7 Best Floor Pillows – You’ll Love to buy in 2021

When it comes to choosing the right cushion or seating options for your home and lounge, you will probably go for a best floor pillow. Not only are floor pillows less costly than additional couches or chairs, they also take up less space and leave you with more free room to move around.

With multiple floor pillows to choose from, including oversized floor pillows, Pouf ottoman and sitting pillows, it can be difficult to make up your mind on a single design that suits your home. However, if you are looking for a best floor pillow, then below are 7 of the best floor pillows to choose from. Not only they are great seating option, they also double up as a unique home décor piece.

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Best custom pillow

HIGOGOGO Square Large floor sitting pillow

Custom Pet Pillow

HIGOGOGO Bohemian Floor Pillows, for Home Bay Window Party Garden

Custom body Pillow case

Intelligent Design floor Lounger pillow, Giant Pillow

Body Custom Pillow

Large Round Mandala Hippie Floor Pillow - Handicraft Pillow

1- HIGOGOGO Square Large floor sitting pillow

This comfortable best floor pillow is the perfect choice for relaxing and sitting on the floor. The thick filling and comfortable fabric make it perfect to use in all situations.

Whether you simply want to sit down and relax, or are looking for child friendly floor pillows, then you should certainly consider getting this unique floor pillow.

Made from a rebounding fabric, it is comfortable and easy on the hips, giving you perfect balanced when you are watching TV, doing yoga, meditating, etc.

The fabric is also breathable and skin friendly, so you can use it even if you have sensitive skin.

The amazing turquoise color and soft design makes it perfect for use in the living room, bedroom or as a décor piece.

Features of the product.

  • High quality breathable material and skin friendly fabric.
  • Multipurpose large floor pillow for all activities.
  • Made from highly durable PP cotton.
  • Thick design for comfortable sitting and relaxation.

2- Azza Square Best Floor Pillows Hypoallergenic

This sophisticated best floor pillow design gives an elegant look to your home décor and makes the perfect sitting pillow as well. The intelligent design combines the elegant design of this sitting pillows with practicality, which results in a pillow that can be used for all occasions.

Whether you need an oversize floor pillows for yoga, or you are looking for the best sitting pillows, then this is certainly something that you need. Made from 100% Chenille with a scalloped edge, it certainly brings durability and luxury together.

The tufted design gives it stability and helps increase the durability and reduce the chances of damage. This best floor pillow is quite practical as well, and you can use it in your car, or as an extra cushion for your chairs.

Features of the product.

  • 100% Chenille cover gives it a soft touch.
  • Tufted design provides extra comfort when sitting
  • Scalloped edges gives it a more elegant look
  • Available in 6 different colors
  • Thick cushion stuffing for extra comfort
  • Makes the perfect home décor piece

3- HIGOGOGO Bohemian Best Price Floor Pillows

These large oversized floor pillows are made with the softest material and unique design to suit all homes. Whether you are looking for sitting pillows or floor pillows, these lounge pillows can be used for either purpose.

This floor pillow is made from the highest quality stuffing that does not retract when pressed. It provides a comfortable cushion for yoga, floor seating and many other purposes. With high quality soft PP cotton fabric as the cover, it is soft and itch free. The unique Bohemian design features a multicolor cover material that doubles up as a home décor piece.

If you are looking to decorate your lounge with a few extra pouf ottoman and sitting pillows, then this fits the description perfectly. The double stitching also provides extra durability.

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Features of the product.

  • Unique bohemian colorful design for home décor
  • 9 stitching positions helps prevent deformation
  • High quality stuffing will not go flat and keeps it in shape
  • Perfect for yoga, reading, watching TV more
  • Thickness recovers within 10 seconds of opening
  • Super soft cotton/linen material is skin friendly

4- Large Mandala Floor Pillows Comfortable for floor seating

Add more sitting space with this unique mandala pouf ottoman pillows. The wide design of these floor pillows makes the perfect space for floor seating. They can also be used as lounge pillows and sitting pillows for pets.

If you are out of seating options, then these floor pillows can give you extra space without any hassle. The high quality cotton fabric is both durable and soft to the touch, making it the perfect oversized floor pillows for use in the living room, bedroom or outside.

Unlike other bland designs, this pillow brings a touch of color to your home and is perfectly fitting to use as a home décor piece. Whether you have a traditional or modern home design, this oversized best floor pillow fits in perfectly every time

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Features of the product.

  • Large round design gives more sitting space
  • Blue design fits perfectly with most home décor styles
  • High quality cotton is easy to wash
  • Soft to the touch and itch free
  • Best pillow for meditation and yoga
  • Filling is purchased separately

5- Intelligent Design floor Lounger pillow, Giant Pillow

This oversized best floor pillow comes with more features than any other floor pillows. The large rectangular design is perfect for multiple sitting and can be used as a temporary mattress as well.

This foldable sitting pillow can be used flat on the floor or it can be folded and added to a couch or chair for extra comfort. Made from soft Chenille fabric and breathable stuffing, this pillow is both durable and provides comfort when sitting or lying down.

You can use it as a mat for yoga, a lounge decoration piece or a spare mattress. The tufted design help maintain the shape and uniformity of the pillow and can be folded quite easily. You can even roll it up and use it for travelling as it is lightweight and easy to carry.

Features of the product.

  • Large rectangular design provides ample sitting space
  • High quality chenille fabric for a soft touch
  • Easy to fold and use for travelling
  • Doubles up as lounge pillows
  • Lustered finish makes it perfect for home décor
  • Tufted pattern gives it a uniform look

6- Kids Floor Seating Pillow -Large Tatami Floor Pad for Bedroom

This round kids floor pillow comes with the softest touch fabric and filling for comfortable floor seating.

Made from breathable cotton fabric, this lounge floor pillow have a pouf ottoman design and a large diameter for comfortable sitting. Whether you are looking for an additional comfortable seating option to add to your lounge, or you need comfortable floor pillows for meditation, this pillow is just for you.

With a modern design and warm grey color, it lends in perfectly with all types of home décor. You can even use it to seat toddlers and babies because of the extra soft filling and hypoallergenic cotton material.

With a strong central stitching position, these oversized floor pillows do not lose their shape easily. The cute pompom edges also adds to the unique design.

Features of the product.

  • Unique pompom design for modern home décor
  • High quality, thick stuffing for comfortable sitting
  • Skin friendly, soft cotton material
  • Strong stitching position for durability
  • Perfect for babies and pets to relax
  • Breathable stuffing for enhanced softness

7- Large Round Mandala Hippie best Floor Pillow

This Mandala floor pillow cover is the perfect cover for lounge pillows, large floor pillows and oversized floor pillows. It comes in a rounded design and is perfect for floor sitting, meditation and other activities.

This pouf ottoman design is perfect to use in the living room as the light color matches most home designs. The lightweight design makes it more comfortable and the durable stitching means that it will last for several years.

The outer circle is decorated with pompom lace to give it an elegant look and the unique pattern is perfect for contemporary home décor. The durable zipper allows you to fill the stuffing with ease and you can even use it as a cover for large floor pillows.

Pillow cover only, stuffing is not included.

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Features of the product.

  • High quality print design for contemporary home décor
  • 100% soft cotton material for extra comfort
  • Made from skin friendly fabric
  • Perfect decoration piece as well
  • Strong double stitching and durable zipper
  • Money back quality guarantee

Best Floor Pillow – Complete Buying Guide

Whether you have a carpeted home and are looking for the best floor pillow as an extra seating option, or you want to add a unique piece of home décor to match the furniture, there are countless options that you can choose from when it comes to floor pillows. Floor pillows also are also perfect for meditation, they can be used as a pet pillow and multiple other uses.

The best thing about these siting pillows is that they can be stored away when not in use, or even added to a chair to provide extra comfort.

By choosing the right floor pillow, you can add extra sitting options to your home and get the perfect match for your home décor.

However, choosing a floor pillow is not so simple. There are literally hundreds of different designs that you can choose from, and each one has its own pros and cons.

So how can you find the right floor pillow for your home? By following the simple steps in this guide, you will be able to recognize exactly which design will suite your home and fulfill your needs.

Things to consider when buying floor pillows:


Depending on your requirements, you may only need s mall square sitting pillows that can accompany a single person. Or you may need a larger round oversized floor pillows for extra comfort. When choosing a floor pillow, keep in mind the required size based on your intended use.

If you are using it for a small pet, or as an extra seat just in case, then a smaller size will be perfect. You can also choose smaller sitting pillows if you are planning on adding a few pillows to your lounge.

Large floor pillows are usually more suitable when you need to relax on it, or if you are going to use it for a toddler. In most cases, the round pouf ottoman and oversized floor pillows are perfect if you need a large floor pillow. However, it is often difficult to fit more than 2 or 3 of these in a single room. If you need to use it as an extra mattress, then a foldable rectangular floor pillow will be your best choice as it is longer than other best floor pillows.

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Another important aspect to consider when buying best floor pillow is the fabric. Some manufacturers use cheap fabric that can cause itching and is uncomfortable. Although the filing might be soft, it is no use without the proper fabric for the pillow cover. Always look at the type of fabric before buying a sitting pillow.

In most cases, PP cotton or a chenille fabric is perfect for floor pillows as the fabric is soft, durable and skin friendly. High quality cotton will also not fade as quickly and is difficult to tear.

This makes it more durable than other options. While other materials may give a shiny or glossy look, they are not as durable or skin friendly as breathable cotton, so it’s best to go for quality in such cases.

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One thing that determines how comfortable a floor pillow will be is the stuffing.

If you are only purchasing the pillow case, then you will have to buy a cushion or stuffing separately. Otherwise, the stuffing is included in most cases. Make sure to look carefully whether the product includes stuffing or not to avoid disappointment later on.

As a general rule, thicker stuffing means that the pillow will be more comfortable, although this is not always the case.

If you are looking for a comfortable floor pillow, then choose a thicker one and one that has softer, breathable stuffing. Good quality stuffing will usually regain its original shape after it is compressed, which is why you should look at how long it takes to do so to determine the quality of the stuffing.

Customer Feedback

If you are buying from a certain supplier, then reading a few of their reviews before you buy is essential to see whether they are offering quality products.

If a few complaints come on a particular flaw, then it is probably an isolated case. However, if the majority of customers are complaining about the same thing, then you should look for a better supplier.

After sales service

This is one of the main things to consider when looking at various sellers.

A good supplier will offer a money back guarantee and excellent after sales service so that you can send the floor pillow back in case anything is wrong with your product.

While it is the responsibility of the seller to check for any flaws, mistakes do happen and a good after sales service or money back guarantee can help you return or replace the product.

Best Floor pillows can be a great addition to your home, both in terms of utilizing extra space and adding color to your home. Choose a design that suits your home décor and keep the above factors in mind when buying your next floor pillows to ensure that you get the best quality product.

Final Thoughts

While each floor pillow has its own features and unique design, it up to you to choose one that suits you. Most of these products are made from high quality fabric and stuffing, which provides extra comfort when sitting on the floor. You can use these floor pillows for many activities including yoga, reading, watching TV, as a pet pillow and so on.

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