The #1 Best Mattress Protector for Memory Foam Mattresses – Reviews and Guide

Buying a new memory foam mattress is a big step & a significant improvement for many people because it is expensive. If something happens to you, the warranty is invalidated. It cannot be stained or torn; you must be careful. The warranty terms describe the obligations and responsibilities of the best mattress protector for memory foam mattresses as well as a detailed description of the warranty terms themselves. It should be taken seriously.Memory Foam Mattress So, it is to be respected and essential to ensure protection.

The best way to keep your memory mattress protector in top condition is to buy the Best rated waterproof mattress protector for memory foam mattress cover you can find. These mattresses need protection. They need care as they can’t take care of themselves. All they need is the help of yours.​​

Fortunately, there are the Best king-size mattress protectors specially designed for this purpose. You have reliable protection. The challenge is to find out which protective memory foam mattress protector is suitable for your mattress.

This is where we come in. Our experts tested various mattress covers. We know which ones can protect your precious memory foam mattresses and which ones are as useless as plastic knives in steak dinners. Below you will find the best mattress cover for memory foam mattresses, as well as instructions on what to pay attention to when using memory foam mattress covers. What else do you want?

The National Sleep Foundation recommends that adults sleep 7 to 9 hours a night while children need more. Since your mattress protector for adults or children needs to be used for at least 7 hours a night, why not keep it cool and protected?

What is a Memory Foam Mattress?

Memory foam mattresses combine a layer of memory foam with springs or support foam. Memory foam uses the warmth of your body to soften and shape it. This provides excellent support and comfort. Once the pressure is released, the memory foam will recover very slowly and remember your body shape and optimal sleeping position over time, hence the name “memory.” Memory foam, also termed viscoelastic foam, was first developed by NASA in the mid-1960s. The memory foam is made of polyurethane and is designed to withstand the extreme pressures experienced by astronauts as they enter and exit space. It was quickly discovered and is now used in mattresses, pillows, and mattress covers.

Memory foam mattresses have become a popular choice for customers due to their advantages. The memory foam mattress adapts to your body and provides a high level of support and comfort. Memory foam mattresses have many advantages that distinguish them from other mattresses.

While you are sleeping, they provide pressure and pain relief, personal support, gives you ultimate comfort, sleep and care as you begin to rest and sleep.

What is the best mattress protector for memory foam mattress protectors?

This is where we come in. Our experts have tried all of these. We know which ones can protect your precious memory foam mattresses and which ones are as useless as plastic knives in steak dinners. What else do you want? 

Here we’ll discuss Linenspa Premium Mattress Protector because this one is the best mattress protector you’ll ever find, as our tester tried many mattress protectors. As a result, we find out that it’s the best of all. Linenspa mattress protector for memory foamLet’s move forward and learn more about Linenspa’s Premium Mattress Protector, which is also known as the best waterproof mattress protector for memory foam.

The LinenSpa waterproof mattress protector is a thin, waterproof cover to put over your mattress to ensure any water leakage doesn’t penetrate or stain your bed, ensuring it remains clean for the long-term, no matter how much money you spend. Or at least that’s what we’re here to test.

This is an excellent product for those who want to protect their guest bed from uncomfortable soiling or who want to add a hypoallergenic layer to their mattress. It holds up well compared to other mattress protectors.

When you sleep, your body loses a lot of water. This is not a particularly beautiful picture, but it happened. This happens in different ways in different age groups, but taking into account that everyone spends about 8 hours in bed every day. This is not surprising. In addition to being the best waterproof mattress protector for children, the Linenspa mattress protector is also suitable for use with animals. Like anything you spend a lot of time on, you should also take care of your mattress.

LinenSpa Mattress Protector – Best Mattress Protector for Memory Foam Mattress

The LinenSpa waterproof mattress protector is a delicate and thin waterproof protector to put over your mattress to ensure any kind of water or liquid leakage doesn’t penetrate or stain your bed, ensuring it remains clean for long-term use, no matter how much money and time you spend. Or at least that’s what our team is here to test for you.

This is an incredible product for those who want to protect their bedroom from uncomfortable soiling or who want to add a hypoallergenic layer to their mattress. It holds up well compared to other mattress protectors.

This is an incredible product for those who want to protect their bedroom from uncomfortable soiling or who want to add a hypoallergenic layer to their mattress. It holds up well compared to other mattress protectors.

LinenSpa is a company focused on bedding, i.e., bedding, protector, encasements, and pillows. They are available from a variety of online stores, including Amazon. Have your best waterproof mattress protector for memory foam tested and provide an unbiased review. Below are some of the best points and some of the less significant points.

Description of product, material, size, brand, and fabric used are described below:


Twin – Twin XL – Full –Full XL Queen – King – California King


Vinyl and Polyurethane



Closure Type:

Fitted Sheet Style

Fabric Type:

Premium Cotton Soft




10 years warranty





Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Standard Pillow Protector, Queen, Queen Pillow Protector, King, King Pillow Protector, California King, Best king size mattress protectors, and many more sizes are available online…. Feel free to order now!


LinenSpa mattress covers offer an excellent price-performance ratio and a long service life at a very affordable price. This may not be the ideal solution for everyone, especially those who are more interested in a mattress cover that act as a “pocket” of the mattress. The LinenSpa mattress premium protectors are guaranteed to provide waterproof, quiet, and hypoallergenic protection. Additionally, it is a safe option for those who sleep on the surface as it offers the best waterproof mattress protection against bedwetting.

The premium LinenSpa mattress combines waterproofness and allergen protection with the comfort of soft cotton. It could be the perfect protector. Let’s take a look at the properties of LinenSpa mattress covers:

Key features:

  • 100% waterproof material surface. 
  • Crafted with Hypoallergenic fabric. 
  • Full stretch fitted size sheet. 
  • Fits firmly to the mattress up to 18 inches deep. 
  • Machine wash and dry at low temperature (do not dry by yourself). 
  • 60″x 80″ Queen Protector 
  • 10 Years Limited Warranty 
  • No wrinkle/silent 
  • 100% polyester upper


We tested this product for several hours and put liquid in one position on the cover spread over a queen-sized mattress. The protection offered by the manufacturer is 100% waterproof, soft and quiet, and allergen/bed bug repellent. There are few opportunities to test the product for allergen protection in the short term, but the waterproof protection was impeccable. You would love to use this product at home, and for the price, you’ll be delighted. You can get an excellent protective cover for less than twenty dollars.

Fluid protection

Protection is the most crucial test for any mattress cover. It is to do our best to refute this claim, especially if the manufacturer claims it is 100% waterproof, which means we should squeeze a glass of water or pour apple any kind of juice. There is no leak in our mattress. We do this to test water resistance and odor resistance.

First, our testers slept on a mattress with a bed cover to measure comfort, softness, and breathability. It seems to work because the tester did not sweat. The mattress is completely dry. 

We have always worried about such harsh and complacent comments because not all manufacturers have thoroughly tested their products before ensuring their products are in good condition. If we don’t want to risk our mattress. Our testing team squeezed some juice and often Checked for leaks every two hours. For our convenience, there is nothing here, so we think this protector is capable. 

Those who experience night sweats naturally, or due to underlying medical conditions or medications they are taking (permanent and temporary) will be aware of the problems that this condition can cause. How mattresses work, we know that we particularly like the way mattresses work.

Spill Test

The product was placed with a towel underneath in case of leaks and poor product quality. Our testing team carefully poured 8 ounces of liquid into the center. After leaving it there for approximately 8 hours, the tester went back to check it out regularly. Once after 10 minutes, 2 hours, 4, 6, and then 8 hours. Eventually, After 8 hours of testing, almost no liquid leaked through the product. We were impressed. We tested and tried before; the liquid lay on the bed like a puddle. From a practical perspective, we are not sure how much we liked it, but LinenSpa fulfilled its promise of 100% waterproofing.

Water Resistant test

The surface of the mattress should be 100% waterproof, but it is not an upholstered mattress. The material covering the edges and narrow sides of the mattress is different from the top of the tread, only the surface of the impression. Waterproof.

Many negative comments on the Internet come from customers who have discovered that safety equipment has leaked due to accidents (or leaks) caused by children.

Our testing team decided to test the protector. Our testing team poured 10 ounces of water into the concentrated area in the center. Waterproof mattress protectorWe thought it might simulate accidents or significant leaks.

We let the mattress soak in the water for nearly two hours and then reached under the protective layer without feeling any moisture, dampness, or water.

As we mentioned in this review later, taking good care of this protector is very important to keep it waterproof. According to Linenspa’s instructions, “Temperatures above 125 degrees or excessive drying will affect the waterproof membrane.” They also recommend not to dry the protective membrane by yourself.

Construction and Crafting

The product is easy to use, just like a standard bed sheet, with elastic corners covering my entire queen-size bed. The surface is composed of thin cotton material and a polyurethane bottom surface. The good news is that LinenSpa also offers different sizes. Make a deal with the queen at the same reasonable price.

Comfort, Noise-free Sleeping Experience

In the world of mattress covers, noise can play a role, and several things are more annoying than the sound of a wet body (or partner) falling asleep. As a result, we inform you that LinenSpa Premium mattress covers are almost 100% silent. The fabric quality is relatively high. Otherwise, a specific noise will be heard when pulling and turning the mattress cover.

Linenspa mattress covers ensure perfect sleep. LinenSpa claims that the high-quality surface is smooth and quiet. The waterproof mattress protector for bedwetting provides the best quality sleep. If you are a light sleeper, this mattress is your best choice. This layer absorbs the transmission of movement, thereby minimizing the discomfort of irritable partners. Therefore, when your loved ones change their side’s “uncomfortable” sleep patterns, you will never hear them turning around.

The product is thin and looks more like a thin lining rather than a bedsheet. We doubted first how good the protection is. Later, we noticed it’s quite comfortable when the tester slept, but noise is a problem, as mentioned before.

Heat Retention

This attribute and feature are difficult to evaluate. Because it is skinny, it can’t hold a lot of heat at all. As long as there is liquid on the sheets, it will, of course, be colder. The mixture of plastic and cotton gives a strange feeling, but it doesn’t make the product feel colder.

Warranty and Performance

The product has a 10-year warranty, and its performance is excellent, comparable to other competitors in the market. Although our testing team has never found a problem with it, and the protector has been proven to be waterproof, other users have different opinions. However, our team also said that this material often becomes thinner after repeated washing and use. We tried the product for a few days and washed it. It is pretty reliable.

At the time of purchase, 5 Year warranty of mattress protectorthe number of negative reviews on this product will cause people’s attention. Product maintenance is self-explanatory. Since the liquid spilled on the protector, you must clean it before cleaning. For washing purposes in a machine, use hot or cold water with a small amount of detergent, and dry it at a low temperature with other sheets. Drying this item at a temperature above 125 degrees will affect its ability to maintain water resistance and cause negative reviews.


The 8 inches LinenSpa mattress protector will provide you with many years of service. The typical strength/durability is more than ten years. The manufacturer offers a 10-year guarantee against material defects. LinenSpa can repair, replace or refund the mattress in the event of a failure Defects.

Vinyl in mattress covers: safe or unsafe for children?

In recent years, the toxicity of plastics has attracted much attention, including PVC (also known as vinyl or polyvinyl chloride). 

Products containing vinyl or PVC, such as mattress covers and curtains, release toxins (often called gas emissions) into the air, which can harm health, especially for babies or young children whose bodies are still developing. 

Especially for children, it is best to avoid using PVC or vinyl products. The Linenspa mattress cover does not contain vinyl but is made of polyurethane waterproof, which is considered relatively safe for children as it is also a waterproof mattress protector for children.

Precaution for safety and care

It is essential to maintain this mattress cover for many reasons. First of all, this protector comes with a 10-year limited warranty. In the event of “misuse or improper maintenance,” the contract is invalid. 

Second, if stains appear on the mattress, many mattress warranties will be void. Our team depicts that the one way to keep the mattress warranty intact is to use a mattress cover to prevent stains or damage.

With this in mind, we will only deliver care instructions in writing. We got them from the product description section of the Amazon Protector retail website: 

  • Follow the cover care instructions to keep the raincoat intact, Barriers, and product warranty. 
  • Machine wash in the cold to hot water. 
  • Use a mild detergent without bleach or bleach. Don’t bleach. 
  • Dry at low temperature together with other linens. Do not dry alone. 
  • Quickly remove it from the dryer. 
  • Temperatures higher than 125 degrees or excessive drying will affect the waterproof membrane.

In the element of care, sometimes a question arose, or sometimes people ask each other How Often should you wash a mattress protector? So, here our team is going to answer this question.

How Often should you wash mattress protectors & how do you clean them?

Cleaning while Washing

  • Wash in the cold, and after
  • Later on, wash into hot water with ordinary household detergent without bleach. 
  • Do not make use of bleach. 
  • Using any bleach will destroy the waterproof protective lining of our protective LinenSpa cover. 

Cleaning while Drying: 

  • It is advised to dry at low temperature together with sheets, towels, or other clothes. Do not dry it alone. 
  • Do not dry at high temperatures, as it will damage the waterproof lining layer of Linen Spa. 
  • Don’t iron, as it will damage the waterproof protective LinenSpa lining.

Wash mattress protector

It is essential not to dry the contour in case of overheating because this failure will destroy your outline. The brown burn marks on the protective lining indicate that the laundry has been dried at high temperatures or is stuck in the dryer heating element. During the warranty period, please follow the above washing instructions.


Linenspa sells mattress covers on its website and Amazon for $24.95. Please note that it is labeled “Smooth & Soft Mattress Protection” on the Linenspa website. According to Linenspa and Amazon, the retailers usually sell for $97.74. This is a considerable discount, and I want to know if they will sell it at the total price.

In any case, I think it’s worth in the range of $25.

It is light and smooth, without any strange chemical smell. It is easy to take care of (be sure to follow the instructions). It is neither stuffy nor quilted. Therefore, it will not replace the mattress cover for extra comfort. Although its surface is waterproof, it is not a protective mattress cover.

What are Customers Saying About this Mattress protector?

Mattress Good Reviews

There are many reviews about this product on the Internet. 

  • Easy to take care of

It’s easy to take care of a protector. If we follow the instructions frequently, it is easy to clean and easy to dry. 

  • Softness

The softness of the LinenSpa mattress cover takes it to a new level and provides the necessary comfort and convenience. Whether you need to use the mattress protector for adults or children, it will work effectively since it is the best waterproof mattress protector for adults as well as children. Its softness allows you to sleep peacefully and comfortably.

  • Material quality

Excellent material quality. The lying surface of the Linen spa Premium mattress cover is composed of 80% cotton and 20% polyester fiber. The texture is also covered with hypoallergenic and 100% waterproof membrane. Shock-absorbing protective tape lining. Made of 100% cotton. % Polyurethane and 100% polyester.

  • Durability 

Most reviews are very enthusiastic. LinenSpa mattress covers are durable and last longer. The mattress protector is perfect. Many clients commented that even after several piles of washing, it still looks new and maintains its waterproof performance. Remember the 10-year full replacement guarantee.

  • No Smell

We verified the water resistance. When evaluating mattress covers (or other products), we don’t always rely on personal data. Still, a significant reviewer on Amazon conducted a waterproof test very similar to the one we mentioned. Do. Place the LinenSpa Premium waterproof mattress protector for bedwetting on the stainless-steel tray for some time, then fill it with water and let it sit for a few minutes. The defense layer did what it had to do to avoid splashing water in the pot!

  • Smell

My blanket has no smell, not even a hint of apple juice or sweat. In this regard, there are no questions without comment.

  • Noiseless

It had no noise at all while sleeping, turning around sides while sleeping. It is pretty reliable.

Why Linenspa is best Mattress Protector for Memory Foam?

Use a soft but supportive mattress, suitable room temperature, and breathable bedding (especially in warm months) to achieve proper sleep. If you toss and turn instead of sleeping, your sleeping conditions may be wrong. The quick fix is ​​the mattress cover. Thousands of Amazon shoppers are excited about the best king-size mattress protectors of Linenspa Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Protector.

As one of the best rated waterproof mattress protectors for memory foam mattresses, it provides superior comfort and solace, and reduces pain by generating heat. The Linenspa mattress cover comprises three super soft memory foam layers to support your body and relieve back shoulder and neck pain.

Pros and Cons of LinenSpa


  • It is pretty available at an Affordable Price.
  • It is light in weight
  • It’s Truly waterproof
  • It is Washable
  • No sound Not noticeable when on the bed gives comfortable sleep.
  • Great for training children for a toilet.


  • It is not as quiet as advertised
  • It is too Thin.

Why you Should Buy this Mattress Protector?

The Linenspa Premium mattress cover is made of hypoallergenic ultra-thin fabric with a polyurethane lining to prevent dust mites and allergens. This backrest is also vinyl-free, so children and pets can sleep safely in it, and it fits on a mattress up to 18 inches deep.

Unlike ordinary mattress covers, the best rated waterproof mattress protector for memory foam is 100% waterproof, which will keep all liquids away including urine, sweat, body fluids, and accidents. Fully stretched sheets ensure a firm fit on the mattress, while deep pockets help keep it soft.

The product can be purchased with a 10-year warranty, not to mention super cheap. A beautiful mattress covers suitable for everyone looking for the highest quality on a budget.

We recommend using a best rated waterproof mattress protector for memory foam mattresses that are easy to maintain, wrinkle-free, machine washers, and low-temperature dryers.


Our conclusion about the best waterproof mattress protector for memory foam is that it is excellent, especially at a low price. The mattress in the extra bedroom would be great. Although we have done all the tests and reviews before, this one is still on my favorite list. After the inspection, water will remain on the surface of the sheets, which is good for cleaning but not suitable for sleeping.

If any individual sweats at night or my child has an accident, he would want to absorb moisture and stay away from that body as much as possible. The price is also a real plus, but the 10-year warranty without bad reviews left a deep impression. If this is what you are looking for, I don’t see any real reason not to buy the product.

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