The 8 Best Throw Pillow Covers 2021

As we all can understand, without pillows or cushions, our living rooms, offices, or any outside regions are seeming to be rugged and deficient. Throw pillows associate an elegant, stylish and luxurious look to our living spheres.


The throw pillows or cushions can give a very engaging and artistic look in the decoration’s breathing zones.

So, if you’ve also decided to buy the best pillow cover to turn your living spheres’ dull appearance into a stylish, decent and cheerful look, you will get helpful tips by going through this article.

This article will review the 8 best throw pillow covers that will undoubtedly help buy the perfect one. So, let’s know and discuss the highlights of each product of throw pillows together…

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Woven Nook Decorative Throw Pillows (Set of 4)

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Phantoscope Tailored Linen Decorative Throw Pillows (Set of 2)

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JWH SunFlower Accent Pillow -Best decorative throw Pillow

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Comfort Space 20” Faux Fur Throw Pillow

Woven Nook Throw Pillow cover comes with great highlights in three different cream, natural-brown and grey colors. These are high-quality material and stylish, most comfortable throw pillow covers that help you decorate your living house and office at reasonable prices.

Throw pillow cases are designed in a very stylish way that gives a pleasant look to your room, office, or living area. By adding these throw pillows, you can add valuable decoration to your living areas easily.  

These throw cushion covers are one of the best throw pillows covers that are passionate about providing super-quality long-lasting. Pure cotton with Faux leather material fabric is used in these geometric assents cushion covers.

In this pack, you will get four throw pillow cover 18×18 in three different sizes of 18 inches, 20 inches, and 22 inches. This pack is also the perfect choice to gift any friend of the beloved that you want.

These are washable throw pillows that are easy to clean even in the washing machine and are dryable in the air or low flame dryer.


  • Stylish & Modern Design.
  • A creative look.
  • Pure cotton & Faux leather material.
  • Reasonable.
  • Super Quality.
  • Pack of 4 covers in 3 sizes.
  • Easy to clean. 

These lumber-style outdoor throw pillow covers are made of 100% polyester material that makes them stand out from other best throw pillow covers. The pillow covers are efficient for both indoor and outdoor types of livings.

The fabric of sleeping pillows is pure polyester that is comfortable to use. As well as, these pillow covers are designed according to fashion. The edges are trimmed lined with the matched fabric that makes them more unique in looking.

The high quality of these most comfortable throw pillow covers ensures you efficiently and the best throw pillow for the cough. Along with the couch’s compatibility, it is easy to decor your room in an elegant look.

These throw pillow cases are challenging in unconditional weather due to their resistance ability. They perform highly efficiently, as they resist weather and even fading of colours in the sunlight.

If any strain is made on this pillow cover, don’t worry about it. You can clean it by hand, washing gently to clean the strains.


  • 100% Polyester material.
  • Weather-resistant.
  • Lumber style.
  • Perfect for indoor and Outdoor use.
  • Easy to wash.
  • Trimmed Edges with matching fabric.

CaliTime Bedding Decoration best throw pillow covers provide you with a pack of 2 standard pillowcases, which can change the dull look of your room, office, or any living area into an elegant and bright look.

The fabric of velvet is used in these pillow covers, due to which its soft touch makes them the most comfortable throw pillow covers. The velvet touch gives a gorgeous look and soft touch to these Christmas throw pillows

If you want to gift your friend that genuinely helps to change the look of his/her room, these Christmas throw pillows are the best choice because it comes in multi bright and solid colours that truly ensure to turn the look of your room into cheerful.

If there is any strain made on it, these are also easily washable throw pillows. These best pillow covers are reliable and durable with a unique and attractive look.

Its multi-colour appearance can give a glimpse of a bright look to your living room or any outdoor area. You can feel and create a look of luxury living by placing the purple throw pillow covers.



  • Solid multi-colours.
  • Gorgeous look.
  • Velvet fabric.
  • Easy to machine wash.
  • Set of 2 cosy pillowcases.
  • Comfortable velvet touch.

Home Brilliant Couch’s best throw pillow is passionate to give a unique and pleasant glimpse to your rooms, offices, or any living area. Its unique, attractive design and look stand it out from the dull look of living rooms.

These outdoor throw pillow covers come in unique multi-colours like bright red, blue, purple, black, white, and many others. The appearance of these elegant coloured covers ensures an attractive and gorgeous pleasant look that gives you healthy and artistic feelings. 

The brand is intense to provide the best throw pillows to satisfy you. This product is made of 100% high-quality Polyester material. Due to the fabric of these sleeping pillows, it gives you a super-soft touch of comfort.

This product is designed in a unique way of striped velvet style. The throw pillow cases are enclosed with an invisible zipper of match shade colour to maintain the product’s beauty and attraction. The purple throw pillow cover can provide your living room with a luxury look.

In this package, you’ll get two pieces of cushion covers of 16 inches. This unique throw pillow is very convenient to wash. You can also easily wash it in the washing machine and dry it in the air or a dryer at low heat.


  • Striped Velvet Design.
  • Available in Multi-colors.
  • 100% High-quality & Supersoft Polyester fabric.
  • Classic & attractive look.
  • Two pieces of cushion covers.
  • Invisible zippers of matched shades.
  • Allows machine washing.

Phantoscope Farmhouse decorative best throw pillow covers are the best choice to change your room’s boring living style. You can use this product for diversified purposes like on the sofa, chair, or maybe on the floor. 

Farmhouse-style outdoor throw pillow covers ensure to provide a vast adorable and comfortable feel to you. This product is available in multi colours, so you buy your favourite one for your living room or any out living area.

The edges of the most comfortable throw pillow covers are trimmed with the burlap linen fabric. The cushion is enclosed with the invisible zippers of the matched colour of the throw pillow cases.

The material of polyester is used in the manufacturing of these sleeping pillows. The high-quality material is excitable to make this product reliable and long-lasting. You can change the living area’s appearance

Throw pillow cover 18×18 comes in a standard size to use easily. You can easily clean these washable throw pillows even in the machine. They are also easily dryable.


  • Polyester fabric.
  • Burlap Linen trimmed edges.
  • Farmhouse style.
  • Available in Multi-colors.
  • Invisible zippers of matched shades.
  • Machine washable.
  • Suitable & Durable.

6- JWH Handmade 3D Sunflower Decorative Throw Pillow Cover

If you search for the beautiful and unique best throw pillow that genuinely gives your living area an attractive appearance, this is the best choice for you. JWH brand introduces a unique style of throw pillow cover that is attractive in look.

JWH brand provides you with the best throw pillow in the unique shape and looks of a flower. This product comes with the beautiful 3D handmade sunflower front of the outdoor throw pillow covers.

The throw pillow cases are made of Faux wool fabric that gives you a feel of super extra soft touch while using it. It allows you to buy in different gorgeous multi-colours of your choice.

These best throw pillows are easy to insert in and out due to their invisible zippers. It can also be the perfect Christmas throw pillows to gift your loved one. Throw pillow cover 18×18 is also available in a unique size of 12 inches. 

Bright coloured pillows like the red or purple throw pillow covers are an excellent idea to give your living area a colourful look. It can change the look of your trouble-living site into a bright and attractive look.

This product is easy to wash in the machine gently and dry in the air or dryer at low heat.


  • Faux Wool fabric.
  • 3D Sunflower design round pillows.
  • Gorgeous pop colours.
  • Secure to insert.
  • Super cute home spring look.
  • Unique & Extra soft.
  • Easy to machine wash.

Comfort Spaces Ruched faux are the best throw pillows that provide their customers with a 100% guarantee of satisfaction. This brand is passionate to offer you the best throw pillow

 covers with great features. 

The ruched faux cushion covers are made of high-quality and 100% pure polyester material. The high-quality sleeping pillows pillow cover is manufactured by luxury textured faux fabric.

These are the best throw pillow covers to get comfortable sleep or for your couch. Also, they are the best choice to change the look of your dull and common living style area.

This product is designed to provide you with an ultra-soft and smooth touch while using it. These soft and comfortable throw pillows can be the best Christmas throw pillows to gift your friend or any beloved. 

You will also get a warm blanket along with these two pillowcases. These washable throw pillows are also easy to machine clean and dry from strains.


  • 100% High-quality Polyester material.
  • Ultra-soft soft touch.
  • Luxury textured faux throw pillows.
  • Pack of 1 blanket & 2 shams.
  • Super soft & warm blanket.
  • Easy to machine wash & dry.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Famibay comes with the pack of six best throw pillow covers of the unique geometric style of pattern. You can use these unique design pillow covers for many living places like rooms, offices, or outside areas. 

The grey pillow cover is made of cotton linen fabric that is nice and reliable to use it. You can also buy this product at a reasonable price to place them on a bed, sofa, chair, or maybe on the floor.

The design and style of its product are unique that looks very decent. The modern burlap style is used in the designing of the sleepy pillows. You can use these pillowcases to turn your old-style living room into a modern style.

You can also use this pack of pillowcases to add comfort and soft touch to your couch. You can easily clean and dry in the air or sunlight. These washable throw pillows remove the strains from them.

Throw pillow cover 18×18 is available in standard sizes. You can also gift these most comfortable pillow covers to anyone that you want.


  • Cotton Linen fabric.
  • Geometric pattern style.
  • Affordable & durable.
  • Modern Burlap style.
  • Diversified use.
  • Comfortable to handle.
  • Easy to machine wash & dry.

Best Throw Pillow Covers’ Buying Guides

The eight best throw pillow covers and covered all the features in detail, as we have discussed above. We have concluded some essential tips to remember that should never be neglected while the unique and attractive pillowcases to place them in the furniture for your living area.

Remembering these significant features can result in the best. The key things to keep in mind while buying are listed below: 

  • Gorgeous & Stylish Look:

When buying the best pillow covers that you liked, they should be gorgeous by look. It should be an attraction in the first look because the thing that can attract you at first glimpse can change the whole appearance of your living room, office, or any outdoor area.

So, it is vital to keep in your remembrance that makes sure to buy the product that has a gorgeous look. Also, along with this feature, it should be according to fashion and styles.

  • Affordability:

Well, the essential element to store in mind is the affordability of the product. Always make sure to buy a product that fulfils the style and design requirements and worth. 

After selecting your favourite pillowcases, you must get to know about their worth. Make sure that your desired product of pillowcases also satisfies its highlights according to its price.

  • Easy Decorable:

In this modern era, this product is available in many exquisite styles. But the essential element to put in concept is to select the throw pillows that you can easily use to decorate your living area. With all other things like style, design, price, quality, and convenience, keep in mind.

  • Easy to Clean & Dry:

The pillow or cushion covers that are going to purchase should also be easy to use and clean. It is also an essential point to keep in your capacity.  If any strain is made on your pillow cover, it must be easy to clean and dry.

  • Comfortable & High-Quality Material:

The pillow covers that you have decided to purchase should also be reliable. The best size should be of high-quality material that you can use for long-lasting. The material should also be reliable and easy to use. 

Along with the high quality, it should be comfortable and soft for your couch. So, keep in mind this critical point to make sure you are buying the best one.

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