Best Ways to Wash Pillows in 2022 - Step By Step Guide

How to wash Pillows - Step by step guide.

Washing your pillows should be one of the top things on your cleaning list. You might clean your bed sheets and pillowcases frequently, but it is essential to clean what lies beneath them as well.And you should know that how to wash pillows properly.

As time passes, dead skin cells, sweat, hair, and drool make their home all over your pillow. And this home can be an open invitation to mites. Not washing your pillow can become a home for mites that can trigger your allergies at worst. An authentic survey states that it is crucial to wash your pillows at least twice a year.

In this article, we will be sharing step-by-step guidance on how to wash pillows properly.

The correct way to clean your pillow:

Before you shove your pillows in the washing machine, remember to check the label first. While most of the pillows are machine washable, some aren’t. If you are sleeping on some unique pillow, then you must not use washing machines. Take foam pillows as an example; you must avoid machine washing when it comes to them. This is because of the intense agitation that can easily break their padding. If there is a removable cover present, wash them but clean the foam using a vacuum attachment. This way, you can free your foam from any dust particles.

That was enough chit-chat; below, we have discussed the authentic ways to wash your pillows accurately to leave no space for mites to call home.

Step No 1: give some air to your precious pillow:

Make the flushing of your pillows a daily habit. This way, their shape will be restored, and any dust particles can be removed. If possible, hang them for a few good minutes outside on a clothesline. Better if the sun is shining brightly out. You cannot repeat this practice with a foam or latex pillow. So you must run them through a dryer on the no-heat cycle.

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How to wash your pillow

Step no 2: wash your pillows in a washing machine, very gently:

If your pillow is capable of standing against the heavy agitation of a washing machine, then you must launder them at least twice a year. This method is not complex but rather a time-consuming one. It is good if your washing machine can manage space for two pillows. This can keep an adequate balance in load by allowing the water and detergent to circulate quickly and effectively.

It will be best if you agitate on the gentle cycle only for a few minutes or less.

Do not pop them directly into the machine if you notice a wet stain on your pillow cover or pillowcase. Use a stain cleaner on the desired spot first.

Below you can read about the different types of pillows and the correct ways to clean them.

  • Down or feather pillows:

You can wash your pillows in a washing machine. Use only cold water and very few amounts of detergent for cleaning. Also, make sure to dry them on low heat. Don’t do it for Floor Pillows

  • Memory foam and latex:

As mentioned earlier, agitation can break your foam pillows. They should be hand washed. Use a vacuum to remove dust. Spot clean with a damp cloth and a tiny amount of deterrent. For drying, lay them flat.

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  • Polyester:

Use warm water for washing on a gentle cycle. Please wash only a few at a time. It will keep the balance in load. Use approximately one tablespoon of liquid soap.

  • Buckwheat hulls:

Take a large cookie sheet or wide shallow bowl; empty the buckwheat filling onto them. Now take your buckwheat out in the sun to get rid of any unpleasant odor. Use cold water and a mild detergent to wash the shell cases.

Step No 3: no compromise when it comes to drying:

Like the title says, you must avoid leaving any moisture behind because you will invite mildews to grow on your pillows. Avoid the auto-dry settings on your clothes dryer as it’s no good. It will only clean the surface moisture and not the dampness present inside the pillows.

Instead, use moderate heat to dry off your pillows. To boost the process, add a couple of drying towels; for the down or feather pillows use the auto- heat dryer. Or you can also put your pillows outside on a clothesline if the weather is mild. You can use any method you want but ensure that it gets the job done.

How to dry a pillow


In this section, we will answer some frequently asked questions most people have when it comes to washing the pillows.

How often should you wash your pillows?

Your pillows must undergo washing at least every six months. And if you want to maintain the excellent shape of your pillow, then consider washing them every three months or maybe four times a year. Clean your bedding and pillowcases at least once a week.

It is good that you are keeping your pillow hygiene in check. But you must also know when to replace your old pillows with new ones. You must change your pillows every two years.

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How to clean a pillow?

First, check the label on your pillow. If the pillows are machine washable, then you are good to go. Use moderate heat drying or dry them in an open-air outside.

What type of machine is suitable for pillow cleaning?

The ideal type of machine is a front or top-loading machine that does not have an agitator. But if you have one with the agitator, it can also clean your pillows. Just keep in mind to wash them only for a few minutes on a gentle cycle.

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Concluding remarks

Now that you know the proper answer on how to wash your pillows, ideally, go now and do so. Use a pillow cover to protect your pillows from dead skin, sweat, and all the means of inviting the mites. If you sweat a lot, wash your pillows at least four times a year. If you are a pet person, you must clean them more frequently than others. Keep all the restrictions in mind before washing the respective type of your pillow.

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