How to stop stomach pain at night for Comfortable Sleep

How to Stop Stomach pain at Night for Comfortable Sleep

Abdominal pain during night often is called stomach pain can cause for several reasons. It is due to lack of digestive enzymes. Stomach pain is a common sign of many states. If you want to discover which things causing your stomach pain and possibly it how to treat it, you need to recognize any other sign. You may be meet stomach pain is due to gas, stomach ulcer, kidney stone and food poisoning.

Stomach pain takes many forms and has multiple possible causes. It can cause pain throughout the day but often acute at night, you cannot sleep with stomach pain it could be a digestive problem, person feels uncomforted. Someone can sleep with stomach pain by changing your body location and use best pillow for sleeping. Sattva Latex Pillow is the best pillow for sleeping.

How to stop stomach pain at night:

You can stop stomach pain at night by using following methods:

  •  Take a cup of warm herbal tea:

Herbal tea like chamomile can very useful to relief stomach pain. Before going to bed, prepare a cup of herbal tea and stir it slowly about 30 minutes. Chamomile is a great option at night to get rid of stomach pain, but can also use herbal blends. Most herbal tea does not contain tea leaves but other includes tea leaves which do not contain caffeine.

  •  Use water fill with ginger for a universal stomach cure:

Take a piece of ginger root, remove upper layer of it and cut it into pieces.  Add one cup of warm water in it. Allow it to sharp for 5 minutes. Then slip the water. The ginger infused drink water helps to cure stomach pain and also help you to get good night sleep.

Ginger is used throughout the world to treat stomach pain. It is especially helpful to cure sickness but can useful with variety of diseases.

  • Rub your abdomen to reduce stomach pressure, impede and bloating:

You cannot sleep with stomach pain. Therefore, you stop stomach pain by rubbing your abdomen to reduce stomach pressure, cramping and inflate. Lay on your rear side and raised both hands just above right pelvis bone. Push in with your finger and rub in a round, clockwise motion top to your ribs. Do again this on left side, then again in center of your tummy. Do that kind of exercise for about 10 minute that helps to get rid of stomach pain. Do not apply solid pressure with finger tips that hurts you.

  • If you are sick, use that kind of food that is easy to digest:

If you are sick, eat that kind of food that your body can digest or breakdown easily. If stomach pain is determined, then use bananas, rice and toast. Your body would not have to work hard to digest your food while sleeping and you may be able to rest more easily. When you recurred your health again, use other kind of food. If you are not able to digest bananas, rice and another kind of soft food then start to use juice and gruel.

  • Natural remedy does not work, take medication for your stomach diseases:

If natural drug does not work well then consult with doctors. But sometime overusing   the drug suggests by doctors can causes side effect and causes many severe problems. It is best to use natural drugs for example drinking herbal tea and take a warm bath.                  

Before going to bed do not use food:

Before goes to bed do not use to eat food. If you are lay down with stomach pain, your body start to digest and breakdown the food what you just ate. You can also get relive of stomach pain by eating smaller snakes throughout the day rather 2-3 heavy nourishment. You should try to eat slowly and munch bite thoroughly. This can help the digestion process.

Why cannot sleep with stomach pain:

  1. You cannot sleep with stomach pain or when stomach hurt, because it is a digestive problem. You cannot sleep with stomach pain or when stomach hurt due to following reason:
  2. Gas: Gas in the alimentary track is a common cause of the stomach pain. It can cause enlargement, inflate and discomfort of the stomach.
  3. Acid reflux: Stomach acid pass into food canal then acid reflux occurs. It causes several problems which lead to gas, rasp, vomiting and burning of stomach.
  4. Gastritis: When stomach wall become angry and swallow then gastritis also cause pain and burning of stomach.
  5. Stomach ulcer: Stomach ulcer is the opening in the stomach region.
  6. Due to this reason, you cannot sleep with stomach pain and when our stomach hurt.


How to sleep with stomach pain:

Stomach pain is particularly hurting and making sleep tough. You need to consult with doctors for a stomach pain to heal. If you have a permanent stomach pain, consult your doctors for medical treatment. You can sleep with stomach pain by changing the position of your body. You should sleep on left side. It is the best position to aid in digestion and help in breakdown the food. This position uses the pressure that removes hazardous through the alimentary track. Sleep on left side overcome heart burn because this helped to keep stomach acidity lower in the esophagus.  The best position to sleep on your back with your head boost.

You can sleep with stomach pain by using best pillow for sleeping. The best pillow used for sleeping is  Latex Pillow. When you use that pillow for sleeping, you easily lay down and sleep. 

How to lay when your stomach hurts:

You cannot lay when stomach hurts but the best position is to lay down in the curl position. This is when body is relaxed, laying on the side, the backbone is bend, heart is bowed forward, arms and legs are wrapped and tucked in toward in the breast.

You can sleep when stomach hurts by changing the location of your body or you can use best pillow for stomach sleepers. You can sleep on the port side because this side support in digestion and help in the breakdown of food. This position produce pressure that help to remove waste through the alimentary canal. When you sleep on the left side it can overcome heartburn because this helps to keep stomach acidity lower in the pharynx. Sleeping with stomach pain is not easy, you feel uncomforted, for most stomach pain, inhibitory measures will help you sleep better.

Another way to sleeping with stomach hurts is to use best pillow for sleeping. The best pillow is used for sleeping and you feel comfort. The best pillow used for sleeping is Sattva Latex pillow. When you use that pillow for sleeping you easily sleep. Stomach sleepers used different types of mattresses.  Mostly stomach sleeper used medium –firm to firm mattresses. Doctors suggest that kind of matters for stomach sleeper. Your pelvis and spine are supported and comfortable.


You can avoid stomach pain by following ways:

1 –Avoid smoking.

2-Less use the thing that contains alcohol.

3-Reduce the stress level.

4-Do not that food which irritate your stomach.

5-Before goes to bed, do not eat if you have acid reflux.

6-when go to sleep raise your head to overcome night time sign.

7-when eat food take time to munch food. This help in digestion.

First prefer the herbal medicine if it do not work effectively then consult with doctors. If you do not get relief from stomach pain at night after several days of sigh appearance then consult with doctors. Doctors easily treated several causes of stomach pain.

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