5 Best Tempurpedic pillows for sleeping | Tempurpedic Pillow Reviews

Having a perfect mattress by your side does not mean that the bed is complete; you will have to choose the right Pillow that completes the proper bed. Stiff necks are something that no one is new to, either you are waking up with a relaxed head or with a heavy feel to it. 

Pillows are the ones that are responsible for both; they ensure your neck and head are well supported while providing reliability to the upper spine.

best tempurpedic pillow for sleeping

TempurPedic is a well-known provider of sleeping pillows in the market that are well off with the shape of the neck and body. Their pillows come with Tempur foam that is also the best value for money and is most comfortable to your body, neck, and head that takes the stress away; so that you have better sleep and least pain when waking up. 

So, when purchasing the pillows in the market, there are various types you will come across in TempurPedic sleeping pillows. Don’t worry, and we will guide you through the top five pillows you can use for your neck or sleeping problems. Read the article to more about these products and know for what purpose they are made for?

1- Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Ergo Neck Pillow

In the category of TempurPedic Sleep pillow, this one comes with support for your neck by providing a design that is according to your neck shape.

Being an ergonomically designed pillow, it has a comfortable Tempur foam with an Extra Firm feel, which prevents sinking. The foam provided in this best Pillow for neck support is a high-density one that doesn’t shift its position at night.

This Pillow is somewhat most unique in the category of Tempurpedic pillow reviews due to its users that are made specifically for your neck problems.

You cannot sleep on the gut side with this Pillow because it becomes very uncomfortable and will probably cause you pain in your neck. 

It is important to mention its versatility in Tempurpedic pillow reviews to avoid the pain and stress in the shoulders and neck by coming in different sizes.

So, these Tempurpedic pillows come in a total of three sizes, which are based on measures of your neck to shoulder. 

• Supports: Side and Back • Foam Density: Extra Firm • Extra Features: Neck Support
• It helps in reducing the Neck Pain. • Not meant for some people due to firmness
• High-Density foam that doesn’t lose its place while sleeping. • Room temperature affects the contouring
• Very Long Lasting

2-Tempur-Pedic Adapt Symphony Pillow

Unlike some Tempurpedic Pillows, the Tempurpedic Symphony pillows come with a design which surely benefits all kind of sleeping positions. There is a very soft quality foam used in this Pillow.

It enables you to have a comfortable sleep while it compresses but never compromises on the upper body support. Being the best Tempurpedic Pillow for versatile sleepers, Adapt Symphony comes with two sides while both have the patented Tempur foam in them.

In the Tempurpedic pillow reviews, this one can be used by all types of sleepers but is not that best Pillow for side sleeper or gut side.

Because it is too lofty to provide you a truly enjoyable stomach sleep. But still, when it comes to what it claims, you can easily take advantage of this Tempurpedic Pillow for a side sleepers.

• Supports: Side, Back, and Stomach • Foam Density: Extra Soft • Extra Features: Dual soft side for all types of sleeping positions.
• Very comfortable and soft to sleep on • Not the best one for stomach sleepers
• Comes with washable covers • Too lofty.
• Dual sides for three sleeping positions.

Why choose this Pillow?

If you simply want a comfortable sleep with different sleeping positions, this is the best Tempurpedic Pillow you can place your bet on. In the Tempurpedic Sleep pillow, this one has washable cover and duel sides for ease of use.

3-Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Body Pillow

In the Tempurpedic Pillows for sleeping, this here is the Best Pillow for a side sleeper. You can comfortably hug this Pillow from the side because of its double-length and then sleep comfortably on your sides.

There is a textured Tempur foam with micro-cushions individually placed, giving a much responsive feel.

Being a Tempurpedic pillow for a side sleeper, when you put your knees on the Pillow, takes the pressure off from the lower back providing a much comfortable and effortless sleep at night time.

If you are a back sleeper, you can also use it simply by putting an arm over it to keep the shoulder from the inward curve.

• Supports: Side and back. • Foam Density: Medium Firmness • Extra Features: Extra-long for side pose hug and leg rest.
• Longer length • Pillow weight is on the much heavier side
• You can be utilized it in multiple ways for side poses and back poses.
• Washable polyester cover

Why choose this Pillow?

If you are a side sleeper, then this is the best Tempurpedic Pillow for your sleep. You can hug this Pillow and rest your body. It will help you to provide relief to your shoulders, back, and legs, which is not found in other pillows. Medium firmness is also universal, so no need to worry about being comfortable.

4-Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Cloud Breeze Dual Cooling Pillow

In this Tempurpedic Sleep pillow review, if you find other pillows as not that reliable in heat, then here is the Tempurpedic cooling Pillow. It comes with a cooling gel layer not only on one side rather both sides of the Pillow. So, no matter which side is used, it is extremely reliable and comfortable.

The construction is done of Temper ES foam that draws the heat directly from your head all night long. It is also scientifically proven to reduce the heat and provide comfort at extremely warm conditions. Tempurpedic Cooling Pillow is comfortable and lofty, but not that much to take the reliability away from wide-shouldered people who sleep on their sides.

You get a much softer pillow that challenges the other Best Tempurpedic Pillow for comfortable sleep. You can also sleep with a back pose, side pose, and even the stomach pose effortlessly and reliably. This makes the Tempurpedic Cooling Pillow much more versatile than other pillows you might have seen in the category of Tempurpedic Pillows.

• Supports: Back, Side • Foam Density: Plush • Extra Features: Cooling Gel on both sides for warm conditions.
• Very soft and comfortable that fits according to shape • This Pillow is also much heavier due to double cooling gel
• It can be used in warm climate or conditions due to cooling gel.
• Washable cover that is also soft. • Medium loft provided.

Why choose this Pillow?

In case you live in warm conditions or have issues sleeping in regular pillows due to heat, this is the perfect choice you can place your bet on. Because it comes with double-sided Cooling gel pads that absorb the heat and provides a comfortable cold feel to your head and neck. All in one best Tempurpedic Pillow for people who need a softer cooling pillow for their side or back pose sleeping

5-Tempur-Pedic Cooling King Pillow

In Tempurpedic Pillows for sleeping, this here is the best choice if you have a problem while sleeping in warm conditions. Being a Tempur cloud pillow, you can also crane your neck to the side while sleeping on your stomach without any discomfort.

Being a Tempurpedic pillow, it doesn’t mean that there is no cloud and cooling in a singular pillow. In the Tempurpedic Pillow reviews, this one has both technologies.

The cloud Tempur foam adapts to your shape and has a cloud foam, which is way softer than your typical pillows. Not to forget it is a Tempurpedic Cooling Pillow.

So, there are also cooling gel pads on both sides of the Pillow to provide you with a cooling effect in warm conditions.

You can also call this the best Pillow for neck support because of its rectangular shape that fits perfectly according to head and shape.

And as the best Tempur cloud pillow, your head goes inside the Pillow for comfortable sleep.

• Supports: Back, Side • Foam Density: Plush • Extra Features: Cooling Gel on both sides for warm conditions.
• Cloud foam for a comfortable feel and cooling gel for use in warmer conditions. • Too soft and lofty that is meant for specific people.
• Large and rectangular-shaped for versatility • Weight is much more than regular pillows.
• Washable cover of Pillow • Premium quality

Why choose this Pillow?

If you are seeking something comfortable and premium that can be effortless to use in different sleeping positions. Then, a Tempurpedic cooling Pillow like this one is a perfect choice. It is also large and has a rectangular shape to be comfortable for you when sleeping in a stomach position.


Now, you can have the list of the best tempurpedic pillows in the above article and you can choose one according to your requirements. It is better to follow doctor advice if you have severe neck pain or back pain. And buy any of the above sleeping pillow after consulting with doctor.