Top 5 Crib Mattress Protectors – Soft, Breathable, Waterproof

YES, it is important to buy a crib mattress for your baby but wait a minute. Is you crib mattress protected against accidents that may happen at night by your baby?

You need to have a crib mattress protector to work like a shield and it will protect your mattress from getting permanent stains with baby’s urine or potty or any other accidentals liquid. Crib mattress protectors are the best waterproof mattress protectors for children which are very important if you are using crib mattress for your body.

After searching for too many protectors, we have listed the best crib mattress protectors for you and guess what. You can buy these without any hesitation because when we say these are best, than these are best. Because we are reviewing each and everything, spent hours to find these best products for you.

Let get started with the first one.

1- Best Award Winner Crib Mattress Protector – Mom’s Choice, Quilted and Noiseless

Size1 Pack Standard Size 52 inches X 28 inches
BrandMargaux & May
Closure TypeZipper

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Your Little one can have accidents at night while sleeping on a crib mattress. You must have the mattress protector for children to protect that crib mattress from urine or potty.

This Bamboo Crib Mattress Protector is Award Winner of “The Prestigous Mom’s Choice Award” in 2020. So, it is completely trusted and you can buy this without any hesitation.

It is completely Noiseless and your little one will not get disturbed while sleeping at night or in daylight. It is also very soft and thick which repel all type of liquid material.

This crib mattress protector is available in 1 pack and 2 pack having standard 52 X 28 inches size. It contains 4 layers which are extra durable and completely waterproof.

So, get this safe and reliable crib mattress protector now and protect your little one’s mattress from any stain.

99% customers are very happy about the quality and comfort of this protector sheet and those happy customers are the reasons why this crib mattress protector won the award back in 2020.

One of the Happy Customer was Saying This is my third purchase of this product. I love the waterproof layer and that it doesn’t feel like crinkly plastic. I am purchasing another one because I had my dryer on too high and I melted a section of the waterproof layer.


The waterproof layer may get melted if your dryer would be on very high.

Read about “How Often should you wash Mattress protector

2- 2 Pack Organic Crib Mattress Protector – Highly Rated and Organic

Size1 Pack, 2-Pack
MaterialBamboo Terry Surface
BrandSafe and Sound
Closure TypeElasticized bottom
Fabric TypeBamboo Terry Surface

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If your baby is very sensitive and he is being woken up by loud rustle noise of sheet when they move while sleeping, then this Organic Noiseless Crib Mattress Protector is perfect for you.

This special mattress protector is made up of organic Bamboo material which is completely Noiseless and Sooo Soft.
Its TPU membrane layer will protect baby’s crib mattress from urine, sweat and accidental spills. TPU membrane will work like a shield to assure your baby’s comfort and restful sleep.
Skin irritation can be a problem for babies but the bamboo terry surface of this organic crib mattress protector is great for babies having sensitive skin.
It comes win 1 pack and 2 pack having deep pocket design which will perfect fit for you crib mattress.

It is both machine washable and hand washable but don’t use bleach. You can dry it on low temperature.
On of the happy customer of this product is saying “These are awesome! I have twin boys and despite our best efforts they leak out of their diapers often as these help protect their mattresses every time! They’re soft and don’t make any noise. They wash well, dry well and we couldn’t be happier after 6 months of use!
So, get rid of stiff and scratchy mattress protectors and replace them with this Perfect Organic Crib Mattress Protector.


According to a customer, its waterproof membrane was not working after washing it for 5-6 times. So, you must wash it only once a month or according to the care instructions.

3- Burt’s Bees Baby Best Price Crib Mattress Sheet – Amazon Best Seller

ColorAll Colors Available
SizeCrib Sheet
BrandBurt’s Bees Baby

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It is hard for me to fit the protector sheet on a mattress and also I don’t like the white color everywhere. Need one Solution for many problems?

Burt’s Bees Baby Crib mattress protector sheet is very easy to fit on crib mattress and guess what, It comes in 8 different solid colors and printed patterns. They are providing both crib sheet and mini crib sheet.
Using Cotton material and 100% Breathable material, this protector sheet is ‘GOTS’ Certified.
It is very soft and comfortable for purest baby’s thin and porous skin. Fully encased premium elastic at bottom edge will help you to fit it on mattress without any hard work.

Most important thing is, it comes in different amazing styles and hand painted designs. So, you can match this mattress protector for children according to your color scheme in room or whatever you like.
Guess what, you can also use it for dog beds because it is perfect according to some customers who used it for dog beds.

Point to Note

It is not good for babies having extremely sensitive skin that’s prone to heat rashes or eczema. Some customers faced this problem and they gave the 1 star review.

4- 3 Pack Cotton Crib Mattress Protector Waterproof – Kint Fitted 100% Cotton

Pack of 3 –  All Available
MaterialJersey, Cotton
SizePack of 3
BrandAmerican Baby Company

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When you can spend a handsome amount of money on buying a crib mattress for your little ones, than you must be buying a crib mattress protector waterproof along with your mattress to protect your crib mattress from baby’s mistakes on bed.

American Baby Company providing a very high quality organic crib mattress protector which will not only protect your mattress but it will also make sure your baby’s is sleeping in 100% comfort.
Made up of 100% cotton, it offers an exceptional comfort to babies while sleeping. One must buy it who love colors and styles because it comes in different colors and styles which you can match with pillows, beds etc.
Deep pockets with elastic all around can fit up to 6 inches thick crib mattress. Snug and secure fit for baby’s comfort.
Best price according to the quality and styles with machine washable and dry able feature.
One of the Happy Customer was saying “No issues after washing. Have now used all three sheets. They all fit, no stains, no holes, perfect! Just what I needed!


It is not “Extra Soft” as other Jersey knit sheets are.

5- PUREgrace Crib Mattress Protector – Breathable and Sensitive Skin Friendly

Size1 Count (Pack of 1)
Closure TypePull On
Fabric Type100% Tencel Sleep Surface, Corner Safety Straps

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If your baby’s skin is sensitive than you must be careful while buying something for him/her.
PUREgrace is providing an amazing Sensitive Skin Friendly crib mattress protector waterproof to protect your mattress from stains and leaks into mattress.
Its Tencel Sleep surface is completely breathable and your babies will feel like a cloud under them.
It will grow with your baby. Means it will be fitting on all standard size crib mattresses.
One thing you will love is that this crib mattress protector comes with a 10 year manufacturer warranty. That means you can use it for your 3 babies 1 after each 3 year. Never mind but 2 Babies are enough. haha
Your little one will get luxurious sleep surface because it is made of Tencel which itself is made up of safest combination of fabrics. So, you must not be searching for waterproof mattress protector for children because this one is perfect for you.
We know how important it is to give your children the best you can offer. Before it’s in your home, it’s been in ours – tested, washed, loved on, and refined.

FAQs and Buyer’s Guide – Crib Mattress Protector Waterproof

So, your little ones needs to be alone on a firm mattress or crib mattress but what they can do on a mattress while awaking or sleeping, we all know about it. Potty or Urine can absorb in the mattress and it can leave a permanent stains on it. So, it is the best idea to buy a waterproof mattress protectors for children to avoid getting your mattress dirty. There are different things you need to know and why you should buy this crib mattress protector. The answer to all of your important questions is given below.

Things to Know Before Buying Crib Mattress Protector

While buying the mattress sheet, you need to keep different things in mind because you need to choose the product very carefully for your product as it may harm the baby’s skin or hairs or anything. So, it is necessary to keep different things in mind. If you are not interested in this, go to FAQs section directly or see the best crib mattress protectors above to buy one from amazon.

Material – Safe and Healthy

First and most important thing you should check before buying a crib mattress protector is the material. Because if you use a sheet made of plastic or any harmful material, it may badly affect your baby’s skin. Especially, if your baby is skin  sensitive then you must buy any products for him which should be sensitive skin friendly.

The organic crib mattress protectors which are made of cotton and bamboo material are usually good for little ones. Above mentioned 5 protectors in the article are the best one according to the material and you can buy them without any hesitation.


Second thing you should know is if the protector you are buying is waterproof or not. Because you are buying the sheet to protect your mattress from spills and urine etc. it must be waterproof so no liquid should pass through it. Again, all of the listed best protector above are the crib mattress protectors waterproof.

Noiseless – Silent?

Another important thing is crinkle-free sheet. When babies move on mattress, crinkle sound can disturb them while sleeping. So, it is good idea to buy silent crib mattress protector to make sure the baby will feel comfortable while sleeping. 

Other than the above things, you should check the size, colors and price of crib mattress protectors according to your needs or requirements.

What is a Crib Mattress Protector?

You know it is important to have a crib mattress for your baby to support his/her bones while sleeping and to be sure about their safety. A crib mattress is a firm mattress firmer than the other normal mattresses and it is good and suggested by doctors for babies.

Now, if you have a crib mattress then you must need a crib mattress protector. It helps you keep you mattress safe and clean. It will repel any kind of spills and liquids which your mattress may absorb. So, crib mattress protector will act like a shield around your crib mattress.

Is it necessary to Buy a Crib Mattress Protector?

Yes. If you have bought a crib mattress then you have to buy a crib mattress protector in order to keep little one’ mattress clean and comfortable. And you don’t need to worry about which one is best mattress protector for children because we have listed the 5 top crib mattress protectors above in this article. Scroll up and see which one you should buy.

What is the Best Crib Mattress Protector for babies?

Out there, many companies are selling crib protector sheets but most of them are just useless. This is why we have searched and checked 100s of mattress protectors to find out which one are the best. And guess what, In this article above you will find the best crib mattress protectors and you can buy them from amazon. If you don’t want to read the whole article, just go for “2020 Award Winner Mom’s Choice Crib Mattress Protector” which is breathable, organic silent and waterproof.

How to wash an Organic Crib Mattress Protector?

You can wash crib mattress protectors in both washing machine and by hand. But you must read the care instructions of the product before washing it. These are not just like other plastic waterproof mattress covers. So, you need to be careful while washing this. Don’t go for anything else other than the instructions. One thing to keep in mind is don’t use the bleach because these are organic and bleach will harm them badly.

Where to buy a Crib Mattress Protector Waterproof?

The correct answer is Amazon. If you see the products on some website vs on amazon, you will see a huge price difference as well as on amazon, you can read reviews, see stories and much more before buying the product. Also, return conditions and customer satisfaction can’t be better anywhere other then amazon. So, I will suggest to buy anything from amazon.

Conclusion – Final Thoughts:

Now, you are well aware of what is the crib mattress protector and which one are best. You need to buy now from amazon. If you are still confused, I will personally suggest you to go for “Mom’s Choice Crib Mattress Protector“. Because it is award winner, safe, breathable and waterproof mattress protector. But again, all the 5 protectors I have listed above in this article are the best product out there and thousands of customers are buying these 5 crib mattress protectors. Rest Up to You.

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