How to Clean Pillows – Learn to clean pillow That Can’t Be Washed

Clean a pillow that cant be washed

Do you ever need to know about the process of how to clean pillows to get a deep cleaning? Pillows are an important part of our everyday sleeping routine. Pillowcases are used to keep pillows clean. But over time, it becomes essential to deep clean your pillow. The longer you delay pillow cleaning, the more bacteria, dust, and dirt mites accumulate in it that can cause skin allergies and other problems.

We use pillows almost every day but rarely deep clean them. Now the question arises how often to wash a pillow or how can you clean your pillows? Explore this article to find out simple ways to clean a pillow without causing any damage to it.

How Often to Wash a Pillow?

You might be thinking, how often wash your pillows? Pillows can look clean, but you should wash them to get rid of bacteria, dirt, and dust accumulated in your pillow.

Proper and regular cleaning of your pillows helps to remove chances of getting any skin irritation and allergy. In case your skin is sensitive and more prone to allergies, you can wash your pillow once every two months.

Can You Put Pillows in the Dryer?

When you think of pillow cleaning or how to wash pillows, you must be thinking, can you put your pillows in a dryer. Well! You can put your pillows in the dryer at a low temperature.

But how to clean a pillow that can’t be washed? Well! You can put pillows in the dryer if the tag recommends dryer is safe for them. In case the pillow is not dryer safe, use a dry towel and wrap the wet pillow. Now squeeze out excess water from the pillow by hugging it and placing it in a sunny place in your house for drying.

You can toss a few tennis balls with your pillow in the dryer to prevent fluff and loosening of pillow stuffing.

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Instructions on How to Clean Pillows Properly?

Do you still wondering how to clean pillows? Follow our step-by-step pillow cleaning instructions to get a clean pillow.

Step 1: Air Out

Everything needs proper care to maintain its original shape and feel. So if you want to know how often should you wash a pillow, then you need to spare some time to fluff your pillows weekly. Hang your pillows in sunlight once every two months to get rid of the smell, dust mites, and excess moisture.

Regularly vacuum your pillows to remove fluff, dirt, and dust. In addition, also vacuum your pillows before washing them. It will help to remove dust and dirt present on the surface of your pillow and make your cleaning process easy.

Step 2: Wash Up

After cleaning your pillows with a vacuum, clean them with a damp cloth to remove any visible spots. You can do it by using regular dish soap and a damp towel. Now, gently rub the area that you want to clean on the pillow.

Step 3: Drying Pillow

Use air-dry setting on a low setting in the dryer to exhaust feather and down pillows. You can set 2-3 tennis balls in the dryer to stop clumping. Those pillows that are not dryer-safe can be air-dried or simply hung in the sunlight.

Ensure your pillows are completely dry before you again use them. Let them dry properly in the air and sunlight. Damp pillows are a great place for bacteria to grow faster. You can get an infection or mildew by use of a damp or moist pillow.

How to dry a pillow

How to Wash Foam Pillows?

In case you have foam pillows and wondering how to wash pillows, here is the proper washing guide. There is a different approach to washing foam pillows as you cannot wash foam pillows with water.

  1. Clean the pillow stain or place with a damp cloth.
  2. Use a vacuum cleaner with the use of an upholstery brush to remove debris from the pillow.
  3. Whack the pillow outside to remove any dead skin cells, dust, and dirt.
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How to wash your pillow by Hand?

How to clean pillows that are not machine washable and also not made of foam? You can use a sink or large bathtub to wash pillows. Take hot water in the tub or sink and add detergent or fabric shampoo to it.

Now submerge your pillow in the tub and allow to rest for 10 minutes. The next step is to knead the fabric and pillow fibers with the hand to give the same treatment that the pillow will get in the washing machine. Continue this process for almost 10 minutes.

Rinse the pillow with warm water until no residue of detergent leaves behind. Wring the pillow to remove water and soap residue. Now, wrap the pillow in the clean, dry towel and press it to remove any excess water. Hang pillow in the sunlight for complete drying.

Tips to Cleaning Your Pillows:

Our tips will ensure your pillow is properly clean and prevent it from any damage.

  • Always check the tag or label with cleaning instructions on the pillow. It gives the best idea of how to clean your pillow.
  • Try to purchase removable pillow covers. It will aid in easily removing the cover when you need to wash them.
  • Regularly fluff your pillow with a vacuum to main its smooth surface
  • Ensure your pillow is completely dry before putting it inside again
  • Wash your pillow with a mixture of vinegar and baking soda to get rid of from smell
  • All pillows are not machine washable. Try to learn other ways of pillow cleaning without using the washing machine
  • Air out your pillows for a few hours in the sun every weekend. It will aid in removing bad smells, bacteria, and dust mites.

Final Verdict:

A dirty pillow can lead to allergies and other skin problems. You need to deep clean your bedroom as well as the living room’s pillows. You can adopt a more hygienic and healthier lifestyle by learning how to clean pillows. In addition, the proper cleaning of your pillow can also increase pillow life. Use above mentioned cleaning methods ad tips to get a healthy lifestyle and better sleep.


  1. How to deep clean pillows that are not machine washable?

Sometimes, certain types of pillows, i.e., throw pillows, decorative pillows may or may not be machine washable. You can dry clean such pillows that are fancy and decorative. Dry cleaning will help to remove bacteria, dust, and dirt without damaging your pillows.

  1. Which is the best washing machine for cleaning pillows?

A front-loading machine is considered best for deep cleaning pillows. The reason is, in the front-loading machine, pillows soak completely and get a proper cleaning. In addition, avoid the use of washing machines with agitators to prevent pillow damage.

  1. Which is the best way to clean fancy decorative pillows?

Usually, decorative pillows are made of silt, net, lace, or decorative fabric.

  1. How to avoid clumping during pillow cleaning?

Try to wash your pillows with warm or Luke warm water. Try to wash only two pillows at the same time in the washing machine or sink to prevent any damage to your pillows. You can also use fabric shampoo for cleaning pillows if you don’t want to wash pillows with detergent.

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