Custom Body Pillow Covers - Complete Review and Guide


The determination of the right and relaxed pillow is essential for everyone for comfortable sleep. Nowadays, a different range of comfortable custom body pillows is available. You can also customize these soft and comfortable pillows according to your choice and needs.

Pillows are widely used for different purposes. They can be used for comfortable sleep, as a showpiece, or for the decoration of home or office. You can easily customize your pillows with your favorite character at an economical price.

Custom body pillows are available in a wide range of different types, i.e., body custom pillows, design custom pillows, custom pet pillows, etc. They are also available with some specifications like quality, comfort, and designs of pillows. Here we’ll explore the top comfortable and high-quality custom body pillow covers.

Top 7 Custom Body Pillows Reviews 2021:

1- Shop & Three Custom Body Pillowcase:


Do you want to decorate your living room or lounge with your own custom pillows? You can customize your custom body pillow covers with Shop & Three according to your taste. You can get your personalized custom pillow with your favorite designs and characters.

The traditional pillow shape is not of your type? Don’t worry; you can also customize your pillow body. You can buy custom body pillows online in your desired shape and size. You can add your favorite character or family picture to your pillow that gives you a home feel. Moreover, you can customize your pillow with your unique and creative designs according to your home theme. However, some user finds it hard to put the pillow inside the cover due to the small zipper opening.


  • These pillows have a soft and smooth surface texture
  • High-quality image and text that you can get customize
  • They are made with 100% A grade velvet, which make them super soft and comfortable
  • The fabric is breathable that control your body temperature
  • Its hypoallergenic material is suitable for people with sensitive skin
  • IF the person uses it regularly, then it gives relieves back and neck pain


  • Reliable and comfortable
  • Smooth Texture
  • Instant Pain Relieving Property
  • Handmade design
  • Made with 100% grade A velvet


  • Some users find it takes too long in shipping
  • It releases an unusual odor when unpacked, but it goes with time
  • A bit highly-priced than other pillowcase brands

2- Custom Personalized Photo Picture Pillow:

Who doesn’t want to customize their custom body pillow with their favorite picture? You can get your high-quality body pillow custom personalized photo picture body pillowcase. It is made with 100% polyester that gives it a comfortable and smooth surface texture. It supports the neck, and you get a variety of colors and sizes. It can add a unique and creative touch to your living spaces, bedroom, and lounge area.

The fabric is breathable, which allows proper airflow which prevents heat from being trapped inside the pillow. You can customize it with your favorite image or text that you don’t want to forget. The pillow opening is in zippered style. You can use these customized photo picture pillowcases for both functional and decorative purposes.


  • These pillows have a customizable pillowcase design and size
  • The case comes up with environment-friendly cotton packaging (pollution-free)
  • They are easy to transfer and can be washed in the machine.
  • These pillows are Comfortable and breathable fabric that maintains the right temperature
  • Regular use alleviates neck and back pain


  • Super soft polyester material
  • Easy to remove
  • Easily washable at an average temperature.
  • Efficient zipper opening


  • A bit high price pillow covers
  • Not recommended for hypoallergic people

3- Custom Pillow Case Personalized Throw Pillow:

Can’t find a soft and comfortable pillow according to your needs? Custom body pillow covers offer personalized and unique pillowcases. You can set it anyplace in your existing space; even you can put it in your dressing or car. You can get printed your favorite picture from your album or any favorite character’s image on the pillowcase.

It is a reliable option and choice to enlighten your living area with a warm and personalized touch. It is made with mixed fabric material (50% polyester and 50% plastic). A custom body pillow is a real-time item that can remind you of your favorite people and memories. It has a zippered opening that helps you to remove and wash the cover easily.


  • Customizable pillow design and size
  • Custom body pillow cover is made with 100% polyester material
  • The pillows are super soft and comfortable surface texture
  • It has both functional and decorative features
  • Zipper availability and quickly washable at ordinary temperature


  • 50% plastic and polyester
  • zippered opening style
  • Pre-shrunk fabric
  • machine washable at normal temperature


  • Some people find shipping a bit late
  • Little pricey than other brands
  • Some people find zippers hard to open

4- Shop & Three Wedding Keepsake Throw Pillow:

Do you want to give a personalized touch to your bedroom or living room with your own custom pillow and throw pillow? You can customize your pillow covers according to your taste with Shop & Three. If you are unable to find the right size and shape of the pillow cover, you can buy your own personalized pillow cover.

You can add up your favorite family photo from an album or picture of your partner to feel more at home. The best thing about these customized custom body pillows is you can design them according to your taste. It can be in your desired size, shape, and you can personalize the cover design according to your need. It is the best idea to add extra comfort to your room or living area


  • These pillows have customizable pillow print and size
  • They are made with 100% A grade velvet fabric
  • Super soft and comfy texture
  • They have a hidden zipper that gives a smooth outer look
  • They have breathable and comfortable fabric that allows proper airflow


  • Customizable
  • Comfortable
  • Available in polyester or cotton material
  • Machine washable at normal temperature


  • The zipper opening is small to put the pillow inside
  • Hard to open or close the zipper
  • Some people found the shipping is a little slow
  • Blurred image pixels at some spots

6- Tobe 2WT 2WY Photo and Title Body Pillowcase:

Do you look for something unique and creative for your home? Tobe 2wt 2wy photo and title body pillowcase is a great gift for your family, friends, and loved ones. They are accessible in different attractive shades and sizes. You can customize these pillowcases according to your needs and taste. Moreover, they are also good to place anywhere at your home.

Many people want to express their creativity through a unique home décor theme. Custom pillowcases for body pillows are a great way for such people to express their creativity. You can design your own personalized pillowcase for your living area according to your home theme. These pillowcases are made with high-quality, comfortable fabric, and their color doesn’t fade away.


  • They have a high quality soft, and comfortable fabric material
  • Anti-wrinkle fabric that keeps it wrinkle-free
  • The pillows have easy to remove zipper opening and washable material
  • They can be placed and combined according to your necessities and designs

These pillows are comfortable and breathable custom body pillow material


  • Two ways pillowcase
  • Stylish and unique
  • Customizable
  • Zipper opening
  • Easy to wash


  • Limited edition
  • Available in only one color
  • Some customers found the pillow a bit hard
  • A bit pricy than other brands
  • Some people get a blurred printed pillowcase

7Home Custom Pet Pillow

Do you look for a personalized pet shape pillow cover? You can get a high-quality custom pet pillow cover with a Home custom pet pillow. The custom pet pillow cover fabric is 100% pure cotton. The best thing to know about this pillow is that it is environmentally friendly. Also, its packaging is 100% cotton that is pollution-free. You can customize the image of your partner, pet, or any other thing that you want to keep with you all the time.

Many people want to present their creativity and unique ideas through home theme selection and décor. A personalized, custom-made body pillow cover with customized pictures can be a great gift for your friends or loved ones to show your love for them.


  • These pillows are made with 100% cotton that makes them super comfortable
  • Breathable fabric prevents heat from trapping inside the pillow
  • 100% pollution-free and environment-friendly fabric
  • It has Hypo allergic fabric make it best suitable for sensitive skin people
  • Simple and easy to wash even you can wash it in the machine
  • You can customize design and size according to your desire and needs


  • Have personalized design
  • Made with 100% pure cotton
  • Environment friendly
  • Machine washable
  • Pollution free material used


  • The pillow stuffing doesn’t match with the ideal pillow
  • Some people found this purchase does not find worthy
  • Some customer finds pillow size too small
  • The shipping takes a bit longer

Factors to Evaluate While Buying Custom Body Pillowcase – Buyers Guide

In the above discussion, we explore the top seven customized body pillow covers and their characteristics. There are a few portions to consider in the collection of pillowcases. Here we evaluated some important guidelines to ensure you choose comfortable and attractive custom pillows. You should always consider these essential tips to buy the best custom pillows.

Fabric Quality:

Always start your pillow cover shopping by picking pillowcase fabric first. It is the main factor that determines the comfort level and durability of your new pillow cover. So, at the time of purchasing these pillows and covers, everyone needs to make sure they buy natural and high-quality fabric.

The right fabric for your custom body pillow cover will offer you high-quality sleep and comfort. The right fabric material offers a high, super comfy, and comfortable sleep all night long. It is an influential factor that plays an imperative role in the longevity of your pillow cover.

Comfort Level:

The comfort level of a pillow is another important feature that most people look for. Custom body pillow covers made of thick and layered fabric add a new level of comfort to your pillow. So, you should look for soft and layered fabric material for your pillow cover.

The right fabric material will help to make your sleep super comfortable. Try to find the pillow and pillowcase according to your comfort level. If you love the too soft pillow, try to go with a layered pillow covering and soft fabric material. Also, check the breathability of your fabric material.


You don’t want to get awake all night long and uncomfortable sleep all night long. Try to select a custom pillowcase for a body pillow that allows proper airflow. A pillowcase that offers proper airflow through the pillow provides you with a cooler and comfortable sleep. Some fabrics are airier and more breathable than others.

They help in the prevention of trapping heat to guarantee you enjoy a cool pillowcase all night long. If you want to get more airflow and a cool pillow, try to select polyurethane backing material.

Easy to Wash:

Try to select a pillow cover that is machine washable. As we all know, regular washing and sanitizing of pillowcases is important to maintain hygiene. Ensure to read all washing instructions and safety measurements carefully before buying and washing a custom pillowcase.

Selection of the best custom body pillow online cover will help to provide comfortable sleep and a clean bed. Researchers find that there are so many small pathogens and bacteria at your bed. So, proper cleaning and hygiene of your bed cover and pillows are very important. The right fabric selection adds an extra comfort level to your sleep.

Final Verdict:

It can be tough for most people to find the right pillow that offers comfortable sleep and proper neck support. Researchers reveal that an average person spends an estimated 30 years in bed. It almost becomes 33% of the average lifespan. So, it becomes more important to find the best custom body pillow and its cover for comfortable sleep.

In the above discussion, we discuss the top 7 custom body pillowcases for comfortable as well as attractive custom pillows. The guide will help you to find the best custom pillow cover design according to your taste and needs.

You should follow the essential tips and factors for the selection of the right pillow cover. Furthermore, the selection of the right and comfortable custom pillow cover adds extra comfort to your sleep. Also, it ensures you enjoy cooler and comfortable sleep all night long.


How are custom body pillows designed?

Custom body pillows are specifically designed according to the customer’s requirements. You can choose a design or give your picture after choosing the right size of you pillow. The given image, text or design will be printed in the fabric.

How much do custom body pillows cost?

Usually, the price of a custom body pillow ranges between $20-80 per pillow. It may vary depending upon the quality, size, and pillow brand. But it can be a bit pricey to order all pillows that you need for your home at once. Click here to check cheapest Custom pillow on Amazon.

How can I get a custom pet pillow?

 You can buy online custom pet pillow. You can also get a custom pet pillow for your pet according to your choice and requirements. Many brands offer high-quality and comfortable custom pet pillows for your pets. They also customize pet pillows according to your decoration style and home interior.

How to purchase customized pillowcases for body pillows?

Customized body pillows are a very creative and unique product. They are made with high-quality ink and personalized designs. You can buy them for your local customized pillow shop or also can buy from online stores like amazon for better quality and support. 

Click here to check cheapest Custom pillow on Amazon.

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