8 Best waterproof mattress protector for Bedwetting in 2021

Do you want to save your mattress from unhandled errors like sudden splits of liquid or any other fluids, form permanent stain that is very annoying? Then we will recommend you shield your mattress with the best waterproof mattress protector for bedwetting. Sometimes, this thing becomes very difficult for someone to handle all these mishaps, but you need not worry about this protector. Here is the list of some best mattress protectors for you; after having a lot of research, we found the best ones for you.

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Waterproof mattress protector

Best Overall WaterProof Mattress protector

Custom Pet Pillow

Best NoiseLess Breathable and Soft

Custom body Pillow case

Saferest Best Price and Quality – Waterproof, Hypoallergenic

Body Custom Pillow

Full Size Mattress Protector Cover Waterproof

As we know, most mattresses have leakage problems even after having protective sheets. But the Priva ultra sheet protector stands best under a zippered mattress topper cover that will protect your mattress like a shield.

This mattress protector will give you perfect protection against spills, liquid leakage etc. Four layers of sheets and eight cups of absorbent will keep your sheets and bed dry all the time.

This zippered mattress topper cover is mainly designed to provide you maximum absorption with the help of 52 inches long sheet protectors.

Features of the product.

  • Easy to wash due to smaller pads that are easily removable without any problem.
  • Have Vintex safeguard Barriers that are highly verified by experts.
  • This priva ultra zippered mattress topper cover is made up of a soft fibril layer of polyester with the brilliant cotton quality.
Soft and comfortable Cannot Protect against Bed bugs
Four layers with 8 cups of absorbent
Reusable up to 300 washes

Suppose you are worried about your children’s comfort due to a hard mattress having no protective sheet even to save from unhandled splits and urine over the bed.

If you are searching for a King size zippered mattress cover then a saferest premium mattress protector is the right choice in this regard. This mattress is also among the best ones who never stand failed in the protection test. These also stand well after ten washes and even the drying process.

Along with all these, somehow it is too noisy due to the terry top of polyester and cotton.

Features of the product.
  • These king size zippered mattress covers are so breathable, and comfortable due to the fabulous material of cotton terry.
  • Perfectly fit for people of every age, whether they are children or adults having asthma problems, allergies of dust, etc.
  • While having pets of any kind, you also need to worry because its protective sheets also protect them.
  • These king size zippered mattress covers also save you from dust, fluids, mites, allergens, and most importantly, from your young children’s urine


  • It is medically approved as best.
  • Protects from dust particles, mites, allergy-causing agents spread, primarily due to pets.
  • With ten years warranty
  • Stained washes out easily
  • Quickly dry

The AllerEase brand is so classy, comfortable and a perfect king size waterproof mattress protector.

The mattress is of polyester, and nylon materials of high quality. Allerease Zippered protector mattress will encase your bed make it comfortable and also durable. Its zippered mattress protector is easy to take off, and whenever you want to do it, you can easily wash and dry it due to this ease.

This king size waterproof mattress protector will never let you sweat and even freeze with the help of protectors. These protectors are also categorized as the best waterproof mattress protectors.

Features of the product.
  • Best used by an allergist because it naturally protects you from allergy-causing agents.
  • This king size waterproof mattress protector correctly manages temperature, whether it is hot or cold temperature.
  • These will protect you against different household microbes, mites, and dust particles.
  • These king size waterproof mattress protectors are 100% waterproof.


  • Temperature resistant
  • Quickly take off and on.
  • Easy to wash with machine
  • warranty of 10 years



Sureguard Mattress encasement plays the role of a fantastic guard to protect you and your loved ones from any harm.

If you want a healthier sleep and peace of mind, these mattress protectors will stay best. They will give you 360-degree protection against different allergens, dust particles, microbes, and many more. Without a protector of your bed, you always get distracted by separate minor accidents like splits, liquid, in case young children’s urination problem among all these permanent stains and odors also distract your mind from other healthy activities.

Sureguard mattress protector is no doubt the best waterproof mattress protector ever. These mattresses are GREENGUARD gold certified in lab-tested independently.

Features of the product.

  • Protects you from unwanted dust particles, gives you a sensation of comfort.
  • This mattress will block bedwetting and precipitation as it has a six-sided premium protector.
  • Sure, Steal technology and invisible-zip will help your bed from bed bug attacks. It will fit 13- 16 inches deep into your bed.
  • Protects you from dust, mites, microbes, and many more
  • This mattress is free from vinyl, PVC, fire, and phthalates.


  • 100 % waterproof
  • Machine washable and easy dry
  • Moisture resistance
  • Made up of 100 percent terry top cotton



For the comforts of your loved ones, these crib mattresses are the best ones. These Quilted mattress protectors will protect you from obnoxious spills and leaks from every kind of liquids and, along with these, also keep your baby dry.

One of the best products of quilted mattress protectors is the Bamboo mattress protector that is manufactured free from latex, vinyl, BPA, flame retardants, and lead. This mattress protector is the perfect choice for your babies as it is also free from any chemical.

They are skin-friendly and highly comfortable.

Features of the product.

  • These Quilted mattress protectors adhere to multiple washes, oils, and liquid splits.
  • White in color with 100% protective ability. No need to worry about your infant sleeping on it because its material is chemical-free.
  • This protector will enhance the lifespan of your mattress. Its surface is ultra-soft bamboo quilted.
  • These Quilted mattress protectors are so noiseless without causing any noise, your bed stay neat and smooth
  • Fits matters depth up to 18 inches


  • Manufacture without any chemical
  • Hypoallergenic in nature
  • Ten years warranty
  • Breathable
  • Allow excellent air circulation.



 Linenspa waterproof sheet protectors manufactured with polyurethane means it will never cause any health risks like vinyl does. This will prove so comfortable to you while traveling and other activities.

You have to replace it frequently during potty training years. OEKO-TEX is certified in its protectiveness. Linenspa protector also ranked high among the best waterproof mattress protectors. These kinds of mattress protectors better fit pregnant women and children.

Features of the product

  • Non-slip backing protectors are explicitly manufactured to prevent night shifting.
  • For the absorption of liquid, eight protecting cups are p brilliantly comfortable while sleeping.
  • To keep yourself dry and comfortable fluffy cotton blended layers are used.
  • On the same day, you can wash it and use it in the evening.


  • Waterproof with multilayer
  • Easily reusable
  • Dry quickly
  • It prevents you from wetting and also your furry pet friendly.
  • Absorbent up to 8 cups
  • Pads are easily washable.



These mattress covers will protect your bed from unwanted splits, bed bugs, and other microbes too.

These bed bug mattress covers are entirely covered from all six sides with their protective ability. These mattress covers are the best fit for your mattress 9-11 fits deep. Zip prevents you from allergy-causing agents and protects against allergens. Basically they are named bed bug mattress covers as they protect you from bed bugs. A breathable waterproof membrane covered with polyester knit fabric.

Best mattress protectors for bed bugs are medically proven best because the materials used in its making are free from vinyl, fir retarding agents, phthalates, and PVC.

Features of the product

  • These bed bug mattress cover is perfect allergy blockers to prevent you from allergy-causing agents, microbes, dust particles.
  • These are the barrier to all six sides with 100% waterproof capacity. They are medically approved as the protector bed bug.
  • Its membrane is so fantastic that it never traps heat.
  • These bed bug mattress cover is a highly soft knit fabric that never irritates your skin.


  • Made up of polyester
  • A hospitality product
  • Depth up to 9-11 inches deep
  • Five years of warranty
  • Prevents from a bed bug, medically certified.
  • Machine washable



You will be pleased to hear that finally, it’s time to say goodbye to your pesky stains on the mattress.

The best cooling mattress protector will give you protection against droll, bodily fluids, sweets, and splits. They are medically certified by OEKO, which is free from PVC vinyl. These are the best waterproof mattresses protector that will let you in heaven while sleeping. Because these Coop home suitable mattress protectors are of soft fabric.

The owner of these masters gives a challenge to the customer, that is, if they don’t fall in love with these under 100 nights, then feel free to call him for a return.

Features of the product

  • These are well fitted up to 18 sheets deep. Amazingly enhance the life of your mattress with its excellent features.
  • It provides you comfort, just like heaven.
  • Like other mattresses, it will also protect you from splits, germs, dust particles, and many more.
  • 100% safe for you and your loved ones.


  • Available in Queen size
  • From coop home goods branded
  • Bamboo fabric is used.
  • Protects against sweat, splits, odor, and droll.
  • 100% waterproof
  • Ultra-soft and also Washable



Final Words

Although it is complicated to save yourself from scammers and to have the best thing, we are here to protect you from any scam because we care about you. No need to worry while purchasing any bed bug mattress protector for your mattress. Because we already do this for your comforts. After researching and reading thousands of reviews, we finalized some of the best protectors for you.


All the mattresses described above definitely are of high quality and brand. You do not need to go anywhere else searching for the best waterproof mattress cover or protector because all the best are here. The only thing you have to do is go and check them out, guys. I am wondering about their quality, comforts, and features due which I suggest you. All the spices are in this article; go and pick your best one.


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