What to do with old pillows – 8 Things you can do to old pillows

What to do with old pillows

Pillows are an item of everyday use that gives you a feeling of comfort and calmness. You find solace after a long day by resting your head on your soft and cozy pillow. Since pillows are an object of intimate importance, it is not always the best feeling to replace them. but you can’t sleep with old pillows and you need t know what to do with old pillows.

Some people find it difficult to sleep on a new or different pillow. Unfortunately, it is not always the best idea to keep using the same pillows for many important reasons. This article will guide you through the process and give you an idea on what to do with old pillows.

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Reasons why you should replace old pillows

Here are the primary reasons why you should replace old pillows.

1.     For hygienic reasons

Every day when you use your pillows, germs, sweat and all sorts of face products may seep into the pillow. When you think about it, it looks pretty unhygienic and gross to be using the same pillow for years and years.

Apart from that, pillows can absorb a lot of dust over time, posing many health risks to you and your skin. You can prevent this by replacing your pillows from time to time.

2.     To provide better support

Old pillows might lose their shape with time, leading to an uncomfortable position for your neck and head. It can cause issues in your neck and may lead to sprains and headaches.

3.     Better and more comfortable sleep

Are you constantly compelled to keep fluffing your pillow during the night to get the softest lumps under your head? It is better to get a new pillow for a more comfortable sleep.

8 Things to do with OLD Pillows

You cannot simply toss your pillows into the trash to get rid of them.  Here are some ideas on what to do with old pillows and how to repurpose and recycle them.

Recycle the contents

Although you cannot throw away your pillows in intact form, you can recycle their contents separately. To do that, you can cut out the pillow and remove the stuffing to dispose of it in the composting bins present near you. As for the cover, you can reuse or dispose of it separately, just like any other piece of clothing in your house.

Use them as rags

Here is an idea of what to do with old bed pillows. Whatever you do with the stuffing, the cover you can use as rags. Cut it up into square pieces and use it for cleaning and other DIY projects in your home.

Reuse the stuffing

If you are replacing the pillow because of the stained or torn pillowcase, you do not need to toss away the stuffing. You can remove the stuffing to fill up another pillow cover, and the pillow will be good as new. Stitch it up to get a secure closure for the stuffing.

Use them as a knee pad

If you are fond of gardening or need to work comfortably in the yard, old pillows are handy. Working like this requires you to lean on your knees for a long time. If you are thinking about what to do with old memory pillows, this is the best option. Memory pillows can retain a lot of pressure and remain intact, and are old memory pillows are best for this purpose.

Make a pet bed out of them

Pets like to use their owner’s personal items and rest places for their nap. Old pillows may not be the best for you, but they are an excellent option for your pets. Answering the question of what to do with old throw pillows, this option is the most ideal. As throw pillows are more oversized than other types of pillows, they can easily accommodate your pet.

Make a draft stopper

You can use the stuffing and fill it into a draft stopper or even make the stopper case using the pillow cover. It is an instrumental purpose that old pillows can fulfil if you are tired of whistling winds or dust getting inside your house from the gaps.

Use them to fill up your space

You can use old bed pillows as throw pillows in your room. You can even replace the cover to match the tone of your room. You can use old pillows as outdoor seating items. Apart from that, if you have a couple of old pillows, you can use the stuffing to fill up a pouffe to increase seating in your room.

Help in moving

If you are moving to a new place, you can use them as a helper in moving instead of getting rid of your old pillows. Old pillows may be able to keep your delicate items safe while packing.

When to replace your old pillows

As much as you want to cling to your favorite childhood pillow for comfort and add a personal touch, it is preferable to replace them after a particular time. We already know that it is vital to replace old pillows. But how do you know when to do that?

Here are some significant signs which show that the pillow needs replacing.

  • The pillow has become shapeless and has lost its fluffiness.
  • You experience uncomfortable sleep and experience pain in your head or neck, especially after waking up.
  • The pillow smells bad or contains stains that are not easy to wash.
  • The fabric is torn, and the stuffing is coming out through tears or holes.
  • You have been using the pillow for over two years.

These are the telltale signs that your pillow requires replacement, and you should get a new one as soon as possible for better sleep and hygiene.

Summing it up

As appealing as you find it to use old pillows for your comfort, it is not always the best idea. You can, however, use the pillows for a variety of other reasons around your home to make better use of them instead of simply throwing them away.

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