8 Best Christmas Throw Pillows – Pillow Cover -You should buy in 2021

When Christmas is around the corner, you need to be prepared for some shopping. The event calls for surprises, gifts, celebrations and much more. To make everyone feel special, happy and important, you need to buy exclusive gifts. The Christmas Throw Pillows are a part of amazing Christmas gifts that can help you to show your love and care to a person. These are not just a part of Christmas décor, but can be the best themed gift for your loved one.

Let us find out about the smart options of decorative Christmas pillows you can get this year.  

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Hlonon Christmas Pillow Covers 18 x 18 Inches (Set of 4)

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Jetec 4 Pieces Christmas Decorative Pillow Cover Buffalo Plaid Sofa Back Throw

Custom body Pillow case

Korlon 4 Pcs Christmas Pillow Covers 18×18

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Pack Farmhouse Christmas Red Black Buffalo Plaids Throw Pillow Case 18×18

Lanpn Christmas Throw Pillow covers are one of the popular and best quality throw pillow covers. These are made with 100% cotton of the best grade. The decorative patterns for Christmas theme make them more appealing and attractive. You can use the covers for the pillows of 16×16 dimensions. A set of four different covers brings variation to your décor for the theme.

With an invisible zips closure of 10.2,” it is easier to insert the pillow and take off for washing purpose. Safe to the machine makes it easy to wash as per your convenience. The fabric itself is a stain repellent; it does not catch the stain of drinks. In case of any stain, make sure to clean it immediately as a safe practice. 

Features of the product.

  • 100% cotton fabric material
  • Hidden zipper closure
  • Easy insertion and removal
  • Comes in a set of four different designs
  • Easy to wash
Christmas theme based design Patterns are only at one side
Standard size of 16x16
Four different designs in one pack

Snowman pillowcases come in a pair of two cases with the dimensions of 18×18. The snowman pattern on the front makes these covers an ideal option for Christmas theme. The material is a cotton and polyester blend that makes cover durable and long-lasting. No colour fade feature makes it reliable and safe to machine wash so you can just uncover the pillow and have is clean. It is a perfect fit for all your cushions placed on bench, sofa, couch, bed and chairs. The covers give a nicer touch to your Christmas theme gatherings. Hidden zipper makes it easy to slip on and off the cover and store them after use. There is a possibility to use covers as seasonal options for the end of the year.

Features of the product.

  • Fiber combination of polyester and cotton
  • Solid red backside
  • Hidden zip closure
  • No color fades quality
  • Machine wash friendly
Solid red back Not 100% Cotton
Easy machine wash
Durable material

Among the Christmas decorative pillows, here comes a set of four different designs. All four covers are of 18×18 inches square that fits ideal pillow size. The snowman pattern on the covers makes them attractive and cosy at the same time. The hidden zipper makes it look attractive and pleasant makes it easy to put on and remove from the pillow. The breathable linen fabric takes away the moisture and sweat to keep up with your good health.

The perfect look genuine material and easy to wash pillow cover set is an ideal gift for Christmas to your loved one. If you do not like the covers or have any issues, there is a no-hassle refund policy available. You can claim for it, but that is a rare chance.

Features of the product.

  • Breathable soft and absorbent fabric
  • Comes in four different designs
  • Hidden zipper for easy closure
  • Perfect fit to standard cushions and pillow
Four different designs in one pack Four cases in one size only
Breathable fabric material
Standard pillow size cover
Refund facility

The holiday decorative Christmas pillow comes with a size of 18×18 inches that featured with the snowman picture. The polyester and cotton material make it sustainable or durable for a longer period. It is compatible and soft in touch that makes the Christmas pillow highly impressive for the bedroom and living. 

If it comes to the washing, the stuff of the holiday pillow turns it easy to clean. You can hand wash it or sustainable to wash in the washing machine. It is with a zipper enclosure that makes it easy to take off and fill again after the washing. The perfect color combination of the holiday throw pillow looks elegant and attractive. You can use it for the home decoration or present it on the holiday festive as the Christmas present. 

Features of the product.

  • Polyester and cotton material combination 
  • Easy to hand wash and compatible with washing machine 
  • Zipper enclosure makes it easy to use
  • The perfect dimension of 18×18 
  • Suitable Christmas gift for friends 
  • With soft and comfortable pillow filling 
Washing machine compatibility Available in one size
Sustainable colors
Non-slippery cushion
Comfortable material

Are you looking for the impressive design Christmas pillows? Here the farmhouse design Christmas throw pillow is the best option that is made with cotton and linen. It comes in the size of 18×18 that is the perfect size for the home decoration. With the zipper enclosure, it is easy to use and take off for washing. Christmas pillows are good to share as a holiday gift to family and friends at Christmas.     

The Christmas decorative pillows are designed with the classic farmhouse pattern that is fit to use in the bedroom, living, and as a car cushion. The 4 pieces of Christmas pillows are soft and comfortable with hidden zipper. It is premium quality with more prominent color combinations. You can design your space in a renewed way for the holidays or the celebrations with Christmas throw pillows.      

Features of the product.

  • Premium cotton and linen material 
  • Comes with the size of 18×18 inches
  • Easy to wash in the washing machine 
  • Hidden zipper make it user-friendly 
  • Classic farmhouse pattern looks elegant 
  • Highly soft and comfortable in touch 
Durable material Not include 100% cotton
Hidden zipper
Sustainable color scheme
Best for Gifts

Online you can find multiple holiday pillows collection, but these Christmas decorative pillows are remarkable. It shows the best design and prints on bright and vibrant colors. Moreover, the variation in size makes them ideal for decorative purposes. The Christmas pillow comes with a dimension of 12×20 inches with a zipper enclosure. It is easy to open and close with the zipper and easier to refill quickly after washing.

It is durable due to cotton and linen material that turns it highly soft in touch. Due to the invisible zipper, the overall design looks elegant and impressive for decoration. You can set the Christmas pillow on the bedrooms, living, and use in the cars. If you want to present, the Christmas gift to your friend these decorative pillows are the best to choose.     

Features of the product

  • Premium quality cotton & linen 
  • With hidden zipper 
  • Easy to wash on machine 
  • Comes with the 12×20 inches 
  • Perfect color combination 
No color fading Not comes with inserts
Easy to wash
Soft & comfortable
Durable pillowcase

For the perfect and durable Christmas pillowcase should consider the 18×18 inches holiday throw pillows. The pillowcases are made with the cotton and linen combination that turn them into soft and comfortable in touch. With the zipper closure, it is perfect to manage, open, and use after washing. It shows the perfect design, texture, and print with an impressive color scheme. The more natural color combination makes it more striking for the decoration.

The material is more durable than stand strong for a longer period. It is compatible to wash in the washing machine with long-lasting material sustainability. if you want to redecorate your home, then these Christmas pillows are suitable to set in the living, bedroom, office, and even in cars. It is good to beautify your place with the excellent color Christmas throw pillows.  

Features of the product

  • Made with cotton and linen
  • Available in the dimension of 18×18 inches 
  • Sustainable color combination 
  • Easy to use and wash with zipper 
  • Perfect decorative throw pillows 
Robust & long lasting Light color contrast
Sustainable washing
No color fading
Perfect dimension

With the decorative Christmas pillows, you can decorate your room or living room for the holiday celebrations. The holiday throw cushions are highly suitable, delicate in style with attractive design and color combinations. It comes in a dimension of 18×18 inches with a soft or comfortable texture. For a longer life, it is good to hand wash but these are compatible with the washing machine as well. the material quality is a soft plush that is comfortable to use and matches the interior easily.

Are you interested in the eye-catching holiday cushions? Here the Christmas decorative pillows show the artistic design with the use of a bold and vibrant color scheme. With the zipper closure, it is easier to take off and refill. You can set them on the sofa, bed, on the couch, at office chair, and in-car as well.    

Features of the product

  • Durable cushion made with soft plush 
  • More vibrant and attractive colors 
  • Flexible to setup anywhere easily 
  • Perfect 18×18 dimension 
  • Easy to wash and setup 
Sustainable quality Not available in cotton polyester mix only
Eye-catching design and Easy to Use
No color fading

Complete Buyer’s Guide – Best Christmas Throw Pillows 

Buying the best throw pillows is not a hard thing to do. We understand the importance and need of these cushions on Christmas in our place. From home to office and even at the commercial places, these decorative pillows help us a lot. 

Cushions value your place with all of their features from size to shape, fabric and quality as well. Comprising of all these characteristics, you need to make a final decision about buying the pillow. These factors give you the best cushion for your place. Remember, the multiple sizes, designs and material add variation to your interior. It makes things special and attractive. When you are up to something different and attractive, follow these guidelines. 


It is impossible to buy the Christmas throw pillows without having accurate dimensions. The buyers have to take care of cushion and its cover dimensions before purchasing. Getting any random pillow or cushion can cause you a major problem with its sizing. You may not be able to have the best fit for your couch, sofa, chair or bench. Make sure that you will have the ultimate dimension of the couch or sofa and then pick up a pillow.

Even if you are getting the throw pillow for floor sitting, you need to have an idea about its sizes. The pillows and cushions need to be fit in place and according to room size or location. You can get several sizes and dimensions in pillows, from extra small to extra-large. You just have to pick up the options according to the usage. 


 The Christmas decorative pillows come in several shapes. The shapes are based on pillow usage and purpose. Commonly, for the floor sitting, pillows do have a square and rectangular shape. These are thick and have a proper support system to let you sit comfortably on it. The cushion offers you comfort and cushion at the same time so you will not strain yourself at all.

On the other hand, there are round holiday pillows available that are also used for floor sitting, chairs and bench as well. Along with having them indoors, you can use these pillows outdoors for picnics and gatherings. Other than heavily thick pillows, you will get some smart and sleek options as well. These cushions are used as an added seat for benches and chairs. Normally, these are smaller, lighter in weight and easy to transport from one place to the other.


To buy the best quality holiday pillow, you need to be specific with the fabric. Right after dimensions, you need to consider the fabric or the cover. Usually, in the decorative Christmas pillows, there are two covers, one is an insider that contains filling and insertions. It can be of any quality and type that does not matter at all. The quality can be low or any random material. However, for the outer pillowcase, you need to select the fabric of high quality.

Make sure it needs to be cotton, polyester, or a combination of cotton and polyester as well. The designs and colours of fabric depending on the fabric quality. For cotton, you will have some specific colours in lighter shades that do not fade away. In certain polyester mix covers, you will be able to have no-fade colours that sustain for long. Fabric selection is another important part of your pillow purchasing.

It needs to be breathable and rash free. If you are allergic to a specific fibre, then make the selection accordingly. Pillows are the most commonly used item at home. You can place them on a sofa, couch, chair, bed and even floor as well. If you are not comfortable with a specific fibre, you should not have it in the first place. 

Fillings and inserts

Another important thing you need to focus on is the fillings and inserts. Many of the Christmas pillows come with their default fillings and inserts.  Usually, these are of polyester, or polyester and cotton mixture. Getting refined cotton filling or insertion is difficult in the holiday throw pillow in the market. They prefer to give you some advanced form of material that is long-lasting and soft. The polyester filling is reliable, soft, and long-lasting in comparison to conventional cotton filling.

However, people having allergies with polyester can look forward towards the other options. You can have foam inserts and other options depending on your choice. It is not necessary to rely on the filling options coming with cushions. You do have the freedom to select the filling from multiple options.


Focusing on environment health is important when you are dealing in Christmas throw pillows. Everything we consume does have an impact on our environment whether it is a water bottle or a pillow. You have to go for the eco-friendly options that will save your environment and other resources around. It is not suitable to promote those products that are not biodegradable. You need to be specific with the selection of material so, you will end up with having the best material with you.

The breathable and biodegradable material of pillows and pillow covers helps you to keep your environment safe and human friendly.  Lesser harmful material and options that are more organic will bring you the ultimate outcomes.

Custom picks

Eventually, you can pick up the custom made options in pillows that will help you to enjoy the comfort. In the custom options, you can have the pillow size, fabric, filling and design according to your choice. If you are unable to find a perfect fit for your couch, floor sitting, bed, sofa or chair, then go for custom-made options. It sometimes cost you a little more than the available options but will serve the purpose. You do not have to struggle too hard to find out the appropriate pillow. Make sure to reach out a reliable designer for the pillow and mention all the instructions clearly in your order.


There is no doubt that decorative Christmas pillows are the best gift option for Christmas. The cushions make your surroundings attractive, colourful and just according to the theme. It is necessary to pay attention to these small details of interior management when getting the throw cushions. With the best quality options, you will be able to make the most out of your purchasing. These cushions or covers are not only ideal for gifts but your interior decoration.

With the selection of perfect options, you can make your home look more cosy and ready for vacations. It is the time when you have to gather up and take care of everything around. Moreover, the theme cushion covers are not only for one time you can store them for later use every year. A continuous cycle will repeat every year, so you will not waste money at all. it will be a long term investment for you.