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What kind of pillows do hotels use

There is no doubt that hotels know which pillows to use. It’s not just about choosing the right brands; you also need to know which models are the best. You may also searching for what kind of pillows do hotel use?

Hotels go through a long process to make a good bed and for the room itself. Part of creating a relaxing, elevated sleep environment is furnishing the bedroom with the appropriate pillows.

Top 2 Best Hotel Pillows

Luxury vacations are synonymous with new memories, relaxation, and, of course, comfort. There is no any alternative or better feeling than resting your head on a bed filled with plush pillows and crisp cotton sheets as you fall asleep and dream of tomorrow’s adventure.

The right Hotel Pillows can make or break your trip. Fortunately, the luxury doesn’t stop there. Most of the best Hotel Pillows are available for purchase so that you can easily shop for Hotel Pillows online without having to leave the comforts of your vacation behind.

Below, we’ll take a look at what makes these pillows from the Hotel Collection so perfect and recommend some of the favorites we’ve tested. Take the first step to improving your sleeping position to feel like you are on a luxury vacation every night!


The Fairmont only offers two types of pillows. First, there is a down and feather pillow, which is 80% ethers and 20% down. It offers firmer support than you might find with other feather and down blend pillows, so it’s ideal for those who tend to sleep on their backs or sides. The pillow also features a 240-thread-count cotton cover for a super-luxurious feel and is available in King and Queen sizes to accommodate different types of beds.

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Fair Mont Pillows

However, if you don’t like feather pillows, the brand’s Antimicrobial Synthetic Gel Fiber Pillow is the one for you. Featuring a quilt-like backing, this anti-bacterial and anti-allergenic pillow features a 290-thread-count white cotton cover, which is a real treat. You can choose a firm or medium support, and the pillow is available in King and Queen sizes.

Highlight and Specification:

Machine washable

Unknown allergen-free option: Yes

Best for:

+ Firmer support

+ Anti-allergen and anti-bacterial options available


With many famous hotel names in its group, Marriott is one hotel that we have probably all visited at one time or another. They provide a wide selection of pillows and cushions for sale, so their guests can recreate the comfortable experience in their own home.

The Classic Marriott Pillow is one of the many pillows available on the  Marriott Boutique website. Customers love  70% off. It features down and 30% Lyocell fiber filling, which forms the outer layer of the pillow. Meanwhile, the pillow’s inner layer is a duck feather. Allergen-free with support even when you squirm in bed is a Shiny option for anyone who sleeps. Plus, these machine-washable pillows are also available in King, Queen, and Standard sizes.

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Marriott is one of the few hotel bedding stores also carry cotton-covered body pillows filled with 100% polyester fiber. If you sleep on your side, this body pillow works great to keep your spine aligned when using it between your knees. Or, if you like to watch TV in bed, use it for extra back support.

Highlight and Specification:

Machine washable

Unknown allergen free option: Yes

Best for:

+ super soft

+ great for light waste

Why Hotel Pillows are Comfortable?

Why Hotel Pillows are so comfortable

Hotel Pillows are so luxurious and comfortable mainly because of the filling material used. They are made of large clumps of extremely soft and fluffy goose feathers, giving you a comfortable feeling. Some hotels also use a combination of feather and down, which creates a fantastic feeling of comfort and support.

Have you ever wondered how much thought it takes to create the experience of a luxurious hotel room? The luxurious hotel management spends a large part of its budget on bedding, especially pillows and sheets. The types of pillows used in hotels interrupt the experience because they determine how much bedtime sleep you will get. Because without a restful sleep, no one can enjoy it.

So how do these underrated accessories make our experience so extraordinarily comfortable? And why am I the source of sweet and gentle sleep? First, let’s discuss the how and why of their existence in hotel beds. In summary, any hotel scene includes:

Different Sized Pillows

Have you ever noticed that hotel beds apparently have a large number of pillows? You can find king-size pillows, queen-sized pillows, standard pillows, and decorative pillows in every hotel room. On average, you can count up to 9-10-bed pillow hotels easily. This clever approach gives that illusion of luxury and finesse while still providing guests with several pillow options for sleeping.

Premium Pillows

Five-star hotels invest in premium bedding items. This shows that the type of pillows used in luxury hotels are very different from what a normal person has in their room. The filling material, the pillowcase, the color scheme, everything is well thought out carefully, and therefore it is the ideal solution for any hotel bed that has been chosen. And frankly, all this struggle gives that exquisite touch.

Decorated and Well-Maintained Pillow

 The truth is that the pillows found in hotel beds are well-maintained and replaced periodically, unlike the way we stack our old pillows. In fact, most of us don’t even remember the last time we replaced our pillows. Although there is no physical change in an extraordinary pillow, it gradually loses its firmness and the same qualities that contribute to a good night’s sleep, which is why when our surroundings change when we move to a hotel room, we sleep on a younger hotel bed pillow and sleep better way.

Different Fabric of Pillows

The real game-changer, no matter how many pillows the cover has, no matter how attractive the covers are, it’s the stuffing and the right type of pillow that really matters. All hotels have their own cocktail of rolled-out pillows, but most also offer you the option of choosing the type you like from the pillows menu. Some popular types of hotel-grade pillows include down pillows, alternative down pillows, white goose down pillows, memory foam pillows, and polyester pillows.

Now the burning question Why Hotel Pillows are comfortable:

CONCLUSION – Why Hotel Pillows are Soft

The answer lies precisely in their composition. These luxury Hotel Pillows that give us a touch of royalty and make our experience so unforgettable are chosen only after careful consideration. The composition and filling are well thought out to ensure that they meet the established criteria. Unlike our conventional pillows, the pillows in the hotel collection are of high quality, are durable, have guaranteed longevity, and are therefore more expensive. There is, therefore, an entire reflection that goes into the choice of the type of pillow that will be offered to the guest.

And the last thing is to know how to arrange pillows on bed to make them look good. That is what the hotels are doing.

Fair Mont Pillows

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In the following sections, we answer frequently asked questions about pillows and hotels.

Where do hotels get their pillows?

Where do hotels get their pillows? Typically, hotels buy their pillows wholesale from branded pillow manufacturers, Personalized pillows, especially for this hotel.

Where do hotels buy pillows?

Where do hotels get their pillows? Curious minds want to know, don’t they? Here is the deal. Hotels often buy their pillows directly from a pillow manufacturer and usually wholesale. In many cases, these pillows are custom-made for the hotelier. More importantly, most hotel-grade pillows or real pillows used by hotels can be purchased by consumers.

What are hotel pillows made of?

The hotel pillows are made from various materials, including down, down, and a mix of hypoallergenic and memory foam options. Hypoallergenic synthetic feather pillows are the most popular with hotel guests.

Can you get pillows at hotels?

Be honest. Have you thought about it? Maybe the receptionist wouldn’t notice it when you walk out of the hotel with a pillow under your arm. Not a good idea …

So, can you get luxury hotel pillows legally?

“Of course you can, but you may be charged for the pillow. Housekeeping will report stolen pillows or towels to reception, who will almost certainly charge your bill. Instead of stealing pillows from hotels,  stay home, and buy hotel pillows from amazon

What are pillows in hotels?

Several high-quality bedding companies have partnered with hotel brands to place their pillows on hotel properties, and it’s no surprise that hotels want their guests to have an exceptional sleep experience, durable, and in many cases, can be purchased for home use.

How long do hotel pillows last?

Most pillows last between one and two years, but hotel pillows tend to be more durable, typically lasting around two to three years.

Are the hotel cushions adjustable?

Hotel pillows are not traditionally adjustable, but you can find adjustable designs labeled “hotel pillows”.

What types of pillows do hotels use?

What types of pillows do hotels use? It varies by hotelier, but hotels generally use better quality pillows designed to provide a memorable sleeping experience for their guests. In many cases, customers can purchase the pillow itself or a hotel-like pillow.

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