The 9 Best Twin XL mattress protector waterproof 2021

Everyone is investing a lot to get a very good mattress for comfortable sleep but what if your mattress is very expensive but is not protected against spills, liquids, dust, and mites, etc. Here comes the need for Waterproof mattress protectors. As KING and Queen Size Mattresses are more popular, it is hard to find the best Twin XL Mattress waterproof. 

So, you need to protect your expensive mattress against spills, potty training, and dust, etc. We have searched for the best waterproof mattress protectors for bedwetting to find a list from which you can read and buy from amazon without any hesitation. 

The list below contains a short description and features of each mattress protector and a link to buy from amazon. Al of them is available in Twin XL waterproof mattress protector. You just need to pick one according to your requirements. 

let’s get started

Our Top Picks



Waterproof mattress protector

Best Overall WaterProof Mattress protector

Custom Pet Pillow

Best NoiseLess Breathable and Soft

Custom body Pillow case

Saferest Best Price and Quality – Waterproof, Hypoallergenic

Body Custom Pillow

Full Size Mattress Protector Cover Waterproof



SizesTwin XL, Twin KING/Queen, Cal King
MaterialCotton Terry fabric
CertificationTPU Certified by SGS

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Everyone is seeking healthy and comfortable sleep for themselves or their families. When a company will give you a gurantee for the product that it is healthy and not harmful, you can feel good while buying it. 

TASTELIFE waterproof mattress protector for bedwetting is TPU Certified by SGS, and free of Vinyl, PVC, phthalates, fire retardants, and other toxic chemicals. So, you are getting a guarantee of healthy sleep. 

This mattress protector is very soft and silent which will not disturb your valuable sleep while protecting your mattress against spills, liquids, etc. You can buy it as a waterproof mattress protector for adults or children. 

It is made up of super-soft combed cotton material which makes it breathable and crinkle-free

Washing and drying this protector is easy in machines. Comes with 10 years warranty which is huge. 

It contains 18 inches deep pockets which fit on different size mattresses from 9″ to 21″ easily. 


Don’t use bleach because it will hurt the quality of this mattress protector.

Read about “How Often should you wash Mattress protector

SizesTwin XL/ Twin,  KING/Queen, Cal King
BrandCoop Homes Good
MaterialPolyester and bamboo-derived viscose rayon with a soft polyurethane waterproof backing
RefundableLOVE it or RETURN it

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There are many products and tips for how to clean a mattress but a stain can never be 100% cleaned from the mattress and some of them can be a permanent stain. A waterproof mattress protector for bedwetting can make your life easy because you don’t need to know how to clean your mattress. 

Because a protector sheet will repel any liquid and your mattress will never get a stain. And you can wash the mattress protectors in the machine easily. 

Coop Homes Good is Providing a very high-quality Twin XL mattress protector waterproof. 

Without Slippery or Slidy feel, this mattress protector will keep the liquid and bacteria away from your mattress. 

Coop Homes Good waterproof mattress protector has thousands of 5-star reviews on Amazon and all the customers are very happy. It is completely breathable and crinkle-free which will not disturb you or your children while sleeping. 

It is made of polyester and bamboo-derived viscous rayon which will protect 6 sides of your mattress and you will feel soft and comfortable. 


One customer was not happy after washing it in the machine. According to his review, he did everything correctly but the quality after washing it is not good. but it is only 1 review from 50 thousand 5 star reviews. It could be spam. 

SizesTwin XL/ Twin, Full/Full XL, Queen/King, Cal King
Closure TypePull-On
Fabric TypeCotton (10% Off Code: Bedecorbrand

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Paying huge money for the mattress and not paying a little for a mattress protector is not a good way towards comfortable and healthy sleep. Because you may get stains on your mattress a few days after buying one. 

So, you should buy a waterproof mattress protector to protect your mattress. Finding Twin XL mattress protector waterproof having a high-quality material is hard.

It is OEKO-TEX® Certified. means it is free of Vinyl, PVC, and any Toxic material. 

It is Breathable and Crinkle-free. So, you don’t need to worry about any disturbance during your sleep. 

It is machine washable and you can also dry it on very low heat. 

It will not affect the softness of your mattress because it is made of cotton which is super soft and comfortable. 

Bedecor mattress protector has thousands of 5-star reviews on Amazon. Check now:

SizesFull, Queen/King, Twin XL/Twin, Cal King


Fabric Type
Premium Cotton Terry

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When you see 173000 Ratings for a product and 85% of them are 5 Stars, you can’t doubt on the quality of this product. Saferest, a top brand in US has more than 173k Ratings and 85% of them or 5 stars. Customers are very happy about the quality and features of Twin Xl mattress protector waterproof. 

Nowadays, everyone is using expensive mattresses and to protect those mattresses against spills, liquid, fluids, urine, bacteria and bugs, we should buy the waterproof mattress protectors for bedwetting.

Saferest mattress protector is made of Premium Cotton terry sheet which is both soft and totally silent. 

Saferest mattress protector comes with high quality and durability for a very low affordable price for everyone. 

According to Zensleeping test, this mattress protector is 100% waterproof, silent, and tested against different types of liquids and in different conditions. And they are giving is 20/20 scores after testing it. 

Perfect waterproof mattress protector for adults and children because it will handle all mistakes made by your children or pets too by protecting all 6 sides of your valuable mattress. 


Not good for those who are sensitive to heat because it is a bit hot according to some tests nd customer reviews. 

SizeTwin/Twin XL, KING/Queen and Cal King
MaterialTop Surface is 100% Cotton
Closure TypeFitted Sheet Style
Fabric TypeCotton

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If you are reading this article, you probably knows that why you need a waterproof mattress protector. We have searched for many protectors to find the best one for you to make your life easy. 

Vekkia waterproof mattress protector is another high quality sheet which repel any type of liquids, fluids, urine and your mattress will not absorb anything. 

After the Queen in King Size, this mattress protector is now available in all sizes including Twin xl mattress protector waterproof

It is a waterproof, noiseless and breathable mattress protector which will make your life easy because you don’t need to clean your mattress anymore after using this waterproof mattress protector. 

When it comes to children and adults or pets, there are many uncertain conditions which can leave a permanent stains on your mattress. Vekkia waterproof mattress protector comes with 10 years warranty of quality tp prevent all types of liquids to touch your mattress. 

It is machine washable and you can dry it on a very low heat. 


This product don’t have a single negative review yet on amazon. Go for it now. 

SizesTwin/Twin XL, Queen, King, California King
BrandUtopia Bedding


MaterialPolyester, Polyester Blend
Closure TypeZippered and Velcro

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When it comes to fitting of mattress protector, many people are complaining about the mattress protector not fitting on their sizes. Utopia waterproof mattress protector is giving all size fit mattress covers and 1000s of customers bought it as Twin XL waterproof mattress protector and they are really happy with the style and easy to fit feature of this sheet. 

This top brand is making these protectors with polyesters to make them crinkle-free as well as super soft and comfortable

OEKO-TEX CERTIFIED It is certified to ensure that no toxic or harmful material is used in this mattress protector. And you can buy it with confidence if you are having some skin issues or allergies. 

It can be washed by both hand and machine by using any detergents used at home on daily basis. Easy to dry. 

Zippered cover will protect the mattress from 360 degree and it is very easy to fit this zippered mattress protector sheet on your any size mattress. 

30 Days Return with no restocking fees is also available for this product. 


Do not iron, bleach, and dry clean as it will damage the waterproof backing; Note: Packaging might slightly vary

SizesTwin/Twin XL, Queen, King, California King


Closure TypeZippered and Velcro

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Go for this one if you are looking for best quality in very low price. Linenspa Twin Xl waterproof mattress protector will be according to your requirements your budget is low and you are looking for the best waterproof mattress protector for bedwetting

This mattress protector with Elastic Skirt closure type is available in all different sizes. 

It is made of polyester fabric which is both silent and 100% crinkle free. 72k+ happy customers left the 5 star review for this product on amazon and you can buy this without any confusion. 

Accidental spills can be happen on your bed but you don’t need to worry if you are using the waterproof mattress protector for you. It will repel all kind of fluids, spills and liquids to keep your mattress clean and evergreen. 

Twin XL size protector measures 39″ x 80″; And you will also get 10 years warranty along with the easy to wash and clean instructions. 


1 Customer out of 72k says that “***Is NOT waterproof*** OR urine proof for that matter.” but it could be a spam because all other customers are very happy. 

SizesTwin/Twin XL, Queen, King, California King


MaterialTop Fabric: 260gsm Bamboo Jacquard Fabric (60% Polyla, 40% Bamboo) Laminated With Tpu
Closure Type 

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Our bedding experts told us that many customers are asking us how to clean their mattresses because they are getting permanent stains after accidental spills or from urine and pet potty. 

Although there are many ways to clean the mattress but it is a headache and you will not even get you mattress 100% clean. 

The best solution is to have a mattress protector which works like a shield to your mattress and you don’t need to search for how to clean your mattress. You will wash the mattress protector in machine if you get some stains. 

Waterproof mattress protector will keep you mattress protected against spills, liquid, potty, dust and mites etc. You can even buy special purpose mattress protectors for adults or for children

Purshcle bamboo Twin XL waterproof mattress protector will be a good choice for you because it is both super soft and crinkle free. 

If you are looking for cooling and breathable mattress protector in low price and high quality, then this one is perfect fit to your needs. 

This is unique mattress protector with New 3D AIR Fabric

18 INCH POCKET FITS NICELY to all types of mattresses including memory foam, latex or spring. You can wash this mattress protector according to care instructions given with the product.


Some designs may be printed on it. Some people might not liking the designs on the mattress protector. 

Things to know Before Buying Twin XL Mattress Protector Waterproof

Twin xl is a big size and if your mattress is Twin Xl, you need to buy mattress protectors or sheets very carefully. Because if you buy the mattress and it will not be fitting on the mattress, then it would be a headache. So, you need to keep few things in mind while buying the Twin Xl waterproof mattress protector. 


First thing you need to check is the brand. All the mattress protector listed above in the article are from the top bedding brands n USA. These brands are strictly following the sizing instructions according to the sizes of the mattress. If you will buy the mattress protector from a low quality brand or even there are sheets without brands, you my get a sheet which will not fit on your twin xl mattress. So, you need to check the brand before buying the protector. 

Material and Quality

Second thing you need to check is quality of the mattress protector and material from which it is made. Because if you or your children don’t want to get disturbed while sleeping, you need a silent and crinkle waterproof mattress protector sheet. All the 9 twin xl mattress protector listed above in the article are of high quality and all of them or super oft, silent and crinkle free. 

Brand Vs Price

After choosing the perfect size and material, you need to check the Brand and Price according to the Quality. For example, the Utopia brand is providing very good quality waterproof mattress protectors but their price is a bit higher than others because it is the Top US brand in bedding. See Utopia Mattress protector on Amazon here: On the other hand, Linenspa is also a very well brand but their price is not too high. So, you can buy one according to your budget. 

So, if the price is high but the brand is top, you can buy it and vice versa. 

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews are most important while buying any product. If the customers are happy it means you will get a good product but if most of the reviews for that product are negative, you should not buy that. We have searched for top mattress protector having thousands of 5 star reviews to make sure you wll buy the perfect waterproof mattress protector to shield your mattress. 

FAQs – Waterproof Mattress protectors

Q: Why do you need a mattress protector?

To protect your mattress against spills, liquid, dust, mites, children urine and much more. Mattress protector will act like a layer above your mattress which will save your mattress from different accidents. 

Q: Where to buy the waterproof mattress protector?

Amazon. Because on amazon, you will see the reviews, questions and much more before buying. Also, you will get a money back guarantee as well as cheap delivery fee. 

Q: What is the Difference between Mattress PAD and Mattress protector? 

Mattress PAD and Mattress protectors are 2 different products. Mattress PAD will provide you an extra layer above the mattress to give you extra comfort. A mattress protector will give you protection against liquids, fluids, bed bugs, dust, and many other things. It will increase the life of your mattress.

A waterproof mattress protector for bedwetting is a must-have product for you. Mattress topper or mattress pad you can buy only for extra comfort.  Read detail different in this Article:

Q: How often should you wash mattress protectors? 

Every 2-3 months. You need to wash the mattress protector instantly if you get the urine on it or some types of  liquids.On the normal routine, you should buy it every 2-3 months. Here is the Full Article for “How Often Should you wash a mattress protector“. 

Q:  Are all mattress Protectors Noisy? 

No. We have never listed the noisy waterproof mattress protector because we know that you don’t want to get disturbed while sleeping. On our website, you will find only silent and crinlkle free waterproof mattress protector reviews and buyer’s Guides.  Check the Best Noiseless WaterProof mattress protector here

Conclusion – Final Thoughts:

Finally, now you can get the best twin xl mattress protector waterproof after reading our article above. But if you are still cofused I will suggest you to go for Coop Homes Good Mattress protector (Read Review here:) OR Utopia Soft mattress protector. These are the best but the Saferest mattress protector is also perfect for different sizes and needs. Rest up to You. 

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