7 Best White Pillow Cases | Buy Perfect Pillow Case in 2021

White Pillow cases are a major attraction for you when it comes to a clean and soothing bed. Using these covers makes your bed and pillow look clean and comfortable.

It is astonishing to understand that white is an ideal color to give an automotive feeling of comfort. The soft white square pillowcases can work for you in any situation. 

On a general note, the black and white pillow cases are in great demand. These have to be perfect in size and shape for the pillow to adjust.

When there are cheap white pillows cases available; you do not have to put effort in stitching them. We have got you a collection of top seven white square pillowcases. Explore these options and buy the best of them for your home interior.

Top Picks For you



Waterproof mattress protector

ALASKA BEAR Silk Pillowcase for Hair and Skin - ALL COLORS

Custom Pet Pillow

ZIMASILK 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase for Hair and Skin Health - ALL COLORS

Custom body Pillow case

STWIENER 1,000 Thread Count Pillow Cases 100% Egyptian Cotton Satin Weave King Pillowcases Set of 2 - ALL COLORS

Body Custom Pillow

HC COLLECTION 1500 Thread Count Egyptian Quality 2pc Set of Pillow Cases, Silky Soft & Wrinkle Free - All COLORS

When it comes to choosing the perfect white pillowcases, HC collections are highly recommended bedding material.

The material is soft made with microfiber and shows an envelope style interface. It comes in the standard size that is a perfect or breathable sleeping pillows case.

You can use these high quality white square pillow case freely because of their protective interface. The white square pillow cases are completely hypoallergenic, durable and mites or dust resistant.

You can freely wash the white pillow cases in the washing machine and to ensure protection did not use bleach. It is your cheap white pillow case that sustains for a longer period.

Features of the product.

  • High-quality microfiber fabric is durable to use for long
  • It comes in white color with envelope design
  • Completely wrinkle free pillow case
  • Breathable material makes it suitable for everyone
  • It is dust or mites’ resistant with hypoallergenic


  • Durable and soft material
  • Easy to fit white pillow case
  • Comes with the envelope style
  • Breathable, mites and dust resistant


  • Not suitable to use in summers

 It is a 100% pure cotton pillowcase that gives a silky soft outlook. You can use the amazing quality cheap pillowcase as a suitable bedding material.

It offers the perfect or relaxing good night’s sleep. The size turns out to be the best sleeping pillows to use with the king size mattress. It is breathable with premium quality performance and lighter to handle or carry.

If you are interested in the black and white pillowcases, then get the one as per the preferences from the wide range of color combinations.

Features of the product.

  • Highly comfortable sleeping pillow for the king-size bed
  • Made with the pure cotton material that is breathable
  • Stylish, elegant, and silky soft interface without any toxic material
  • Suitable or compatible to wash with the mild detergent in a washing machine
  •  It is easier to wrap over the pillow and take off


  • Durable and soft in touch
  • Perfect style or size
  • Pure cotton material
  • Breathable white pillowcase


  • White color gets dirty Early

Get a fine quality black and white pillowcase made with microfiber material that comes with extra plush.

In the range of 20×20 pillow cases, the quality is the ultimate priority for the customers. It is a pack of 4 luxury pillow collections with dust and mites’ resistance. Moreover, it is completely hypoallergenic with breathable features that provide relaxation for a good night’s sleep.

You can use it for a long time with an easy to carry and washing facility. With the wrinkle-free design just wash and use a wedge pillow cover. It is flexible with the use in every season.

Features of the product.

  • Made with microfiber, breathable material
  • It is lighter in weight that is easier to handling
  • You can wash the pillow cover in the machine with mild detergent
  • The perfect sleeping pillows for the king size and queen size bed
  • Suitable to use in different seasons without discomfort


  • Perfect dimensions
  • White square pillow case with durability
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Easy to wash
  • Wrinkle-free fabric material


Not Suitable for people having sensitive skin

You can get the perfect sleeping pillow made with Mulberry silk considered appropriate for healthy skin and hair care.

The pure Mulberry silk with zipper enclosure design is easy to use with the queen size bed. It comes in multiple color combinations; the one color texture of the silk pillow is incredible. The natural silk made it breathable, silky soft, and stylish to use for routine usage. If you have sensitive skin, then the Mulberry silk stuff will be the best choice.

It did not offer any irritation, swelling, or skin issues. You can get a wedge pillow cover for yourself or present someone as a gift.

Features of the product.

  • Made with silky soft Mulberry fabric
  • It is a highly flexible and comfortable pillow cover
  • Suitable for sensitive skin and did not cause rashes or irritation
  • Comes in the perfect size for a king or queen size bed
  • Hand wash will ensure the long time sustainability


  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Lighter in weight to carry
  • Improve sleep quality


Expensive than other white pillowcases

Jocoku offers 100% Mulberry silk made black and white pillow cases for sensitive skin. It is soft, breathable, and offers comfortable sleep due to its pure silk texture.

Moreover, the colors made it appealing or strain-free to use for long. All you need to wash them with your hand to make them useful for a longer time. It will protect the skin from rashes, damage, and irritation at night. It is the perfect wedge pillow cover to use in almost every season.

In the size range, you can choose from the range, the collection offers a 20×20 pillow cover or more.

Features of the product

  • Black and white pillow cases made with pure Mulberry silk fabric
  • Comes in multiple sizes with different dimensions
  • Provide comfort and relaxation with tight sleep
  • Protect skin from damage and did not allow hair tangled
  • Regulate the temperature at night to make it suitable for every season


Offer skin protection

Perfect size

Lighter to carry or maintain

Smooth & silky texture



Are you interested in the cheap white pillow case? Alaska Bear offers the natural silk made pillow case with Mulberry silk content that is perfect for sensitive skin.

It is a breathable white square pillow case with a soft or silky touch. You can use it freely in every season without any discomfort. In the range of white square pillow cases it is with ultra-smooth touch, protective texture, top quality zipper enclosure sleeping pillow.

There is no chemical or toxic content added to the pillow cases for shading or anything. Get the queen size cheap white pillow cases for use or to give someone as a gift.

Features of the product

Cheap white pillow cases made with pure Mulberry silk

It is breathable and without any toxic coloring or other material

The size is suitable to use with the queen size bed

It comes with a zipper interface that is easy to maintenance

Offer skin protection and did not allow hair to tangle

Experience good night sleep with comfort


Breathable or suitable for sensitive skin

Zipper enclosure

Ultra-smooth with no toxic material

Pure Mulberry silk

White pillow cases with a silky touch



In the range of black and white pillow cases, Dreamhouse provides ultra-soft pillow cases with the envelope design enclosure.

It is wrinkle-free and protective that lasts for a long period. The pillow cases are made with polyester that comes in a 20×20 pillow cover. Its smooth and soft touch from both sides will offer a great experience with easy maintenance.

You can wash it in a machine with mild detergent. The user will get extreme comfort to enjoy the perfect sleeping without restlessness. If you are looking for cheap white pillow cases, then should consider the polyester and microfiber quality sleeping pillows.

Features of the product

Pillow covers are with the durable polyester material

You can get multiple sizes to choose from as per preference

It is high quality, ultra-soft white square pillow cases

Washing in a machine with cold water will ensure sustainability


Easy to wash in a machine

Offer Comfortable sleep

Perfect size range

Cheap white pillow cases


Polyester did not suit everyone

White Pillow Cases – Complete Buyer’s Guide

Deciding on buying the best White pillowcases can be tricky at times. When you do not have any idea about every type, dimension or other details, you cannot make a blind decision. Here are some steps that lead you towards the best pillowcase of all time.

Selecting the fabric

The very first thing is the fabric. The white square pillowcase never comes in one fabric option. There can be cotton, silk, embossed fabric and any other fancy option as well.

For your collection, it is not necessary to stick with one fabric type. You can pick up different options based on different events and uses.

The right size

Next big problem is the size. Mostly you will get a 20×20-pillow cover. Bed Wedge Sleeping pillows have this standard size. When you are having a standard pillow then you can go with this one size.

Otherwise, you need to measure the pillow dimensions and check the size guide of the white square pillowcases.

Thread count unit

To evaluate the quality of a fabric you have a simple unit of threat count. If you are not satisfied with quality, you can ask the vendor about the threat count.

It is about counting threads per inch. For a standard cotton threat, count is from 100 to 150 while for high quality it can be 180. More thread count will refer to better quality fabric.

Closing option

The pillowcases come with multiple closing options. Either it is a folding option in which you can simply fold the one corner inward and the other corner on the above. Another is the zipper or button closing option. Select the most appropriate one.

Stitching quality

Ultimately, you need to check out the stitching quality of wedge pillow cover.

Most of the time a cheap while pillowcase comes with a poor stitch that is not worthy at all. Ensure you will get the best stitching quality that lasts for long.

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