8 Best waterproof mattress protectors | Quilted, Zippered waterproof

Peaceful sleep is what everyone wants to have in life. The perfectly clean, comfortable and cozy waterproof mattress protectors plays a vital role in your quality of sleep.

It is essential to ensure your mattress is in its best shape. Getting the right mattress is not enough but you need a waterproof mattress protector as well. Along with enjoying the best sleep, you need to keep it safe from any spillage, leakage or other damages.

Using an effective waterproof mattress protector, you will keep enjoying the nice sleep and avoid any discomfort at the same time. The cover should not be just covering the mattress from dirt but secure it from water and other issues at the same time. To crack the right deal you need to go through the matters carefully and end up with the right things.

Here we are coming up with the 8 best waterproof mattress protector options that you should review.

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Waterproof mattress protector

SafeRest King Size Premium  Waterproof Mattress Protector

Custom Pet Pillow

TASTELIFE King Waterproof Mattress Pad Protector Cover

Custom body Pillow case

King (17-20 in. Deep) SureGuard Mattress Encasement - 100% Waterproof, Bed Bug Proof

Body Custom Pillow

LANDERLY King Mattress Pad Cover Deep Pocket, Soft Breathable Fitted Cooling Pillow Top Mattress Protector

People who are hypo-allergic needs the best Quilted mattress protectors to avoid unrest and have a good night’s sleep.

The Saferest mattress protector is made with cotton that is soft and protective against pressure sores and mites. It is an FDA proven mattress with queen size protectors. You can protect your bed or mattress from fluid, dust, and mites.

It is the best solution for those having babies and pets at home. Moreover, the breathable or comfy outlook makes it a highly recommended mattress protector. It is noiseless and offers comfortable healthy sleep.


Best for the hypo-allergic

Completely waterproof, breathable, and noiseless protector

Ensure family protection and safety with a mattress protector

Cotton material makes it sustainable

Provide easy washing in the machine with care

Fitted sheet style is suitable to use over queen size mattress


Easy washing

Sustainable cotton material

Breathable & waterproof

Fitted style sheet


Not really a bed bug protector

If you are looking for a perfect waterproof mattress protector than here is another all in one mattress protector for you. The premium bamboo mattress is an ultra-soft and waterproof king size mattress cover with complete care or protection.

The top surface is made with bamboo material to provide coverage against water, wear and tear and keep the surface clean for a long time. It is free from the toxic and PVC material that turns it into hypoallergenic mattress encasements.

You can set the bed perfectly due to its king-size dimensions and fitted design. With the waterproof mattress protector, you can ensure a comfortable sleep. If you are having a baby or pet at home, then choose the bamboo material mattress protector.


Made with pure bamboo fabric that ensures comfort

Waterproof with breathable and soft touch

Comes in an elastic band style that will fit over the mattress easily

Keep the mattress safe from water, dust, stain, and mites

Compatible washing in the machine with mild detergents


Waterproof and soft in touch



Pure bamboo material

Perfect fit cover design


Expansive than other zippered mattress covers

In the best mattress encasements, choice material is an important thing that provides protection or comfort.

The Utopia bedding premium bamboo mattress protector is available in king size and made with real bamboo fabric. It offers breathable and waterproof that gives perfect air circulation to ensure a good night’s sleep. The king-size mattress cover is perfectly fit for the bed and did not include any toxic material that provides harm to the environment. It is compatible to wash in the machine with mild detergent.

For long term protection, it is suggested to not use bleach for the quilted mattress protectors washing.


Made with bamboo material that provides a waterproof interface

Breathable and offer the best air circulation

Flexible king size mattress protector with the fitted cover style

Smooth grip, noiseless impression, and easy bedding material


Made with bamboo and polyester

Flexible zippered mattress protector

Comfortable & breathable

Offer air circulation


A little bit heavy


Waterproof mattress protectors with the queen size interface and completely encased design are really appreciated and easy to use.

If you are looking for mattress encasements for a queen-size bed, then this fully encased waterproof king size mattress cover protector is the best to choose. It is made with polyester with an encasement design. You can get this quilted mattress protector due to its durable construction and breathable features. It provides complete liquid spill protection to those who have kids and pets in the home.

Moreover, the flexible cover design makes its usage easier. It is less exposed to bugs, mites, and dust.


Queen mattress encasements offer the complete protection

It is made with polyester that turn it durable in construction

The mattress cover ensures waterproofing with liquid spilling protection

Reduce or offer less exposure towards the mites, dust, and bugs


Polyester material with durability

Breathable & comfortable to use

Waterproof zippered mattress cover

Fitted style makes it easily adjustable


Heavier than other polyester made mattress protector cover  

The twin pack of a waterproof mattress protector is a breathable twin size zippered mattress cover. It is made with polyester that considers durable or resistant to liquid of any kind.

If you are having kids and pets at home, then it is great to have this zippered waterproof  mattress protectors having latex innerspring with foam. The mattress protector is completely breathable and comfy to experience restful sleep at night without noise.

Moreover, there is no use of any toxic material in the mattress that makes it protective for the kids. With the flexible and stretchable interface, it is easy to adjust over the twin bed mattress.


It is made with polyester that makes the mattress protector durable.

Provide a flexible or stretchable interface to fit over the mattress.

Comfortable, breathable, and safe for the kids.

Highly elastic fabric supports the long time usage.

A mattress protector will secure your bed from liquid spill, stain, dust, and mites.


Durable & breathable

Perfect flexibility

Suitable for twin size bed

Noiseless to ensure a comfy sleep


Polyester material not suitable for hypo-allergic persons

6- SureGuard Waterproof Encasement Mattress Protector

Are you interested in the quilted mattress protector? Then you should look into the option of SureGuard waterproof encasement mattress protector because it is durable and made with pure cotton.

The mattress protector is completely waterproof with refined quality and interface. It is protected with the seal off technology that did not allow bugs, mites, and liquid to harm your mattress. Moreover, the zippered mattress protector is of non-toxic material composition and safe for everyone.

It ensures the life of your mattress and gives a comfortable night’s sleep. You can unwrap and wash the protector easily in the machine with the use of mild detergent.


It is durable and made with a pure cotton material that provides protection.

With the zipper interface, it is easier to wrap and unwrap the mattress.

Lock mattress and did not allow mites, bugs, and dust to enter.

Protective with the waterproof interface.

The perfectly fitted design or flexibility makes its usage easier.


Waterproof and durable

Protective against mites and bugs attack

Perfect size with seal off technology

Soft texture and noiseless interface


Expensive than other mattress protectors

The soft and comfortable waterproof mattress protector is the best to protect the mattress from liquid spills, bugs, and mites attack.

You can get the pure waterproof and quality mattress protector by the linenspa premium smooth fabric mattress protector. It is a completely comfortable option with hypo-allergenic protection, a noiseless interface, and did not include any toxic substance. Moreover, the flexible and fitted design keeps it wrinkle-free and provides seal protection.

You can keep it for a long time with a smart care solution. If you have kids or pets in the house, then this mattress protector will reduce your hassle.


Offer protection against liquid spill, stain, bugs, and mist

It is completely waterproof with a fitted design.

Made with durable and flexible material to protect the mattress

Easy to fit, comfortable, noiseless, and breathable mattress protector.

Lighter in weight that is easy to carry anywhere.


Durable and comfortable

Flexible with a fitted design

Lightweight mattress protector

Easy washing and care


Are you looking for noiseless & waterproof quilted mattress protectors? Here the Bedecor queen size waterproof mattress protector is with all the specifications that you required.

It is made with hypo-allergic material that is good for kids, asthma patients, and sensitive people. You can experience the best coverage from the liquid spill and convenience in the usage or washing.

The size is perfect and flexible to fit over a queen size mattress and does not let the bugs and mites enter. You can enjoy a restful night’s sleep with the comfortable and noiseless interface.


Durable material with waterproof features

Completely suitable for the kids and asthma patients

Offers a comfy touch and flexible to fit over queen size mattress

Protect from the mites, dust, and bugs

Easy cleaning, noiseless and breathable zippered mattress protector


Comfortable & breathable material

Protection from bugs, mites

Waterproof interface

Flexible to adjust with a fitted design



Things to consider before buying waterproof Mattress protectors

To get the best waterproof mattress protector, you need to consider the following important guidelines.


The very first thing is the size of the protector that should be similar to the size of the mattress. Remember, you should know the actual measurement or standard measure of the mattress. Most of the protectors come in twin, full, king and queen sizes. Along with the width and length to consider the depth of the mattress to have a fitted protector.


You are looking for a waterproof mattress protector but do not want to be uncomfortable with a moisture lock on the mattress and sheets as well. Even though the cover has to stop water spillage controlling but breathable at the same time. It helps to maintain the temperature of the body and mattress at the same time. Moreover, it helps in keeping the mattress dry in a moist atmosphere and keeps the bad smell away.


Remember the comfort quality of your king size mattress protector can make a huge difference in the comfort of your mattress. It should be an additional soft and plush layer for the mattress. You are not looking for a random plastic sheet that causes too much noise and lay flat on the mattress. Instead, prefer to have a protector with soft outer and cushion in the cover to make it eventually best for you.

Quick to wash

Cleaning up the protector is one of the important jobs; the right kind of protector helps you in a quick wash. Always pick up a zippered mattress protector that is machine wash and quick dry. It makes your job easier and gives you quick cleaning accessibility.


The saferest mattress protector is one thing that is in frequent use and should work for long. Durability and warranty life is essential to consider in most of the cases. You cannot ignore this important factor at all.  

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