7 Things to Know About Waterproof Mattress Protector – FAQs and Complete Guide

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Do you look for something to protect your mattress from dirt and spills? A waterproof  mattress protector is a type of bed covering. It covers the mattress and protects it from dirt and spills. Apart from the fact it protects the mattress from spills and dirt, it also makes your mattress more comfortable.

Investing your money in mattress protectors is a sustainable investment. Many people wanted to buy a waterproof mattress protector. The reason behind this is it secures your mattress from any spills and stains by making it waterproof.

It enhances the durability, resilience, and comfort of the mattress. You can use a mattress protector straight for five to six months. You must consider buying a waterproof mattress protector if you have a newborn, spills, sweat, an incontinence problem.

There are a lot of essential things that you need to know before buying a waterproof mattress protector. Explore this article for a complete guide on a waterproof mattress protector and why you should buy it. Also, explore if you need to know how often you should wash a mattress protector?

Why is Mattress Hygiene Important?

Sleeping habits have a powerful impact on your overall health and physical activity. Mattress hygiene is an important measuring standard of your sleep environment and quality. It is a step towards personal care that directly influences your health and sleep quality. Use of a waterproof mattress protector for incontinence can be helpful to get a clean mattress and comfortable sleep.

The use of an unclean mattress is just like wearing unclean clothes or not having a bath. An unclean mattress is a suitable place for the occurrence of dirt, dust, mites, and many infection-causing bacteria. The use of a mattress protector can guard your mattress against all these external agents and save you from many health risks.

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Why Should You Purchase a Waterproof Mattress Protector?

Do you still wondering why you should buy a waterproof mattress protector? There are certain reasons that make it clear why you should purchase a mattress protector.

1.    Protect Mattress from Spill and Stains

The essential reason why you need to invest in a waterproof mattress protector is it keeps your mattress clean. In everyday life, many things can spill on your mattress and leave stains behind. You don’t want to ruin your brand-new mattress with stains.

In case you have a toddler with a habit of bed-wetting, you can’t save your bed mattress from stains. You can protect your mattress from all these accidents with a mattress protector.

2.    Easy to Wash

Imagine you have to wash your mattress every time when something spills on it. A washing mattress protector is way easier than a mattress. You can wash it in the machine or by hand. In case stain does not go with washing, you can buy a new waterproof mattress protector.

3.    Value of Money

Usually, the average life of an innerspring mattress is around 6-10 years, while foam mattresses can last up to 15 years. It is all about how well you maintain and take care of your mattress.

A waterproof mattress protector helps to protect your mattress from all possible spills and damages. It upgrades the durability and life of the mattress. In short, a mattress protector actually protects your investment.

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4.    Temperature and Breathability

Normally, the job of a mattress protector is to protect your mattress, enhance comfort and improve the sleep environment. Waterproof mattress protector for incontinence made with natural substances like cotton and wool helps to maintain temperature.

Better temperature and breath ability play an imperial role in comfortable sleep. In case you are considering synthetic options, ensure they provide proper airflow and cooling. The right mattress provides good sleep, and the use of a mattress protector increases its durability.

5.    Protect from Pet Hairs and Fecal Material

It can be quite annoying and disturbing to find hairs everywhere on your mattress, especially when you have pets. All people who have pets can relate to this situation. A mattress protector protects the mattress from all possible pathogens and allergies. The selection of a waterproof mattress can aid in saving your bed mattress from fecal material and the hairs of pets.

6.    Maintain Quality of Mattress

You can enjoy a brand new mattress even after many years of use with a mattress protector. The material or foam of the mattress can be damaged by spillage of any liquid or stains. Liquid spilling can lead to the tearing of mattress foam. A waterproof mattress protector can protect the mattress from spilling and staining. Ultimately, you can enjoy the comfort of the clean and brand-new mattress with a protector.

7.    Protect from Allergies and Improve Mattress Hygiene

You might don’t know, but your bed can be a breeding ground for bed bugs and dust mites. The presence of these possible allergens can lead you to serious health problems like asthma, dermatitis, and allergies.

An unclean and moist environment is best for their breeding. Usually, they lie in the corners or under the stitching of the bare mattress. A waterproof mattress protector for incontinence can free you from all these problems associated with possible allergens.

Usually, most people put their focus on the cleaning and neatness of their bedding but ignore their mattresses. You should note that the hygiene of the mattress is also very important. It is one of the most used items in the home. An average person spends about 10 hours daily in bed.

If you ignore the cleaning and hygiene of your waterproof mattress protector for adults, it is possible other microbes can also reside on your mattress. A mattress without a protector can be a home for dust mites, airborne pollutants, bed bugs, bacteria, fleas, dead skin cells, and decaying food particles. Mattress protector protects your mattress from all these pollutants and keeps it hygienic.

How to Select the Right Mattress Protector?

When it comes to the selection of waterproof mattress protectors, it can be difficult for you to find the right one. In case you are buying mattress protectors online, read customer care reviews carefully. It would be helpful to select the right protectors by knowing what other people say about it.

It is better to look for protectors that provide extra comfort and support. Check which fabric is used in the manufacturing of mattress protectors. Another important thing is to check its breathability. Ensure to buy a breathable and waterproof mattress protector for adults for extra protection and comfort. Also, check how long the protector manufacturer company claims to protect the mattress.

Usually, normal mattress protectors work as a thin protective sheet between mattress and bed covering. A right mattress protector can add extra comfort to your mattress and also protect it from damage. You can also consider additional comfort options like mattress toppers and pads if you want extra softness in your bed.

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1.     How to wash mattress protectors waterproof?

You should initially place a waterproof mattress protector in your washing machine and add laundry detergent. Now start the washer on the low setting to remove all dirt. After washing completing the cycle, place it in the dryer. You can use several detergent sprays to make it eco-friendly.

2.     How to clean mattress protectors waterproof that can’t be washed?

If you want to clean those mattress protectors that are waterproof and those that can’t be washed in the washing machine, then you can use cleaner sprays to clean in with the towel. You can even use hydrogen peroxide to clean the mattress stains as well.

3.     How to dry waterproof mattress cover?

After washing the waterproof mattress cover, you should dry the cover at low heat. It is preferred to dry the cover with the use of cloths or towels. If you have a mattress cover made with vinyl, then it is not suggested to use a high heat drying setting.

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