Dog Bed Pillows – Why Should You Use Them and How to Wash – Complete Guide

Dog Bed Pillows - A Complete Guide

Are you interested to know everything about dog bed pillows? Well! If you are interested, read our complete article and know everything you want to know.

Dogs also sleep as we sleep, so they also need better sleep that keeps them healthy. Dogs need to have a better sleep at night to enhance memory and become smart. Further, like kids, dogs also learn new things and try to do these things. But to repeat these activities, they need better sleep. Moreover, they also need sleep to make them active to learn.

When dogs become older, then they need better sleep than young dogs. So, it is important to provide the best dog pillows custom to dogs for better sleep at night.

You’re Pup Needs a Spot to Relax:

It is necessary to give comfortable dog pillows to your pup for better sleep. It keeps them cozy, and they sleep better without any tension of surroundings. After all the working days, dogs need a place where they can sleep easily, so pillows help them to keep them relaxed.

You need to select the right size pillow for your dog. There is almost every size of pillows present in the market so that you can buy larges pillows for a big dog. You can have proper size dog pillows custom to help your dog easily stretch and snooze. It is the best place to make them relax.

Good Dog Pillows Are Easy to Clean:

Besides having a comfortable space, a clean space is also necessary for your dog. If you are using a clean pillow for your dog, then it is a good option for better sleep. Having a clean pillow is important because dogs come with a lot of dirt, germs, and hair. If they use a pillow without cleaning, it may cause your dog a serious issue.

There are each type and fabric of pillows in the market for dogs. So, it would help if you bought the dog emoji pillows that are easy to clean or use those pillows in which you can remove the cover. These washable and dryable pillows are the best choice for your dog.

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How to Wash Dog bed pillows?

Are you worried about how to wash a dog pillow? Then you have no need to worry about the washing of pillows. Here, we will explore that how you can wash pillows.

You all want that your dog’s pillow should be clean so they may get better sleep. So, you try to keep their pillows clean that keep them comfortable. But the main issue is that cleaning your dog’s pillow is very tricky. There is almost every type of pillow cover; some of them can be washed in the machine, while some need to be washed by hand. So, you should follow our guide to wash your dog’s pillow to make it looks refreshing and new.

6 Steps to Hand Wash a Dog bed pillow

There are several pillows that you can’t wash in the machine, so you have to wash them with your hands. So, we are providing a complete guide for those who want to knowhow to wash a dog pillow?” with the hand:

1.     Vacuum the Dog Bed Pillow

Firstly, it is necessary to remove all the dirt, dust, hairs, and debris present on the pillow. So, you should use a vacuum that has an attachment at its head to suck all the dirt and clean each part of the pillow. In this way, you can easily clean the inner, outer, and middle parts of the dog pillows.

2.     Spot Clean Stains

If you have done with vacuuming, but your dog bed pillows are stained, and you need to remove them. Then you need to use any detergent that is socked in a towel. There are some cases in which you can use enzyme spray to ensure that it is safe for your dog.

3.     Soak in Warm, Soapy Water

Take a tub full of warm water, then add some quantity of any detergent in it. Then put your dog bed pillows in it and wait until it becomes completely moist, now keep it in water for 10 to 15 minutes. If the pillow of your dog is very dirty and water becomes dirty, then you should remove it and again add water. Then again, leave it for 5 to 10 minutes.

4.     Sprinkle on Baking Soda

If you have not socked dog pillows custom in warm water, then remove them from the tub and sprinkle a little amount of baking soda on them. Then hold a brush and slowly brush each part of the pillow. It is essential to use baking soda because it is the top cleaning agent and best for socking any bad smell. It is beneficial in case if you use odorless detergent.

5.     Rinse Thoroughly

Now, you have done with the use of baking soda, so you need to remove all the water from the tub. Again add clean water into the tub and submerge custom pet pillows in it. Then start rubbing the pillows in order to remove all the dirt, detergent, and soda. It is vital for you to remove water and refill the tub several times to remove all the soapiness.

6.     Wring and Dry

Once you have done cleaning of custom pet pillows, then you need to twist them several times to remove extra water. Remember, if you remove this extra water, then pillows will take less time to dry. After removing extra water, place the dog’s pillow on a mat or a drying table where sunlight can easily reach. All these pillows will soon dry if they are placed in direct sunlight.

Picking a Detergent to Help Eliminate Pet Odor in Pillows

It is important to wash the entire dog’s clothing, such as their pillows, twice or thrice a week to remove bad odor. It is also important for you to wash your blankets or pillows if your dog sleeps near you on the same bed. So, it is necessary to select the best detergent that has a beautiful smell and gives the best smell to the best dog pillow’s custom.

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Final Verdict:

Finally, we have discussed everything about dog bed pillows. We also have discussed the washing of pillows because it is necessary to wash them. The reason for it is that dogs take several germs, bacteria, and dust particles when they go to sleep. These are dangerous for you and your dog, so they cause several serious issues.

So, washing best dog pillows is necessary, but there is difficulty in washing them. Therefore, we have shared all the steps for hand washing these pillows.


1.    Why does my dog lick pillows?

Most pets, especially dogs, love to lick those things that are salty. And it is essential to know that your bedding and pillows have a salty taste. So your pillows get the attention of your dog, and thus they lick it.

2.    Why does my dog push pillows off the couch?

It’s a pet’s nature to make a snug nest or to make a cozy environment in which they walk. By moving blankets or pillows around the room or pushing the pillows out of the couch, the pups try to act territorial.

3.    How to make a bed for dog out of old pillows?

You can wrap the old pillow cover on the dog bed bedding until it fits them like the pillow. You can trim the excessive part of the fabric if the dog bed is small. You can stitch the outer covering up to the fourth side to make it more comfortable and safe.

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