feeling difficulty in reading or writing during pregnancy, then the bluestone full body maternity pillow can help you to solve this problem. The contouring U shaped pillow by bluestone provides multifunctional support to the body. Some pregnancy pillows are bulky, and they don’t offer multiple positions.

But, the U-shaped bluestone pillow is light, and it keeps your neck align at the specific angle, and you can enjoy reading easily.  It can be easily transformed into different positions.  It’s not only for sleeping. It provides support during reading, watching videos, and doing your work on a laptop.  The arms of the pillows are easily manipulated, and you don’t need an extra pillow for nursing your baby. You can support your baby for comfortable feeding through this pillow.

Pros of the best pregnancy pillow 

The main benefit of using a pregnancy pillow is that it allows pregnant women to sleep better. Some other benefits of using pregnancy pillows are as follows: 

  •  Alleviates the pains of the body 

Women gain weight during pregnancy. As a result, it puts pressure on the hips and back. You can only give rest to these parts if you sleep in a good position. Otherwise, you may feel aches or pain in these parts. The best pregnancy pillow by bluestone provides comfort to these parts as well as ensures proper sleep. 

  • Helpful after the birth of the baby 

U shaped Pregnancy pillow by bluestone is not only helpful during your pregnancy, but also helpful after delivery. It helps you to keep your newborn in the right position during feeding. 

  • Improves the blood circulation 

Side sleeping helps in improving the circulation of blood. With your growing body during pregnancy, it is difficult to sleep on your sides. With the soft cushioning, the full-body pregnancy pillow helps you to sleep on your side.

You can easily adjust the pregnancy body pillow to the parts that require cushioning. Consequently, it promotes the circulation of blood in your body. 

  • Long sleep hours

There are many changes in your body that occur after the pregnancy. To avoid stress and other behavioral changes, peaceful sleep is a significant factor. But it is very difficult to sleep during pregnancy due to the extra weight of the body. 

By using this full-body pregnancy pillow, you can enjoy comfortable sleep for a long time. You’ll feel any pain or stress while sleeping due to the cushioning and softness of this pillow.  


There are some cons of pregnancy pillow as well that are mentioned below: 

  • More filling required 

The filling of the pillow is no sufficient for those people who need a fluffy pregnancy pillow. 

  • Size is too large 

The size of this pillow is large, and you need more room in your bed for this pillow. 

Why should you buy the pregnancy pillow? 

When your body is growing during the pregnancy, you have limited positions to sleep as well as you need to know the new pressure points for those positions that are safe for you and your baby. Side sleeping is usually considered best for sleeping for pregnant women.

Back sleeping is discouraged because it can compress that vein that carries blood to your newborn. 

So, you have only one best option for safe sleeping during pregnancy that is side sleeping, but the mass growing on your hips and back also cause issues. In this condition, pregnancy body pillows can help you to solve these issues.

These pillows support your different parts of the body. It allows you for comfortable sleep and helps you to avoid pains and aches in the morning. 

Buying Guide for Best Pregnancy Body Pillow

There are multiple types of pregnancy pillows, so it is difficult for you to decide which pillow is best for you. After reading the buying guide, it will be convenient for you to decide the best pregnancy pillow for your comfort. 

What should be the size of the pregnancy pillow? 

There is a wide range of size of pregnancy pillows. U shaped pillow is one of the longest pillows that covers you from each side. The size of the pillow depends on the size of the room that you are willing to spare for it in the bed. Before buying any pregnancy pillow, you should measure it to avoid any inconvenience in the future. 

What should be the shape of the pillow? 

The shape of the pillow depends on your sleeping style. Some pregnancy pillows are U shaped, while some are C shaped. If you switch your sides again and again at night, then you should opt for U shaped pregnancy pillow. You don’t need to adjust it because it covers both sides of your body. 

What should be the material of the pregnancy pillow? 

There are different materials that are used in the filling of the pregnancy pillows. All the materials have their properties. The material of the pillow has a great impact on your comfort as well as on the quality of sleep. So, you should consider the material of the pillow while purchasing it. If you don’t want to get warmer, then you should choose the cotton cover. 


  1. Do you get too hot sleeping in a bluestone U shaped pillow? 

Ans: No, it’s a flexible pillow. It doesn’t fit tightly around you. So, you don’t get too hot. 

  1. Does this full body maternity pillow come with a cover? 

Ans: yes, this pillow comes with 100% cotton cover that doesn’t cause irritation to your skin. 

  1. What are the thread count and filling type of this pregnancy pillow? 

Ans: The thread count of the pillow is unknown. The filling of the pillow is polyester. 

  1. Is the pillow washable? 

Ans: yes, it is washable.the cover of the pillow washable in the machine as well. But it would be best if you had some extra effort to wash the pillow itself. 

  1. Is the pillow hypoallergenic? 

Ans: yes, the pillow is hypoallergenic, and it doesn’t cause any allergic reactions to your body. It is ideal for those people who are allergic to dust. 


In pregnancy, it is very difficult to change positions while sleeping. If you don’t want to readjust your pillow each time, then the full body maternity pregnancy pillow by bluestone can be the best choice for you. It provides support to your back, hips, and belly. It aligns your neck and allows you a peaceful sleep. It helps in alleviating the back pain as well. It allows you multiple positions, and you can enjoy reading and other activities by using this U shaped contouring pillow.  If you are planning to buy a pregnancy pillow, then you should have a look at its features and buying guide to purchase the best pregnancy pillow for you. 


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