Best custom body pillow – you can customize by your choice

If you are looking for a custom body pillow, then Amazon is the best place to start. While there are literally hundreds of sellers offering some sort of customization, it’s best to save time and only look at the top sellers to ensure that you get the best price.

These pillows are completely customizable and you can even print a picture of your choice on one or both sides. This makes a comfortable companion while sleeping and is perfect for use as a prop. Below are a few of the best Amazon sellers that offer great quality custom body pillows.

This convenient custom body pillowcase is made from A-grade velvet and non-slippery fabric. Customize it with any picture of your choice to get a high-quality print. You can add text to the images or even have a double image printed on a single side.

You can get creative and combine your favorite pics and even create a collage. It is the perfect cartoon pillow and can be used as a home décor piece as well. Made from high-quality flannel fabric, this custom body pillowcase has a soft texture and is quite durable as well.

The metal zip is designed to be hidden from view to give this pillow a seamless design. It is available in many different sizes according to your pillow measurements. 

• Thick flannel fabric: The thick flannel fabric gives the pillowcase a non-slippery texture making it highly durable and tear-resistant.
• Picture and text combinations: You can easily add your favorite picture and text combinations and have it printed according to your required design.
• Multiple sizes: You can choose between a variety of shapes and custom sizes, from a square sofa pillow size to a long body pillow. All options are customizable.
• Hidden zipper: Never worry about the zipper coming in the way of the seamless design again.
Double-sided printing Uncertainty around picture submission
Hidden zipper design
Multiple sizes available
Tear-free fabric

This Custom pet pillow is perfect for anyone looking to keep the fond memories alive. You can easily send your picture to be printed and you’ll have your pillow delivered to your doorstep.

This custom body pillow is made from the best PP cotton material which is filament flame retarded and made from breathable material for added safety. The invisible zipper and plump corners give it a seamless look and make it perfect for gifting to someone.

You can even print your best picture and use it as a frame or home décor piece. You can also have double-sided printing and choose between 4 different sizes to get a custom pillow case that fits your pillows.

• Invisible zip: Clever design makes zip invisible, which does not interfere with the double-sided print.
• Flame retardant: Not only is this custom body pillowcase made from the highest quality cotton, but it also is flame retardant as well and will not catch fire easily.
• Flush printing: The print uses the corner as a reference point and covers the entire face of the pillow for perfect results.
• Supports multi-color pictures: Print any picture you like and even add text of your choice to accompany it.
Double side print Limited sizes available
Flame retardant material
Clear background
Multicolor printing

This custom body pillow case supports double-sided printing and has a stylish design that you’ll love. You can print any image greater than 1500 pixels for a high-quality finish. The vivid color print and 2way material makes for the perfect custom body pillow.

Have your favorite picture printed on the pillowcase in a few simple steps. All you have to do is upload the picture and specify whether you want a single or double-sided print and wait for the pillowcase to be delivered.

It also has anti-wrinkle material, so you can wash and use it without ironing. You can confirm that your pictures are being processed directly after you upload them for convenience.

• Anti-wrinkle material: Made from the best 2way anti-wrinkle material, this pillowcase is highly durable.
• Double-sided multicolor print: Print single or two different photos on both sides to create the best custom body pillow.
• Vivid color: High-quality vivid pillowcase color and soft-touch material make it perfect for all pillows.
• Supports high-resolution pics: You can send a pic of up to 4500 pixels for better effect.
Vivid colour print Pictures <1500 pixels not supported
Easily customizable
High-grade material
6 different sizes

This high-grade ultra-luxury full-sized body pillow is one of the best-rated custom body pillows available in the market. It contains Biogreen certified foam that is made from eco-friendly material and does not contain harmful ozone depletion chemicals.

Not only is it comfortable and relaxing, but it is also dust mite resistant and made from non-toxic material, which is perfect if you have sensitive skin. The special design ensures that it never goes flat regardless of how often you use it.

The longer size makes it perfect for people who are dealing with injuries and pregnant women. With an amazing 20 year warranty and a 120-day money-back guarantee, there is not much left to prove in terms of quality and durability.

• Dust mite resistant: This custom body pillow is dust mite resistant and suitable for people with sensitive skin.
• Zipper free: This body pillow is vacuum sealed so you’ll never have to worry about irritating zippers again.
• Best foam mix: The high-grade foam is designed to last for many years and will never go flat.
• Fully customizable: You can have the weight, size, mix and other features adjusted to suit your needs.
Eco-friendly foam Simple colour gets dirty easily
20-year warranty
Dust mite resistant

This decorative throw pillowcase is the best multipurpose pillow you can get. It comes with a decorative design that is fully customizable according to your picture of choice. With a perfect picture adjustment, it will seem as if your pillow was made just for you.

You can use it as a sofa cushion, for work or in the car. This custom body pillowcase is made from the best cotton linen material and comes with hidden zip. It is easy to wash and can be ironed as well.

• Washable: Can easily be washed in the machine and ironed as well.
• Decorative design: use any decorative design that suits you and customize it with high-resolution pictures.
• Multifunction use: You can use it as a prop when working at your desk or while driving.
• Perfect as a gift for weddings, anniversaries or Valentine’s Day.
High-quality cotton linen material Can wear away over time
Multifunction use
Available in 11 different sizes

This long Dakimakura pillow is the perfect companion while you are sleeping. The anime design helps add a touch of uniqueness to the body pillowcase, which makes it perfect for use in the bedroom and living room. The cover fits perfectly, which helps eliminate any wrinkles and gives it a smooth look.

The dense inner stuffing also ensures that there are no lumps, giving you a comfortable experience. With the best anime designs, you can now decorate your room in a stylish way and have a comfortable experience as well.

The longer design is also perfect for people with medical problems who need better support as well as for pregnant women.

• Dense inner stuffing: The inner stuffing is made from a dense material that allows it to remain in shape.
• Best Anime designs: The unique anime design is printed onto the custom body pillowcase and is perfect for adding colour to your room.
• Crease free: Perfect fitting means that the body pillow cover is crease-free and helps make the design more prominent. It is also easy to remove with hidden zip.
• High-quality washable material: The thick material of the pillow cover does not tear easily and easy to wash as well. The anime print will not get blemish when washing.
Long shape Limited flexibility
Dense stuffing material
Perfect fit and crease-free
Machine Washable

If you are looking for a custom body pillow that has a very soft and cosy feel and is customizable as well, then this pillow is a model match. It supports high definition pictures and you can customize it with pictures of your choice.

In addition to this, it is made from the best quality polyester material and can easily be zipped on. The fabric material of the pillowcase has biocompatibility with the human skin, which makes it useful if you have sensitive or tender skin.

It also helps keep your skin moist and does not absorb water that could cause dry skin. The excellent heat dissipation is perfect for hot summers when you may not feel like using a pillow because of the heat. These features make it the complete custom body pillow.

• Excellent heat dissipation: Say goodbye to sweaty pillowcases that seem to bother your sleep in the summer. The material of the pillowcase is designed to keep you cool in hot weather.
• Good for your skin: This superior quality material will not cause itching and initiates minimum skin contact.
• Customer Specific: You can add high-resolution pictures of your choice which will be printed on the pillowcase.
• Ideal for side sleepers: The long shape and dense filling makes it perfect for someone who needs extra support or side sleepers.
Biocompatible material Zip case is not hidden
Good inspiratory absorb
Perfect for side sleepers
Prevents excess sweat

This quality pillowcase is made from the best polyester material and fits most standard pillows. The soft texture matches the best custom body pillowcase and is easy to wash as well.

The best part of this body pillow covers is that you can print any image you want on it. Simply take a picture or find one that interests you and have it printed onto the pillow cover.

You can print your own picture, a picture of a loved one or even a quote that inspires you every time you look at the pillow. Try and use high-quality images as they show better on the pillowcase.

The high-quality print will not damage when washed and can be used as a decor item or perfect gift.

You can print any picture, text or emoji you want on the custom body pillowcase.
The high-quality print is fade resistant and will maintain its clarity even after a wash.
Unlike other custom body pillowcases, this unique pillowcase is made from a blended fabric that will match the picture background.
The durability and strength can be seen in the seamless stitching and high-quality zip.
Customize any picture Not suitable for <1000 pixels pictures
High quality blended fabric
Fade-resistant print
Seamless stitching

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