8 Best Big Pillows for Bed – Review and Buyer’s Guide


Pillows are a great source of getting a comfortable sleep. They help people with neck and back pain as well. Pillows play an important role in getting healthy sleep. They help to provide the right position to the body relieving the pressure in the body. Big pillows for bed are specially made for adults for their comfort 

Importance of Pillow Size

Pillows help everybody to get a comfortable sleep. However, choosing the best pillows in the market may be hard for you as there are different sizes, styles and materials are available in the market. If you know the importance of the sizes of pillows, you may find it easy to select a suitable pillow for you.

Pillows come in different sizes, both small and big pillows for bed provide different benefits. Some people find small pillows perfect for them while others may prefer using big pillows for bed. To make things easy for you, we will discuss the 8 best big pillows for bed in 2022. Moreover, we will provide you the honest reviews of 8 big pillows so that you can choose the suitable one for you.

However, before we go into the details, let’s talk about the benefits of big full body pillows.

8 Best Big Pillows For Bed And Their Honest Reviews

1- WhatsBedding Big Size Pillow For Bed – Large Size Pillow Without Any Pillow Cover

The big size of this pillow allows you to sleep comfortably. Sleeping with this pillow delivers the comfort of hotel pillows. It is as comfortable as a hotel pillow. However, if you are a side sleeper, you should buy pair of such pillows.

New modified microfiber material is used to make this pillow. Thus, it is best for people with knees problems. The pillow provides the perfect support for the knees. As the pillow is large, thus it provides full-body support by relieving the pressure on the body. After all, the pillow is the best option for people with back pain issues.


  • These pillows belong to the well-known brand whatsbedding.
  • The color of the pillows is white.
  • These pillows contain a rectangle shape.
  • The total weight of the pillows is 1.45 kilograms.


  • The pillows are extremely soft.
  • They are scratch resistants.
  • They help you to relieve the back pain.
  • They provide a comfortable and peaceful sleep.


  • These pillows come with no pillowcase.
  • They possess a small amount of stuffing inside.

2- Full Length Pillow For Bed – Comes Along A Modern Removable Zipper Cover

The long and soft pillow provides you with comfortable and cool feelings. If you prefer sleeping by hugging something, then this pillow is best for you as you can hug this long and comfortable pillow easily. However, as the product comes with a hidden zipper, therefore the cover of the product can easily be removed. It is also easy to clean. You can recycle this pillow after washing it effortlessly.

Though the pillow is suitable for both genders, it is perfect for women especially those who are pregnant, the pillow provides them with full back support. The high-quality microfiber material of the product provides long-lasting health benefits. 


  • The product belongs to the popular brand whatsbedding.
  • The total weight of this pillow is approximately 5 pounds.
  • It is suitable for those who prefer having white pillows.
  • The pillow comes with a removable bamboo zipper pillowcase.


  • It makes the best gift for your loved ones.
  • Highly comfortable.
  • The pillows are extremely soft.
  • They can be used to relieve the pain as well.
  • Provide enough support.


  • The product is costly.
  • It includes no memory foam.

3- ELNIDO QUEEN Full Body Large Pillow Size For Bed, Made Of Ultra-Soft Material

The product is perfect for your spine, stomach, and back problems. It is a long full-body-size pillow that provides perfect support for your body. The comfortable and relaxed sleeping pillows are perfect for back support.

A product with medium density and supporting force makes it completely soft and breathable. This product is best for people who sleep on their side. People who prefer sitting, watching tv, and spending more time on their beds should buy this pillow as it is best known for providing support.


  • The famous brand of this product is ELNIDO QUEEN.
  • The color of the pillows is pure white.
  • The product comes in a rectangular shape.


  • The ultra-long product provides extremely softness and comfort on the bed.
  • It is good to relieve back pain.


  • The material inside the pillows a thinner as compared to other materials.
  • As it is super soft thus it is not for those who are looking for a thick pillow.

4- EVOLIVE Soft Big Size Pillow For Bed – Hidden Zipper Cover

The product is made of high-quality polyester material that provides durability and scratch-resistant properties. It also comes with various color options that can make an attractive decor for your room.

The zipper closure of the pillow allows you to change the cover easily. Moreover, keep in mind that it is not a pillow but a pillow cover that can be tied with any kind of pillows.


  • The color of the product is unique navy.
  • The material used to make the pillow cover is high-quality microfiber.
  • The product is manufactured by the popular brand Evolive.
  • The product contains a hidden zipper.


  • This pillow cover is highly durable for a long time.
  • The surface of the pillow is free of wrinkles.
  • The pillow cover is super soft and comfortable.
  • It is easy to clean.


  • Avoid using this pillow in a round shape.
  • It requires some extra care.
  • Expensive as compared to other products.

5- Oubonun Premium Fluffy Big Size Pillow – Best For Head Support

This product is specially designed to be adjusted in any form. It provides the best support for your body so that you can sleep peacefully. Though people sleep differently, accordingly, they possess different sleeping positions but this product provides support for all kinds of sleepers.

People who sleep on their back, side, or stomach can buy this product. It feels easy and comfortable on your skin. As the pillow is made of soft material thus it is safe for all types of skin including sensitive skin.


  • The product comes from the well-known brand Oubonun.
  • The color of the product is the white and gray shade that gives it a unique complexion.
  • This ultra-long pillow is specially designed to provide you with head support.
  • The machine wash product is not made to be washed by hands.
  • The material used to make this pillow is polyester.


  • The high quality of the material makes this pillow different from others.
  • The pillow is extremely soft.
  • It provides comfort and peaceful sleep.
  • Best for neck support and back pain.


  • It is hard to wash with hands.
  • Not suitable for those who want a flatter pillow.

6- COSYBAY Big Size Soft Pillow- Long Pillow For Full Body

The pillow is made of high-quality soft material fiber. Medium fiber is used to make the product that provides enough support. Besides, the product contains no harmful chemicals such as Vinyl that can be impacted on your skin.

The breathable pillow makes you comfortable and easy for you to breathe as it reduces the pressure on your body. Moreover, it can be easily recycled by maintaining its integrity. The product can be easily washed with the machine. After all, the product comprises a guarantee of empowering you with body support for a long time.


  • The big size pillow is designed by the brand Cosybay.
  • The material used to make this pillow is polyester. It is high quality and long-lasting material.
  • The product comes with blush firmness.
  • The fabric used to make the product is Vinyl.
  • The color of this long pillow is white.


  • The product is extremely soft and fluffy.
  • Best for people with neck pain.
  • Provides enough support for back and neck pain.


  • Costly product.
  • Comes with no pillowcase.

7- Viewstar Pack Of Two Pillows – Provide Hotel Quality

Viewstar is an established brand that provides hotel-like luxury pillows. The integrity of the pillows never gets lower as it is made of high-quality fiber.  Moreover, when you sleep on these pillows, they feel like a cloud. The soft and thick material provides you with a comfortable sleep.

The material utilized to make this pillow set is carefully specified by the brand. The brand ensures the long-lasting quality of the fabric. After all, such great quality and the long-lasting product remains new and fresh forever. 


  • The pack of two pillows contains a standard size.
  • The type of fabric used to make these pillows is fiber.
  • The item’s firmness is described as blush.
  • These long full-body pillows are made by the famous brand Viewstar.


  • It helps to improve your sleep quality.
  • It provides enough support for your back.
  • Extremely soft and comfortable pillow with pain relaxation features.


  • The product is too thick.
  • Not suitable for side sleepers.

8- Bed Wedge Pillow- Adjustable Big Size Pillow

The Big Bed Wedge Pillows are designed to provide you with full body support. It is a big size pillow for a bed that can be easily adjusted. Moreover, it provides multiple health benefits including the back, neck, knee, and even feet and ankles support.

It also provides additional support to your neck and back. Also, with the help of such a product, you can easily get a suitable incline position. As the product contains firm memory foam, thus it is easy to wash using the machine.


  • This unique and long bed wedge pillow is produced by AllSett Health.
  • The color of the pillow is grey.
  • The material used to make this product is polyester plus polyester blend.
  • The product contains a wedge shape.
  • It is designed to wash by machine.


  • The product has good back support.
  • The pillowcase can be easily removed.
  • The size of the product is suitable to get a comfortable sleep.


  • The color of the pillow may fade away with time.
  • Expensive product.

Benefits Of Choosing Big Pillows For Bed

Different bedding companies are manufacturing pillows in various sizes. Each of them provides comfortable and peaceful sleep. Moreover, they help people with health benefits as well. But the different sizes of pillows including the standard, small and big sizes provide multiple benefits.

If you are fed up with the small size of bed pillows or they cause you neck pain, you must choose big size pillows as they can be beneficial for people with back or neck pain. The big size pillows are also available in different styles and materials, however, getting a suitable sleeping pillow may depend on your sleeping position.

Here are given some of the best benefits of using the big size pillows for bed.

·       Big Square Pillows Provide Back Support

Big square pillows that are also known as Euro shams pillows are good for back pain as they provide back support while you are sitting or laying on the bed. Many people prefer watching tv in bed, they need proper support for their back so they should use big pillows for bed.

There are different types of pillows available in large sizes, but keep in mind, do not buy pillows that cost low prices. Pillows with low prices may end up being flat as they do not last long.

• Big Fluffy Pillows Help To Provide You A Comfortable Sleep

Fluffy pillows are made of soft and smooth textures. The soft composition helps you to get a comfortable sleep. The big size of pillows allows you to get a suitable sleeping position. However, big fluffy pillows for bed are suitable for those who used to sleep with feather pillows.

Many people prefer sleeping with hotel pillows as they find them the most comfortable and soft pillows. The big size fluffy pillows for bed also provide a comfortable sleep that you may get in a luxurious hotel.  Though fluffy pillows are available in different sizes if you are looking for the best pillow that can give you a comfortable and peaceful sleep, then you should go with big pillows that are composed of birds’ silky undercoats.

Fluffy pillows are best known for their soft and flexible material that provides them a luxury look.

·       Big Decorative Pillows Are Best For Keeping Your Spine Healthy

Big decorative pillows are being used in large amounts by people. They can be used on beds with other small pillows. As they are big, thus they can be adjusted with other small pillows. Moreover, they are perfect for those who are looking for some extra comfort.

Big decorative pillows for the bed possess an aesthetic look. They provide a unique, elegant look. Besides the attractive look of decorative pillows, they provide an excessively comfortable sleep to the people who are looking for aesthetic pillows and satisfaction at once.

Moreover, big decorative pillows can empower you with various health benefits. They provide enough support by maintaining the position of your spine in the straight role so that you can move freely in bed. Keep in mind, when you take care of your spine and keep it healthy, you get fewer back problems. 

·       Big Throw Pillows Provide The Best Position Alignment

People who prefer using big-size pillows for bed know that a small-size pillow cannot provide them the right sleeping position.    Pillows such as Big throw pillows for bed can provide a suitable fit to provide you a flexible sleeping position.

They improve your sleeping quality as well as provide you with multiple health benefits. They contain the power to provide you with the best position alignment so that you can sleep without any interruption.

As above, you have read about the benefits of using big size pillows for bed accordingly you can now easily choose the suitable pillows for bed according to your preference. However, to make things easier for you, here are given some of the best big size pillows for bed and their honest reviews so that you can easily choose the best big size pillows for bed.


Using the big-size pillows for bed not only helps you to get rid of the back and neck pain but also provides you with a comfortable sleep.  Some of them can even cover your whole body to provide your body with an adequate sleeping position.

In this article, we have mentioned some of the best big pillows for bed and their reviews. After reading the article carefully, you can easily buy a suitable sleeping pillow for yourself. Though all the pillows are great and provide multiple benefits, Viewstar Full Body Pillows are great in all aspects. They provide the same comfort that you can get in the room of a luxury hotel.

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