Top 6 Best Mattress Protectors for incontinence in 2021

If you are here, it means you know WHAT IS INCONTINENCE? and you want to protect your mattress against spills and urine or loss of bladder. Well, I am well aware of your problem and searched for best mattress protector for incontinence. 

In world, every 6th person is incontinent which means they cannot control their loss of bladder or bowel. So, they need a waterproof mattress protector for bedwetting which can help them protect their mattresses against spills, liquid and especially urine. 

After searching for long time and reading the reviews for 100s of mattress protectors, we have made it easy for you to buy the best mattress protector for incontinence. Read the below article, see which one is perfect fit for you and buy it from Amazon. Lets get started…

Our Top Picks



Waterproof mattress protector

Best Overall WaterProof Mattress protector

Custom Pet Pillow

Best NoiseLess Breathable and Soft

Custom body Pillow case

Saferest Best Price and Quality – Waterproof, Hypoallergenic

Body Custom Pillow

Full Size Mattress Protector Cover Waterproof

SizesTwin/Twin XL,  KING/Queen, Cal King
BrandCoop Homes Good
MaterialPolyester and bamboo-derived viscose rayon with a soft polyurethane waterproof backing
RefundableLOVE it or RETURN it

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To protect your mattress against loss of bladder, you need a good protective sheet which should repel any kind of liquid. Coops Home Good is one of the top brands and thousands of happy customers are buying their products worldwide. 

Your urine can flow on the mattress and the mattress can absorb it. It may leave a permanent stain on your mattress. 

The best way to avoid these things and protect your mattress is to buy this amazing completely silent waterproof mattress protector for incontinence. You can read the complete article about this NO.1 waterproof mattress protector for bedwetting here

It is completely Vinyl free and PVC free. It means no harmful or toxic material is used in this sheet. You can buy it for children, women or even for old aged people. 

Why you will choose other mattress protectors when this one is OEKO-CERTIFIED and comes with a 5 years warranty



It may begin to fall apart if you wash this without following care instructions. Read more here.

Read about “How Often should you wash Mattress protector

SizesTwin/Twin XL, Full/Full XL, Queen/King, Cal King
Closure TypePull-On
Fabric TypeCotton (10% Off Code: Bedecorbrand

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The range of INCONTINENCE can be from a small leak to complete loss of bowel of bladder. So, you might say that your mattress is not protected if you are not using best mattress protector for incontinence. 

Bedecor mattress protector comes in different sizes is crinkle free waterproof mattress protector for adults, children and all aged people. 

If you have a mattress protector which can repel the spills, dust, liquids than you don’t need to worry about your mattress in different uncertain conditions. 

As this is silent mattress protector for bedwetting, you will not get disturbed while sleeping because of its softness. 

It is made of cotton which is completely machine washable and you can also wash it by hand by using any detergents. 

One of the reviewers says “I would love to buy many more of their mattress protectors but their first one is still working fine after 3 years of using it for my kids’ mattresses.“. 

It might not be good for children because 2-3 customers were saying it is not completely breathable. 

Bedecor mattress protector has thousands of 5-star reviews on Amazon. Check now:

SizesFull, Queen/King, Twin XL/Twin, Cal King


Fabric Type
Premium Cotton Terry

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From every 48 hours, we are spending 15-20 hours on bed. Incontinence problem will hurt your mattress and it is not easy to clean the bed everyday.

Saferest mattress protector is best one because it is providing a very high quality product in a very low price. out of 76 thousands customer, 98% are very happy and they are returning buyers.

Safesrest best mattress protector for incontinence is PVC and Vinyl free as well as OEKO-Certified.

Which means, you can buy it if you want a silent, breathable and hypoallergenic mattress protector for bedwetting.

Checkout our “Saferest Mattress Protector Review” Article to know more about this sheet and why you should buy it.


You cannot Iron this mattress protector because it may get stains on due to iron. 

SizesFull, King, California King


MaterialPolyester Blend
Rating5 Star Rating

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When it comes to softness and comfortable sleep, without worrying about the mattress, R.Prince is a new brand providing the best quality mattress protector for bedwetting

According to happy customers, it is completely silent and breathable. Extra layer of this mattress protector will repel any kind of liquids including urine and loss of bladder.

It is also breathable and available in different sizes. As the company is new, their price is very low.

It is machine washable and you can use any detergent to wash it. Available in Twin XL mattress protector size.


You need to buy the size carefully because one of the customer complained about the size issue. She ordered Cal King but he didn’t received the correct size. 

Check  Reviews on Amazon

SizeTwin/Twin XL, KING/Queen and Cal King
MaterialTop Surface is 100% Cotton
Closure TypeFitted Sheet Style
Fabric TypeCotton

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Maximum 5 years of warranty for a product can be attractive but Vekkia Mattress Protectors for bedwetting comes with 10 years of warranty.You can replace it anytime if you got any issues.

This mattress protector is again silent and very soft. It is made of Cotton terry top which makes it soft and breathable. Perfect mattress protectors for children and adults.

It will repel urine and you don’t need to worry about your mattress if you are having incontinence problems.

Because its top protective layer with extra comfort will protect your mattress from stains and spills.

You will not be disturbed while sleeping because it is completely silent mattress protector.


One of the customers added a review saying “Don’t buy it for Toddlers”. but many others are saying it is a perfectly waterproof mattress protector for children and toddlers.

Read Reviews here:

SizesTwin/Twin XL, Queen, King, California King
BrandUtopia Bedding


MaterialPolyester, Polyester Blend
Closure TypeZippered and Velcro

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Have you ever hesitated while buying the iPhone or Samsung. 

No, Because these are the top Brands and we know their quality. Utopia is a top bedding brand in USA which is selling hundreds of mattress protectors and mattress toppers all over the world.

Because their mattress protectors are hypoallergenic, made of high quality material and completely waterproof. They are providing zippered and Quilted mattress protectors with 6 layers of protector and an extra top layer of cotton terry to repel any kind of liquid or urine.

So, you can say it is the best mattress protector for incontinence. You can buy it for children, adults or for old age people because it is PVC and Vinyl free as well as OEKO-TEX Certified.


It may not highly breathable. You need to check if it is good for your kids or not. 

SizesTwin/Twin XL, Queen, King, California King


MaterialPolyester, Cotton Terry
Closure TypeZippered and Velcro

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If you have a new mattress, you would want to get the most out of your purchase and extend the excellent care and use of the mattress. You can do it by purchasing an extra mattress cover to protect it from any liquid damage, urine, incontinence, spills and damage to pets.

We looked at the LinenSpa waterproof mattress cover to see if it met the standards you would expect from a waterproof liner.

The Linenspa premium mattress protector is simple, light, and, above all, waterproof. With virtually no creasing sound and fabric soft, most people will never even notice it’s under the sheets.

It comes with a 5 years of warranty and you can return it any time if you feel uncomfortable but you will be 100% satisfied for sure.

It is also breathable and silent mattress protector for bedwetting. It is also hypoallergenic and PC or Vinyl Free.

FAQs and Buying Guide – Mattress protectors for bedwetting

You may have questions regarding why you should buy these mattresses or which mattress protector is perfect for different purposes. On our website, you can buy any of the listed mattress protectors without any hesitation. You should be searching for the exact product according to your needs. For example, “Best Mattress Protector for Incontinence”. 

Why you Should Buy a Mattress Protector for Incontinence? 

Not having control of urinary bladder is incontinence and it is common now a days. We are spending 8-10 hours daily on our bed and we cannot clean our mattress again and again. So, it is good idea to buy mattress protector for bedwetting to protect our mattress against incontinence, spills, urine etc. 

Mattress Protector for Adult Incontinence OR Childhood Bedwetting

From every 4 adults, incontinence is a problem and children below 6 years of age are expert in bedwetting. So, you need to buy the mattress protector for children to avoid bedwetting and best mattress protectors for adults to protect your mattress against incontinences. Because you cannot clean your mattress over and over again but you can wash mattress protector anytime easily.

What is the best mattress protector for incontinence? 

There are many mattress protectors available in market. In the above article, we have listed best mattress protectors for incontinence or bedwetting which you can buy without any hesitation. Because we have done a long research to find out these best mattress protectors. So, you don’t need to search again. Just, go to the top of this article and start checking the list and choose the perfect mattress protector according to your requirements.

Where to buy the best mattress protector for bedwetting? 

I will say “Amazon is the best place to buy mattress protector”. Because you will get the good quality products in low price, low shipping rates, good return policy and lot more. Check now on Amazon

Can we wash a Mattress Protector? 

Yes you can. And you can read a complete article for “How Often should you wash a mattress protector“. You can wash the mattress protector but not mattress itself. That is why Mattress protector is important if you want to protect your mattress. 

Conclusion – Final Thoughts:

According to the Features and Requirements of the user, there are many top brands providing the best quality mattress covers. If you are still confused about which one to choose, I will recommend you to choose, Coop Homes Good Mattress protector (Read Review here:) OR Utopia Soft mattress protector. These are the best but the Saferest mattress protector is also perfect for different sizes and needs. Rest up to You. 

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